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Tokwa't Baboy (Pork Tofu) Recipe

Hubby's friend visited us on weekend and he requested hubby to cook his all time favorite dish, Tokwa't Baboy. We thought to share our recipe to my readers out there. Here it is! Ingredients: 1/4 kilo pork belly 1 large block of tofu 2 medium size chopped onion 1/2 head whole crushed garlic 1/2 tsp. peppercorns 2 tbsp. Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce cooking oil salt 1/2 cup soy sauce  1/2 cup vinegar  1 tbsp. sugar

Its Play Time! #DIY Community

It was another lazy afternoon for my two boys. They rarely touch their toys anymore and they rather put themselves infront of computer and PSP. That is something I really cannot condone. I prefer them doing physical activities than lurking on gaming stuff in game consoles or in computer. I thought of one good diy project to do that can draw back their interest in playing their toy cars. And here's the idea I came up with.

Part 1: Setting Up My Home Office

It has been almost two years since I settled into being a WAHM. The main reason behind leaving my job in corporate office is to give way to my full time breastfeeding to my youngest. The first year as a WAHM was harder than I had ever thought. Everyday, I try my best to win over all the elements trying to trounce me.

Best Bridal Lingerie to Choose

Whenever I encounter the word bridal, it just brings back alot of great memories. And now that few of my friends are about to tie a knot before this year ends, I am looking forward to find great gifts to give them. I wanted something classy and tasteful. One of several choices I have in mind is bridal lingerie.  When we say lingerie, I expect that there are misconceptions. Ofcourse when choosing for lingerie, comfort is the primary concern for me. 

#Bubblews #Redemption #$50

Yes, you have read it right, I just got my e-check cleared! I just received $50 for my bubbling activities. A decent amount as an addition to my residual income this month. For some of you who are not familiar with Bubblews, you can read my review about Bubblews HERE .

Splurge Without Breaking the Bank

When I hear someone says shopping is stressful, I seriously object. Shopping is indeed one of the best medicine for most girls who are depressed. To clear things out, it is actually the budgeting that makes it a dilemma most especially if your resources is limited. I couldn't agree more when they say budgeting is a real stumbling block and a difficult task for a mommy like me. However, here's a reality check: It doesn't have to be a scientist to be good at it. Here's a summary of how you can stretch your budget when shopping to make ends meet.

Vitamin C to My Healthier Kids #Ceelin #Unilab

I know complete nutrition is the key for my kids to stay strong and away from sickness. That is why I make sure to serve them nutritious foods everyday. However, we still need a help of Vitamins we can get from food supplements to make sure they are getting the sufficient vitamins they need for their age and capacity. For the past three months, my two kids have been changing food supplements. I used to always request our Pedia to change my kid's food supplements right after they got sick. Lately, they are very prone to cough and sinusitis. I can no longer count how many times it happened that my kiddos woke up with cough or runny nose.

Protect Your Kids From Mosquitoes #greencross #iwasdengue

Dengue is a viral disease one can get from a mosquito bite. It is pretty known here in Philippines how one person can get the disease and how worst it can get. There is always high number of Dengue victims during rainy season. These mosquitoes often breed in stagnant waters which everyone should become aware of. Our health is important so you should be aware that prevention is always better than cure. To secure my family from this scary disease, I make sure to perform cleanliness not only inside our home but also the surroundings. Make sure there is no breeding habitat anywhere inside and outside your home or even in most visited places.

3 Advantages of Online Shopping

Shopping these days is also only a CLICK away. As we all know, one of the easiest way of shopping is through internet. You just choose which product you'd like to purchase, pay thru online banking then, wait for your order to be delivered at your doorsteps. Quick and simple. Some may agree, some may not. However, with this article I would like to highlight the three main advantages of online shopping.

Emergency Kit for Children

I don't assume for something bad to happen to my son. As a mom, I just wanted my son to be ready and equipped all the time aside from being at the best condition ever. It happened one time that he hurt himself when he was on his way home, he got tripped and his knees fell into a big rock which left him a big scar. On times like that, an emergency kit could make a big help. It kinds of giving me a peace of mind knowing he has emergency kit accessible which is always inside his bag all the time. Here's what his emergency composed of: