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GODIVA Whitening Lotion Review

Everyday is a busy day for mommies like me. I sometimes wish I have a magical power to extend my 24 hours to 28 or more so I will be able to do all things I needed to do everyday. As always, it seems a lot to do but so little time. So when it comes to pampering myself, it is very seldom to have a single hour of ME time. What I do in a day full of activities, I dedicate few minutes for my skin care regimen. I have my morning and night skin care routine which sums up to a total of 30 minutes and another 10 minutes for my makeup. So when I was chosen to be one of the partner mommy bloggers by Godiva to review more of their products, I told myself it's very timely. I am on the look of new skin care products to try. Something that could cope up with a busy mommy life. I hope their products work on my skin, cross fingers. They sent me different Godiva products to try. 

How to Use Less Water with Your Irrigation System

During the summer, you can’t afford to waste a lot of water with your lawn sprinklers in Arlington. Not only is water hard to come by during the hot summer months, watering your lawn incorrectly is also a good way to waste a lot of money. Have your Hydro-Tech irrigation systems installed by a company who knows how to make the most out of your sprinklers, and learn how to save water throughout the summer.

Belt Lock Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.   Traveling with kids needs a lot of preparation. You need to make sure you got all that they need the entire time you were at the car until you reached your destinations. Aside from the things you need to pack up, parents also need to make sure about kiddos safety in the car. Beltlock is designed to prevent kids from opening the seat belt securing the child's car seat. Beltlock is designed to be strong, durable, visible in the car, easy to fit and easy to remove with a key by an adult. Beltlock offers peace of mind when traveling with kids.

Personal: Saturday Night Marathon

  For the very first time this year, we both have made it up until after 2 movies. It's not like a milestone to celebrate but that means a lot to me and to hubby. We challenged each other the first one to fall asleep before we finished the two movies will get to do all the house chores the next day while the other one will have his/her ME TIME! Well we don't actually thought much about the challenge because we both enjoyed the movies, it's just sometimes it happens that we don't agree on the same movies, so the other one ended up snoring before we reached the mid part of the second movie.

Mustela: Cleansing Gel for Babies

  A newborn's skin is very sensitive. It needs all the protection it needs and ofcourse as a mom, we need to choose the best product that won't harm and dries out our baby's delicate skin while maintaining it clean. We should use hypo-allergenic and dermatologically-tested products. Mustela helps assure moms that we only give the right product with right formulation for our babies from birth. 

Destroying is His Thing

Yeah the title may be too harsh, lol. Although, it's almost the same thing. :D Well, today is Saturday and it's my day off. But while everyone at nap time on this warm gloomy afternoon, I sneak on my computer just to check my mails and facebook messages. I had enough good sleep last night, it's the best sleep I had for this year yet. A straight 8 hours of sleep, except for those short moments that I have to breastfeed my youngest then, down again. So for today, that is the main reason I feel energized and alive.

Organic Discovery: Kalikhasan Hair Products

One of my New Year's resolution is to support anything that is made from natural ingredients. These days, organic products are being patronized by more people. Simply because more and more are now aware that these organic products are economical and much safer since it has more natural ingredients. But just a clarification, not all products who claims organic are 100% made of natural ingredients. Some still have chemicals but not more than 10%. It pays to read the labels.

Choosing a New Washing Machine for Your Home

The average American family does hundreds of loads of laundry a year. That puts a lot of pressure on your washing machine, and you’ll find that after ten or fifteen years, it will start to show signs of breaking down. Although this can be an inconvenience, it’s a good time to upgrade to a new, more efficient model. Washing machine manufacturers are constantly renovating their designs so that the machines use less water and energy, while still cleaning even the dirtiest loads of laundry. Visit an appliance store or shop online for your new Garden City appliances so you can compare different types of washers and see which one is right for you.

Product Review: Majestical Jewelry Set

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.   When I was still working in call center, I used to love accessories because it accentuates my outfit. It's not that I recently lost my love to accessories, I still love them but I just don't wear now as often as before because when we go out, my youngest ends up clinging on my necklace until the beads and details will all fall off. Most of my accessories I just gave away to my friends however, I still have few pieces left. On some occasion that me and husband agreed that he will carry my youngest the entire time we are outside, then I would wear my necklace. I really feel bad when it gets broken most especially if its one of my faves. Last month, I was glad when I received an email that will send me free accessories. 

