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How Baby and Mother Benefit from Breastfeeding

My baby just turned one. Yipee! The joy cannot ever compare to witness my children as they grow and mature. I enjoy motherhood so much and everyday feels so rewarding that another year has passed  before I know it.

How to Improve Productivity in the Workforce

Productivity is essential in the workplace. Employees who are motivated are more likely to be efficient and produce better quality work. On the flipside, workers who have low morale tend to give second-rate work. As a result, deadlines are missed, customers are disappointed, and the competition only gets ahead a step further. The company loses its reputation as well as revenue. It’s up to you to improve productivity on a personal level; and if you’re managing others, it’s your duty to help workers excel in their positions.

How a Tree Service Can Improve Your Yard

You recently moved from the city to the country. City life is a lot different than country life, so it has been a big adjustment. In the city, life moved a lot faster. There were always people moving from place to place, but country life is much quieter. Country life is slower, but there is still a lot to do. When you lived in the city, you didn’t have a lot of home improvement work to do. Your small town home was brand new. However, the home that you just purchased is a beautiful, old home. It has a large yard as well, with a lot of yard work for you to do. You’ve never had a big yard before, so it has been fun to work in. However, your yard has a lot of large trees, and you don’t know how to take care of them properly. Here are some ways that a tree service in Fulton can improve your yard.  

Online Shopping with MAXNINA

Ladies, who loves online shopping???   Well, I just packed some good news for you, I am so proud of my new found online shop MAXNINA. The name itself already gives appeal to me. Because I always have my two sons with me when I shop, shopping should be in a hurry mode at all times. And it is also really impossible to snatch a time to shop for myself. Since I cannot get time for my own shopping at the mall,  shopping online has become my wonderful outlet.

Top 5 Websites to Submit Your Articles and Get Paid

photo courtesy of I have not updated my blog about how to earn from blogging, I am quite busy the past months due to my Full-time Online Job and a lot of side jobs online. Actually, I have been guilty of spending more time in front of my computer than my son so here I am making up to him again. But since my son is snoozing in his hammock, I guess it's just okay if I sneak in front of my computer and make a short post. :)  So here I came up for a short post to help you find legitimate websites where you will get paid on writing.