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Mums Would Earn Big if Parenting was a Paid Job

No doubt looking after your children is a labour of love, but the daily hassle of child care often gets parents thinking ‘what if we were financially rewarded for raising these little humans?’ Has this funny thought ever crossed your mind? If yes, then the study of Bidvine will put your curiosity at rest.

Your Kids Are Important, But Don’t Forget Your Parents Health

Our children are our pride and joy, but let’s not forget that we were once other people’s pride and joy, too. We may be well on our way to forming our own loving family , but we shouldn’t forget that we don’t just have a responsibility to our partner and younger members of the clan. We also need to make sure that our parents are well taken care of as they enter their golden years. This isn’t an easy process, especially with so much going on in our own lives, but it’s a necessary one. Source:

Beat The Bloat!

Bloating is - not to put too fine a point on it - the physical manifestation of gas. It tends to occur after eating and is a direct result of the digestive process. Basically, your stomach is working incredibly hard and it’s producing a lot of gas as a result - akin to how a steam engine lets out puffs off steam. Only with a steam engine, the resultant gas vanishes into the atmosphere. The gas from your stomach doesn’t have anywhere to go in a hurry, so it expands out… as does your waistline. You may have read that and largely skipped over it because, frankly, not many people who suffer from frequent bloating really care why it happens. There’s no need to understand the biology when you’re too busy trying to find clothes that fit two versions of you: Bloated You and Normal You. It’s no fun, it’s expensive, it can make you feel fatter than you are, and it can even be painful. Image

Important Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Radiator

Are you thinking about purchasing a new radiator or radiators for your home? If so, there are some important factors you should consider first. The radiator you choose will determine how warm and comfortable your home becomes, so it's a decision you should not take lightly. Below are some of the most important points you should consider before you purchase a radiator.

Copy, Print Scan with Epson L360

As the school year starts, I need to get very reliable gadgets, and appliances to help me ease the loads of my mommy duties. I am a very busy mom with a full time job and two part time jobs. I am hands on in every single thing my children needs on a daily basis, 24 hours a day. I got three children, a 6 th grade, a kindergarten, and a five month old baby. Yeah, I got a lot of tasks every day including helping my two sons in their school projects and assignments. With that being said, a decent, good quality printer with a reasonable price is a must-have in our home.

Are You Missing Out On Precious Family Time?

Image From Pexels It's pretty common to feel that life moves at such a pace that it's difficult to keep up with it. This is especially true when you have a family . Sometimes it feels like all you need to do is blink and your kids will go from toddlers to teenagers. Because of this, it's easy to feel as though you're missing out on the time that you should be spending with your family. This is a rather common feeling among many people and, fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do about it. Here are just a few simple pieces of advice for when you feel as though you're missing out on that all-important family time.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Your New Born

Finding out you’re going to have another baby is an exciting time. Maybe this time around you have a Gerber baby , cute and adorable. However, there may be things that you’re nervous about. These may be things like the added expense of another child, how you’ll manage with more than one and how to encourage a relationship between siblings. Your current children may pick up on some of these anxieties and may have concerns of their own. It’s important to pay attention to your other children during your pregnancy. Here’s what you can do to prepare them for the new arrival.

Caring For Elderly Parents: What Your Options Are At Snyder Village

We are all aware that aging is a natural part of life that everyone goes through. When it catches up with you, however, it can still come as a bit of a surprise. One of the worries that many people have about aging is about who will care for them when they are no longer able to care for themselves. As a child of aging parents, the worry and concern you may feel for them is completely natural but also means that you may feel unsure as to how best to look after your parents or even what your options are. Wanting to look after your family’s health is one thing, but being in charge of your parents is particularly difficult as it is a complete role-reversal from the relationship most of us had growing up when our parents were our primary caregivers. You may have to adapt to certain age-related illnesses that your parents may suffer from such as Alzheimer's .

Postpartum Self Care Tips Every New Mom Should Know!

When you become a mother your whole life changes, in many ways, your entire world is turned upside down. Everything is different; you are no longer the most important person in your life, your child is - and that’s how it should be. That being said, just because your new addition is now the center of your world, that doesn’t mean that you should start skipping self-care and letting your wellness suffer. Yes, life as a parent is busy, but that’s no excuse for not looking after yourself as you should do. Think of it this way, if you aren’t in the best place possible, then you can’t be the best mommy possible, which is why self-care becomes even more important when you become a momma .

4 Supplements That Can Help You Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Image by Pixabay For new Moms, especially those who’ve just delivered their first baby, that first long,hard post-childbirth look at ourselves in the mirror ain’t a pretty one. There isn’t a woman on the planet who looks amazing immediately after giving birth so the most important thing to remember is not to worry about it. Seriously, getting stressed can cause your body to produce more cortizone which means you’ll be storing more fat so take some deep breaths, okay?

You're Pregnant!: Here's What To Look Forward To

Image Source So you've just found out you're having a baby - congratulations! There's so much to look forward to when your baby comes, but why wait when there's a whole bunch of things to do now you're expecting. This is your time, so make the most of it - here's how.

Coping With Children That Suffer From Health Issues

During infancy and childhood, most children have some kind of health issues that need to be taken seriously by the parents. However, some parents find it difficult to grasp these issues and, as a result, treat their children without giving them the proper love, care and respect they deserve. Neglecting these health issues and shrugging them off as “development issues” is a horrible habit and it could lead to severe health issues that will negatively impact your child’s health when they grow older. This makes it extremely important to understand, research, and cope with these health issues no matter what they may be.

What To Do In A Fiscal Family Emergency

An emergency in the family might be every mother's nightmare. We have a responsibility to keep our family safe and if we encounter an emergency in the family, it can feel like we've failed in some way shape or form - of course, we have not - but it certainly feels like that. No family wants to encounter an emergency, but through our actions - or inaction - we will encounter emergencies. However, our true ability shines through in how we deal with and prevent these emergencies. Many family emergencies will deal with health - however, we are here to talk about finances today - because many families might not be aware of the impact that finances have on family life. Finances can ensure the security and health of a family, and a family that runs into financial issues will see itself worry about its security and its health. Financial emergencies can be a huge source of stress for any kind of family, and in most circumstances a financial emergency is avoidable.

How And Why You Should Get Your Child Into Sports

When your children are young, they’re usually very proactive and bursting with energy. You can see for yourself; they’re climbing on the dog, jumping on the sofa, their bed and running around screaming with joy and not a care in the world. Fortunately, at around ten years old they’re just growing out of a phase where their hyperactivity is short lived and only surfaces in short bursts. The sad part is, they begin growing up and other activities soon encapsulate their life, like school, homework and helping around the house with chores.

Jarful of Goodness Soothing Lavender & Vanilla Dead Sea Salt Scrub #ProductReview

I love body scrubs, infact I have tried a lot from different brands already. I like how my skin feels moisturized and clean after exfoliating. It is essential to exfoliate our skin atleast once a week to remove dead skin. I remember, I did a product review on some of them. This time, I tried an all-natural salt scrub from Jarful of Goodness.