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How to Take Care of Your Health While Pregnant

During pregnancy, you need to be very watchful in regards to health. Because whatever you take will affect the developing baby inside you. When you are pregnant, sometimes you feel a little weaker because you cannot function the same way before since you need to be careful in everything you do to avoid miscarriage. Don't get us wrong, nothing is to be scared of when it comes to pregnancy. You just need to be aware how to take proper care of your body and health. Here are couple of ways you can do to make sure you are doing the right thing during pregnancy.

Ready To Be A Mother? 4 Important Things To Figure Out Before You Take The Next Step!

Image link If you believe that you are ready, or will soon be ready, to be a mother, you are sure to be filled with all sorts of emotions! However, even as that joy, excitement and anticipation whirs around you? You must find space for some important questions. Some of them might be boring, and others might be difficult to answer. But being able to answer each of the following four questions confidently is key to truly being ready for motherhood.

Don't Break the Bank: Renovations on a Budget

When most people think about renovating their home, the first they probably imagine is a dwindling savings account. Home repairs and renovations can be expensive when you pay out of pocket, but on the flip side of the coin, they can improve the value of your home. Choosing the right renovations and being smart about how you complete a project are both important. Keep reading to learn more about how you can get the renovations you want without breaking the bank and maxing out your credit cards in the process.

My Kids Are Back to Nutri10 Plus

I am bringing my kids back to Nutri10 Plus. Earlier this year, I thought to try different food supplements for my two boys which we tried for several months. This switch has resulted to weaker body system for both of them.

Working with Triangle Direct Media

This blog site has been around for more than three years, and I am so proud of that! For the last three years, I have been working with many different brands and companies already. However,  just like other bloggers, I also had my fair share of bad experiences when it comes to blogging.

5 Useful Tips to Help your Baby Nap

When you first become a parent, you are so excited for your baby that for one moment you forget how much responsibility you have on your shoulders. As baby begins to become older, you start to face new issues and problems every day. Along the other issues you have with your baby, one of the most annoying ones is when he/she can't sleep or wakes up often during the night, which makes it a total nightmare, especially when you need to sleep and rest.

Get More Involved With Your Kids School Activities With These Fun Ideas

Kids can be so active at times. Most good schools hold dozens of different extracurricular clubs. Science club, soccer club, theater club and baseball are some of the most popular. Many are held during the lunch break, but most are attended after class hours in the late afternoon. If you’re not busy working, why not try to get more involved in some of them? Most schools welcome volunteers, especially parents. You may be able to spend more quality time with your kids, and even bolster your resume. Here are just some of the fun ways you can get more involved with the school:

Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Weekend

Weekend is the relax and bonding time of the family. But when it is raining, we cannot be anywhere but at home. Home is always the safest place when the road is wet. Some may find the day boring but with this list, you can kill the boredom and have an enjoyable yet productive weekend. 

Power Gel Ariel in Sunrise Fresh Review

Power Gel Ariel in Sunrise Fresh was on sale for 50% last week and a frugal mom could not pass that chance up. If I am not mistaken, the Power Gel variant is introduced in the market earlier this year. 

Save on Movie Tickets with Groupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. It has always been a very busy week with hubby and me working and the kids busy in different activities. Work is getting more and more demanding every week. That is why it has always been a goal to have a fun filled weekend, just to shake off the stress and spend quality time with the kids. And sometimes, the only way to unwind after a long week is a family date on a weekend.

Birthday Month Wishlist Featuring

You guys know how I love online shopping, not only because I can get to take advantage of the convenience but also because of the great deals I couldn't missed and of course I always have all the time to carefully decide my purchases. Just recently, I discovered a website called Beauty Spin . Beauty Spin is your go-to online shop if you are into wide range of beauty products.

DIY: Simple Cork Board Idea

My working area has always been a work in progress. I am always open for improvement so I am trying my best to come up with something that can atleast kinda add a bit of my personality to it every now and then