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Push Present Ideas for New Moms

One of the best moments in the world is finding out you and your partner are expecting a new baby. The anticipation and excitement overwhelms you as the countdown begins before you can finally hold your little bundle of joy in your arms. Family, friends, and especially dad’s provide support to the mother as her body is to put through the ringer for months as she prepares to bring one of the greatest gifts ever into this world. Those grueling months after are often awarded with what many call a Push Present which is essentially a gift to celebrate the birth of the new baby and this incredible time. Push presents are given either before, after or even in the delivery room.

Styling Hair with Black HairSpray

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Girls wanted that perfectly beautiful hair they can pretty much style in any way they like. But in reality, you will have to shell out more than a thousand bucks just to achieve that perfect hair you have always wanted. I do have a messy, unruly hair which I really find hard time styling every time I go out. To get straight hair that I want, I need to dedicate at least an hour with my styling tools and hair products. Unfortunately, an hour of preparation dedicated to my hair is just too much to ask because a mom with three demanding kids will not even have a 30 minute to prepare herself.  

4 Tips for Improving Your Garage

  A good garage can drastically improve the value of your home. It ’ s something that most prospective homeowners and all real estate agents will focus on, and a little care and attention can go a long way here. You don ’ t need the biggest budget or the best DIY skills either. It just takes a takes a few minutes and a little hard work to bring your garage up to scratch, as these 4 Tips for Improving Your Garage show.

Time To Shine: Your Guide To Looking Amazing This Summer

The summertime is upon us, and lots of women want to make sure they look their best. If you haven’t done much exercise this year, you might have piled on a few pounds. However, there’s no need to stress in most instances. You can reverse the process without working too hard if you follow the advice on this page. Of course, this isn’t a complete guide, and you can always perform more research. At the end of the day, you just have to make an effort if you want to look beautiful. I’m going to offer some tips and suggestions today that all women can use during the next few weeks. So, do yourself a favor and put them into practice before it’s too late.

My Impressions on Belo Baby Talc-free Powder + GIVEAWAY #BeloBaby

I want nothing but the best most especially for my loved ones. I know most moms can relate of being paranoid about kid’s safety in all terms. As a mommy of three, I wake up every day wanting nothing but show them how precious they are. That is why, I make sure I give the right care and right products for each of them. When shopping,  I always stick to products that contain safe ingredients.

8 Incredible Wedding Gifts For 2017

Image Credit:  Pixabay When it comes to wedding day gifts, there are lots of options. Whatever the gift you choose, ensure its thoughtful and personalized. It does not matter whether it is extravagant or expensive. However, it is not a must to give a gift where you are not required to, though its good to give the bride and groom something.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask #ProductReview

For the past year, my skin concerns include excessive sebum in my nose area, oiliness in my T-zone, and dry skin at the rest of my face (not to mention the fine lines appearing in my forehead and beside my lips). I like a product that gives longer effectiveness. I am now experimenting on which brand of skin care products should I go for. Since I am pretty obsessed with Korean skin care, I decided to try Laneige Sleeping Mask which I have seen a lot of positive reviews. The only concern I have is this is at pricey side. A 70ml tub costs $29 / P1,409.00.