Family Travel Essentials

My son is very excited for summer not only because of the 'two month school vacation' but he is also excited on our summer plans. We love going out of town or swimming on summer and enjoy the season because its the time of the year where we can get to bond for longer hours since there is no school attendance to worry.

Beauty: Monthly Favorites

Time flies when you are too busy with a lot of stuff. I have more than a bunch of pending product reviews. Still at the road test for some, but I will blog about it one by one this month. I just got a little busy with different events happening. I feel like I get easily exhausted lately. My period is delayed and I am not sure if that is the reason behind my mood swings and weariness.

How to be a Successful Forex Trader

Beginners don’t get succeed at first try. And if they do, they are lucky enough by then. Not everyone gets succeed in a particular industry. In fact, some even fails a lot of times even though they have been in the industry for quite long. Eventually, it varies on how a person manages and deals with it. There are a lot of businesses that one can invest for or even work with. In order for it to be successful, the people who work behind it should be a successful manager as well. Same goes to managing forex trading account. In order for the business to be successful, one must be a successful forex trader then. How to be successful forex trader , one must consider of having the following factors:

WAHM'S Diary: Busiest Saturday

This is my busiest Saturday for this year. I just had a two hour sleep because I needed to finish up all my online jobs so I can dedicate my whole weekend with the kids and I can also do a general house cleaning. I thought I was able to have everything done on a Friday night. But all the work took me Saturday morning to finish up. 

March 2014 International Giveaway

Hi Dearies! March is finally here and I am so excited to announce that me together with my co-bloggers collaborated for an International Giveaway. My co-blogger friend Lhyzie organized this giveaway. And ofcourse, great prizes await for everyone who will win. There will be 10 lucky winners for this giveaway so get all the points as you can.

Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemons are used in culinary and non-culinary purposes. My family loves lemonade so we often have lemon in stock. My hubby also use it in cooking. Lemons are rich in many nutrients, such as Vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants, B-vitamins and calcium. Aside from these nutrients, there are numerous health benefits we can get from lemon which most people don't know. 

Health: Lactose Intolerance on Babies

. What is Lactose? It is the principal sugar found in breast milk which plays a vital role in your child's growth and development. It helps in brain development and it also increases the absorption of iron, zinc and iron. By nature, most babies are born with a tolerance for lactose. This is why breastmilk remain the best food. An infant is said to suffer from lactose intolerance when he has reduced ability to digest lactose from breastmilk and other products that contain milk. Undigested lactose remains unabsorbed in the gut, and when acted upon by bacteria produce gas and acids leading to restlessness, irritability, soft stools, diarrhea and flatulence in babies.

Three Maintenance Tips for an Air Conditioning Unit

  As you probably know all too well, living in Florida can be very hot. Living in a hot climate also means that you probably spend a lot of money on utility bills to cool your home. In fact, the one of most expensive appliance you will ever run is a central air conditioner. Some estimates say that up to 50% of your utility bill is spent on cooling your building. As Sunset Air Inc. can tell you, there are ways that you can reduce your cooling bill. Following are three tips for effective AC maintenance:

Guide to Gorgeous Maternity Outfits

For most expecting moms, it's a challenge how to still look at their best while showing off their bumps. The clothes they wear should always be appropriate. You will have to invest in maternity wardrobe because most clothes in your closet won't fit anymore. Choosing work, casual and party attire are often a struggle. Occasionally, some moms are afraid to dress up in the fear of public's negative reaction or how ridiculous they might look like.

Sponsored: Housing for Military Families

Moving could be tiring and stressful. But if you belong to a military family, they say it's part of the flow due to the demanding schedule. So they most likely take their families wherever their duties take them for the sake of staying together. Oftentimes, it is a struggle when a family needs to move during school. Referring to the infographics, six to nine times is how many times the average child in a military family will move during a school career. Believe it or not, it gives an impact that affects the quality of education they get.  Might as well, spare yourself and your family from the hassles of moving. Do something. It is always a best choice to seek for a professional help of an advisor to help you through this issues. It will save you from worries and create an end to a stressful moving. Because your family always deserves best.

Weekend Kiddie Projects

It's weekend again, the days my son always look forward to. I know it's always been a crazy week at school for him because he attend school 7 hours everyday. That is why every weekend, I also make sure to spend less time in front of my desktop and add time with them no matter how many deadlines I needed to meet. I just adjust the number of hours I sleep just to make up with my two boys. I thought of collecting some kids project Ideas which me and my son could do during weekends. I browsed through Pinterest and see what I've found!