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3 Tips on How To Ask The Universe For A Sign

  Humans seek validation by nature. Whether it's validation from a partner, friends, or family members, we want to know where we stand. Some people seek validation from the universe because they are in doubt about something, and they would like some clarity on the matter. However, this gives off vibes of mistrust and doubt. If you want to ask the universe for a sign that your wish is on its way and not to confirm that the universe is actually working (this is the wrong reason to ask for a sign), these three ideas and tips will help. Numbers I'm sure this has happened to you before. You grab your phone, and the time reads 12:12. Or you click on a YouTube video, and the number of views is 222222. These frequently appearing numbers are often nicknamed angel numbers because they are believed to be signs from the divine realm. Angel numbers carry important messages for anyone who sees them. For example, 444 signifies angelic presence, harmony, and love, 666 deals with imba

Shopping at AllHome Summer Blowout Sale

As the saying goes, "Home is where the heart is." For so many years, I have been dreaming of owning our own house. So when me, my husband, and 3 children finally moved into our new house two years ago, it was a dream come true. Imagine having your very own space and get to decide how to improve it in any way you want aside from enjoying a great privacy.  But the challenge never ends there, we have to make sure that we choose the right furniture, decoration, and home needs to fit our lifestyle. We have been slowly improving our house as months go by, and I am happy that everything is falling into place.  I am happy to find the best place to shop for our home needs. AllHome is your one-stop shop for home furniture, appliances, and renovation needs. With AllHome, you also get to enjoy unbelievably low-priced items like tiles, plumbing, and building materials on your favorite brands. Here is a glimpse of our shopping experience in AllHome Pampanga branch. I am surprised at all t

Radiate Twice the Confidence with this Local Skincare Brand’s Newest Products

Confidence level check? CHECK! But you know what, there’s a way to level it up! With Skin White Solutions’ newest products, you can feel two times more confident with your own brighter and more beautiful glow! What’s more, it is a Filipina-led skincare brand perfect for your beauty regimen upgrade.  Established in 2012, Skin White Solutions started off as an ambition of a young housewife with a desire to help provide for her loving family while achieving the glowing skin of her dreams. Now, with her 10-year experience in the skincare industry, together with a bright and brilliant team, Skin White Solutions embarks on another journey to produce new and improved beauty products. Make way - this local brand is on its way to step up their game! Here are just some of Skin White Solutions’ newest products:  WONDER WASH Price: ₱ 149.00 Key Active Ingredient: La flora Ec-12 Skin Type: Good for all skin types; best for acne prone skin, dull skin, and skin that has lost its radiance Descriptio

Save Money with Freebies

   Many companies and manufacturers offer unbeatable discounts and freebies for their customers. The companies do this to attract and woo customers into using their products. You, the customer, thus get to try and even use their products without spending any money or very little on the purchase. Outlined below are some of the reasons companies offer freebies.   1. To Win Customers Over While giving out products for free might seem counter intuitive, this strategy does indeed help improve sales on the said products. Most customers are more likely to buy a product after trying it first, explaining why companies offer freebies.   2.    To build product/brand awareness Freebies provide a perfect avenue for companies to introduce a product and build their brand as well. As more and more customers sign up for these products or get them in supermarkets, the more they'll learn about the brand, hence want to try their other products. Such brings about brand awareness and custome

Can Shapewear Reshape Your Body

1. A shapewear is designed to please not just a woman, but everyone else who looks at her and compliments her. Receiving a compliment makes a woman happy and if you want to receive it too you may buy this very comfortable AirSlim™ Knee Length Body Shaper Capri.   This is soft on your skin and makes you feel at ease. In addition, the crotch area is open so you don't have to remove the entire garment to use the washroom. You tummy controlled and your butt lifted with this garment, you ought to feel top of the world and extremely pretty!   Progress towards looking slim 2. AirSlim ™  Open Bust Seamless Smoothing Body Shaper  gives you that perfect physique you have been wanting forever. Apart from exercising, you may invest in this product from us, allowing you to  gain the ideal hour-glass figure. You will feel younger and more youthful when your body manifests these qualities through the way it looks. The double compression at the tummy area, you are likely to have the perfect shap

How to Have a Hassle-Free Event

How to make your event special? Celebrating birthdays, weddings, and other events had been restricted due to CoVid-19 but it doesn't mean that we cannot get the best celebration in this season.  In this article, let us tackle how you can throw the best party for your celebrations at home. Depending on where you want to spend your party, we will give you guide on how to make your party memorable. In all honesty, planning your party should be hassle-free.  PLANNING First things first, you need your pen and paper for planning. Make a list of things you need for the event which can include but not limited to decorations, invitations, guests, outfits, venue, budget, and food. GUESTS Be certain about the date of your event. Create a list of guests and make sure everyone in your guest list are informed at least 2 months before the date. This is to give your guests enough time to prepare themselves before the event which can include adjusting their schedules, or deciding on their outfits a