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SWISH Mouthwash Mangosteen Mint #alwaysfresh #alwayson

  Swish has been a part of my everyday routine. The mouthwash and breath spray help keep my mouth clean and fresh all day. That is why I am so happy when Unilab sent me another two of the same variant of mouthwash to try. I received two of  Swish Mouthwash in Mangosteen Mint variant. 

Fun Introducing Shapes

  I am putting up and collecting different learning activities for my kiddos and this one is one of the bunch.  This is a simple activity to introduce shapes to kids.

My Puregold Weekly Promo Prize

  Most of my friends know that I am very much indulged in joining giveaways, lol. It is pretty obvious in my social media accounts. Most of my winnings I also raffled off for my followers and some I share to my friends and family.

Back-To-School Shopping Tips

Just few days more to go before kiddos hit the school again! It was a quick summer school vacation but I am pretty sure they are excited to see their friends and classmates again. And sure, they are also excited for their new school supplies!  Here are quick tips on how to make your shopping a breeze and less stressful!

7th Sample Room Haul

I was so excited when I saw Belo Essentials Acne Pro products are available in Sample Room. It's just very timing since I badly need it. My face is currently experiencing break outs due to the humid weather. If only I could grab all their Belo Essentials Acne Pro products but my points were not enough to get them all. I might consider getting VIP Member so I have enough points to avail more product samples. But for now, I just ended up getting two products, the Belo AcnePro Treatment Toner and Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel.

Fiametta's Spa Naturale Face and Body Bar Review + Giveaway

Summer ain't over yet! Most people think of endless ways just to bear the summer heat. What is funny today, I realized how the humid makes people come up with silly thoughts, lol. Picture this scenario:

Top 10 Tips to a Safe Trip

When you are driving, safety is the primary responsibility. It is very alarming that the number of car accidents is consecutively increasing monthly. That is why it is important to learn and follow all car safety tips to avoid any trouble while driving.  Here is my 10 tips to a safe trip:

Father's Day Gift Ideas

After Mother's Day, we're counting the days to Father's Day! While he never sweat on thinking what to give me,  I really find it hard to choose a gift for him most especially during our first years together. Until I finally figure out the best way on how to find gifts for hubby. If you find choosing gifts for your husband a bit challenging, you might wanna do a checklist to determine what's the ideal gift for him.

Baby & Family Expo Mother's Day Contest

As we celebrate Mother's Day, Baby & Family Expo would like to give tribute to all loving moms! We'd like to invite you to join our MOTHER'S DAY SELIFE CONTEST! Just take a selfie with your child and share the loving message your child has told you or sweetest effort your child has done for you. 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas with MetroDeal

MetroDeal, Live your city for less. MetrodealPh is your best choice to find great discounts on restaurant buffets, gadgets, salon and spa,  kitchen utensils, home appliances, resorts, museums and a lot more. Metrodeal made it easier for consumers to enjoy great services and savor leisure for less. Metrodeals ph has a lot of great and affordable deals to offer. They are partnered with different businesses and offer services and products on lower or discounted price3 Each deal is limited and has an expiry so you better grab the deals right away to avoid being left behind. 

Benefits of Seeing a Family Counselor

If your family is going through some rough patches and you feel like they need some support and guidance, family counseling can help them along the way to get through stormy and dark days.

What Expecting Moms Should Know

Expecting is very exciting for both parents and even to those people around you. It means facing a challenge by carrying a baby in our womb for the next nine months. The health of your baby could depend on your lifestyle. So here are the things moms should know during pregnancy.

Wardrobe 101: Smart Shopping

Before you step out of your home, make up your mind on what you will shop for. It is better if you have shopping list of what clothes to buy, type of garments and the sizes. This is to avoid confusion and also to stay you away from buying unplanned items.