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My #PocketFullOf #Success Story with #GardeniaPh Pocket Sandwich

I never expect how hard it is being a mother. Sleepless nights, Exhausting daily chores, messy hair. But as I watch their innocence as they sleep, everything turns to be very rewarding. They are my biggest accomplishment.  My eldest, Zeus always finish each school year with flying colors. Every year, he goes home with honors. He is growing up to be happy, active and smart child. He is tall for his age, and is at the best state of health. He knows how to make me mad, and the best thing is he knows how to make me laugh. 

My Mommy Story: Giving Birth to My 3rd Child

My baby is 3 months today, and as she grows she continue to be the darling of our eyes. I am still very overwhelmed of having a baby girl after my two boys, which you may find OA but thats how I feel. Having her is not planned nor discussed, she just happened yet we looked forward to seeing her with overflowing excitement in our hearts. 

Violin Lesson

My son is showing a lot of interest to music instruments. Amazingly, he can easily learn the keys and can perform to me like he has been doing it for a year. He likes to play guitar, drums, piano, flute, etc.

Kids Accessories: What’s All the Fuss About?

Until recently, accessories for kids were something of an anomaly. They’re cute, but most people don’t understand what all the fuss is about. So should we be spending our money on accessories for kids? Which are the best out there, and is kids fashion really that important?

Things to Consider for Church Renovations

If you are charged with seeing a renovation project through at your church, there are a few basic things you might want to keep in mind before the project starts. Doing so will make sure the end results are in line with your own as well as the congregation’s expectations. When looking for church renovation Virginia , there are companies like O’Brien & Keane that specialize in projects of this nature. Enlisting their help will go a long way in avoiding any unforeseen problems that might delay progress or cause the renovation to go over budget. 

Finding a Family Dentist

Perhaps you have relocated or need to find a new family dentist for another reason. There are many things that should be considered when searching for the right dentist. Of course you will want to find one that is experienced as well as licensed and can perform the procedures needed from cleanings to fillings and cosmetic dentistry.  Recommendations   Many people find their dentist through recommendations from family or friends. They may be recommended by their existing dentist. If your present dentist is retiring or moving his practice to another city or state, they will often recommend another dentist. With so many businesses having a web presence today, this is another way to search. Many have a review section where current or former patients can leave comments about their visit to this dentist and if they would recommend them to others. Some include photos of their office and exam rooms. They may also provide tours to potential patients before they make an appointment. One ex

Cutting Out Sugar: The Biggest Reasons Why You Need To Bid Farewell

We all love some sugar in our lives. After all, sugary foods tend to be the tastiest food you can have. And with the boost it gives you, it’s easy to get addicted. But there is a ton of research which has shown sugar-free is the way forward for your family. After all, sugar has a ton of effects to your health that you need to know about. And it might be wise to get your family to give it up now for the sake of their long-term health. In fact, here are some of the biggest reasons why you need to bid farewell to sugar for good.