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#DIY: Repurpose Empty Jars into Makeup Brush Holders

Do you happen to have empty jars at home like the powdered coffee or creamer jars? I am pretty sure you have, check your kitchen. If you happen to see one or more you can make use of it, don't just throw away. One of the things I love to repurpose are jars like this since there are bunch of useful things you can make out of it. Repurpose , big word. As we all know, repurposing can help reduce waste, save money and cut the environmental costs of making new items.

Lumpiang Sariwa #Recipe

One of mom's favorite vegetable dish is  Lumpiang Sariwa or Fresh Spring Roll. This dish is composed of different veggies wrapped in a soft Lumpia wrapper garnished with  sweet sauce and crushed peanuts. 

Should You Let Your Children Eat Candy?

Many parents refrain from allowing their children to consume candy these days. Is that really the best course of action? When all’s said and done, candy is sold in all your local stores, and so they won’t have any trouble getting hold of it once they are a little older. Should parents forbid candy altogether or simply regulate their kid’s intake? That is what we are going to discover throughout the course of this short post. Once you’ve read through our conclusion, you might want to view the graphic below and learn a little more about the evolution of the candy industry.

Great Ideas For Crafting With Your Kids

Image source Mommies love to make and do as much as kids do, but sometimes it can be really hard to organize these kinds of activity at home. As children get older, it can get more difficult to find the time and resources to let our kids’ imagination run wild through their creativity. You might feel that schools are spending more time on coding and not enough on arts and crafts these days. If you feel you have a budding artist in the making, here are some great ways to let them explore that side of their character at home:

Thanks EverydayMePh

Who doesn't love to receive gifts, most especially if unexpected?  This is supposed to be a Valentine Gift but it arrived late. Blame it to the local post office. But no, it doesn't matter, I always appreciate gifts. It's always the thought that counts, ayt? This gift is from Everyday Me Ph, a Valentine gift actually not for me, but for my husband. 

How to Make the Best Out of Summer for Your Kids

The summer has started and we have tons of activities lined up for the family. Days passed so fast and we wanted the kids to enjoy the school break and make the best out of summer. So as our kids grow old, they will always remember the fun we always have during summer and will pass to their kids and even their grand children.  Our efforts to give the best for our kids, help make us parents a better person as well. And how do we make the best out of summer with the kids and the whole family? I summarized and listed down below. 

Human Nature Safe Protect for Kids Mineral Sunscreen

Sunscreen protection is something I make sure me and my family wear every time we go out in the sun. Even it's not sunny outside, I guess it has become my routine. And when it comes to sunblock protection especially for my kids, I only use Human Nature Safe Protect for Kids Mineral Sunscreen. What made me try this sunblock protection is it is 100% natural. So I know it is 100% safe and that is what moms would love to use for their kids.

A Mom's Guide To Dealing With Chickenpox

Photo credit As all Mommies know, chickenpox is something that  almost every child will get at some point in their life. And, strangely, it is something that most of us mommies want our children to get - chicken pox is much safer if caught in childhood than if caught later in life. That being said, it can be very upsetting to see your little one in pain and discomfort from the blisters. However, there are plenty of things you can do to help make your child as comfortable as possible when they have chicken pox. To find out more, have a read of our handy guide below:

A Step by Step Guide to Making Your Own Gorgeous Wedding Invitations

Image Author: Flickr Making your own wedding invitations is a wonderful idea. You can keep a sample in your wedding memory box/scrapbook, and feel proud when you tell people you made them yourself. It helps you to add another personal touch to your wedding and express your personality as a couple better. With that in mind, here’s a step by step guide to making your own gorgeous wedding invitations:

Is a Family Room Addition a Good Investment?

A family room addition is one of the best home additions you can make. As long as improvements are comparable to other homes in your neighborhood, you can count on a return up to 64 percent of the addition costs when you sell your home.  On average, a good size family room, 18 feet by 25 feet, can cost you as much as $85,000 depending on materials you choose. However, a family room addition will cost considerably less per square foot than an average kitchen, bathroom or laundry room addition since it doesn't typically include plumbing fixtures or large appliances. 

ALFA-1 Antibacterial Body Soap for Hubby #review

Well for today, I am going to share a review about something I don't personally use. Because this is a bathe essential used by my hubby. For mommies out there, who decides when it comes to your husband's bathe essentials? My husband doesn't care which brand to use when it comes to his bath soap. I don't know why but for him, all soaps are just the same with performance and all the benefits. I can buy him any brand of soap and he doesn't mind at all. Just last month, I had him try this ALFA-1 Antibacterial Body Soap. This whitening and antibacterial soap is specifically formulated for men to meet their daily needs. Most men are active which makes them sweat a lot and with the presence of bacteria produce unpleasant odor.


Happy Easter everyone! My son is not feeling well so were not able to go out and watch 'Salubong', but it's okay. Despite of his cough and colds, he still managed to draw something for Easter.

Natural Slimming: The Urban Remedy Way

DISCLAIMER: This is a review program with Mums the Word Network and Urban Remedy. All opinions are my own  Have you already heard about Urban Remedy Slimming Tea? I have received  herbal slimming tea  from them just last week to review. Since I know most of my readers are also aware that I love to post about organic products, here is another health related product post that will most likely capture your interest. Urban Remedy is a big health + wellness brand with several product lines (juice cleanse, organic food kits, ready to eat meals, teas) and stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. Urban Remedy Slimming Tea can work hand in hand to help support your weight loss. The effect, it will help suppress appetite, improve digestion and boost energy. How it works: Before breakfast, herbal tea is brewed and enjoyed 30 minutes.