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October Beauty Giveaway *CLOSED*

MY BLOG'S FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!! This is it! I have been blogging for quite few months now and I am so pleased to meet bloggers and moms like me. And to show my appreciation to all the readers of my blog, here is my very first giveaway for all of you.  I so love Dove products most especially the body wash. These are the products I personally use for years now and I really recommend this to everyone. How I wish to have time to review on these products but I get too busy lately with my full time work and house chores, you know how it is to be a mom of two with a full time job without hiring any help. whew. But I have to say, I really enjoy being a WAHM.  Going back to my giveaway, this is for Philippines residents only. But I will have an upcoming international giveaway, so stay tuned for that. For now, only one winner will get to take all these prizes home:   PRIZES: One set of Dove Visible Care Softening (3 bot

Effective Potty Training

Potty training may one of the toughest challenge for most parents . Parents may start potty training their kids at the age of 18 months but it can also be later than age 36 months. Children are different. Some kids learn at an early age but some take time to learn. It is best not to be pressured by parents, family, friends, or other parents. It really takes a lot of patience teaching your child to learn how to pee-pee or poop without his diaper or underpants on. Make sure your child is ready before you implement the proper training for your child.

Residual Income for August 2013

  This is what I usually do every after a month, a post of how much is added to my account from a few legit websites I tried. So for my month of August, I think it is way better than my previous months.

Family Travel Must Haves

Traveling together, a very exciting family bonding which everyone looks forward to. As a mom, you are assigned in making sure all important things are packed and ready before your travel. Aside from the foodies, clothes, money and water, what else should be added on your list?

Repairing the Roofing When a Tree Falls on Your House

Trees are great. They suck up carbon while spouting out lovely, breathable oxygen. They shade you in summer, give you fruit to eat, and provide beauty in your landscaping. They support tree houses and benches and rope swings. But sometimes, they fall over and damage your property, and that’s when the trouble starts. If your home and roof have been damaged by a fallen tree, here are some of the things to consider as you start searching for a Dayton roofing expert to put your roof and siding back together again.

Get Paid on Survey Sites

  Here I am again to post for another way on how to earn money online. Signing up on a survey site will never make you rich but it will add income as you take the surveys day by day. Just a few minutes everyday is never a big deal if it can make you earn up to $25 in a months time, does it make any sense? Here are the top 5 Survey Sites on my list.  

Nutrilin Syrup for My Son

  A mom always wants what is best for her kids. One of the big issues that I run into with my son is choosing the right food supplement that is also compatible with him and on his current everyday activities.   When my son reached seven, I noticed some changes. He became less active ion playtime and preferred to stay at home playing PSP or computer games.  Poor appetite.  Sleepiness that makes him late to school. Less active in school, I discovered he missed a lot on notes. Slacking off.

Mommy Guide: How to Bathe a New Born

When I gave birth to my eldest, one of the main problem that I encountered was the bathing time. I used to be scared in bathing my baby and always get a help from my mom or anyone in the neighborhood who knows how to bathe a newborn. Drowning and scalding are the major risks for babies in the bath. I used to have a big fear that I may lose control of my hands and drown my child during bathing because they are very slippy when wet. I was afraid that the water might get in my baby's ears or the umbilical cord might bleed, especially if their umbilical cord stump hasn't healed yet.

WAHM Diary

I am staggered at how the time has flown. I just turned 28 last month, my eldest is 7 and my youngest turned one last July. I thank God for all the blessing we receive each day. There are so much to be so thankful about, I have a very flexible work which is our bread and butter especially at this time because hubby had a bit of trouble with his job, I have a  very supportive family and two very adorable kids.