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Signs that You Need Prescription Glasses

  We sometimes don't know exactly when our vision is compromised. A frequent headache could be a sign that you have a vision problem. That is why, it is always important to be aware of how to spot eye problems. Here are few signs that you might have an eye problem.  

No to DRY Skin

  It has been so cold and I am pretty sure many of you also experience dry skin. That dry and flaky skin can be embarrassing. Although you are using moisturizers and lotions, you might unknowingly doing things that could trigger or enhance the dryness of your skin.

Mustela Saves My Baby

One of the disappointing and heartbreaking moment is to see your baby's skin suffering from diaper rashes. It was one of those nightmares when my youngest suffered from diaper rashes. It happened when I bought a different brand of diaper, different from what he was currently using that time. I had no plans of changing brands in the first place. it was just the store where I shop ran out of stock on the size of diaper I need. Since I was in a hurry that time, it was late and the stores were near closing, I never hesitated buying the available diaper that they offered. I always buy in bulk so I grabbed the biggest pack available.  The next day, when I was about to change his diaper, I felt so guilty when I saw a big part of his skin full of rashes and redness. I did not let him use the same diaper again to avoid the nappy rash to get worst. 

Gift for Him

The holidays went too fast but here's another celebration to look forward to. Next month, marks the most awaited of most couples. Valentines day, what else? I know most of you are already thinking of what gift to give him for that special day. Choosing gift to him can be tricky. So here's a little tip to help you make up your mind in choosing what to give him this coming Valentines Day. 

My Fave Nail Color

It was so cold this morning when I woke up. And while the kids were still down, snuggling and gave me a chance to have my nails done! Here is one of my most favorite nail polish for this month and I guess I am gonna be using this color until Valentines Day :). 

Three Benefits of Using Corporate Housing for Long-Term Travel

Careers such as consultants, contractors, programmers, military personnel, and others often require people to travel on a long-term basis. They find themselves living out of a suitcase. While some jobs require visits to many locations, others require that people go to the same location over and over again. If you are one of those individuals who is repeatedly going to the same place, you might want to consider corporate housing in Odessa, TX. Following are three benefits of corporate housing over staying in a hotel: ·          You can unpack your bags and settle in. ·          You won’t have to use public laundry facilities. ·          You can quit eating out every morning and night.

Fun Desserts for Kids

I found myself regularly spending more time in Pinterest lately. I got hooked by a lot of funny, educational and inspiring pictures! I recently searched for different desserts for kids, here are some easy recipes I found in Pinterest that parents and kids will surely enjoy. Check out each pictures. I linked down to the PINS so you could also visit their websites and check their awesome creations. ENJOY!

No More Dark Circles with CELETEQUE Eye Tuck Cream

Motherhood requires lesser hours of sleep or staying up late. In my case. I am up until past midnight. I really find it hard to sleep earlier than 12 midnight since I am also used to working at night, doing some of my online chores. And also mom duties like washing clothes, dishes, some cleaning is best to perform while the kids were asleep. Now you know how I acquired those bags under my eyes. Today, I would like to share with you one of the most effective cream I have used to eliminate the  dark circles  and  puffiness  under my eyes.

Get Paid to Write for Top Brands with Markerly's Blogging Network

Eversince I exposed myself to online stuff as a WAHM, I have never stopped seeking new and great ways on how to wage supplementary moolah. My monthly residual income needs to reach a bit higher, you know all the expenses and stuff. However, of all my online activities, b logging has opened a lot of great opportunities for me. I have become very active in my social media life and I can get to share a wide range of topics to my readers while earning. And I can also get to enjoy the PERKS! You wanna know HOW? Maybe some of you are already familiar about this. But I would like to share with you this one of the best blogging opportunity I have discovered.

Jan-Feb 2014 Giveaway *CLOSED*

Hi Everyone! I have been so blessed this year and all that I want is to share my blessings. Just in time, my uber nice co-blogger, Lhyzie asked me to collaborate a giveaway. So, here itis!!!

What Can You Expect before and during LASIK Surgery?

Your eyesight allows you to view your surroundings. For many people, however, glasses or contacts may be necessary to view these surroundings clearly. But having to rely on glasses or contacts can be rather inconvenient in certain situations. To help reduce or eliminate the need for corrective lenses, you may choose to have corrective surgery from a facility such as Hoopes Vision Center. One of the surgeries you may consider is LASIK.

Prevent Dry Chapped Lips with CELETEQUE Lip Balm

Applying lipstick on a dry chapped lips? A big NAY for me! Aside from the weather, there are other factors that can give us dry chapped lips which we couldn't avoid. Having said that, on times like this we always resort to products in the market that can help us in this dilemma like Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm

Makeup Palette from TMART Review

  I am glad that I was able to get a chance to review a product from TMART .  TMART is a legit online store that sells variety of  good quality and affordable items. I also like some of the unique items they sell. They do offer free shipping regardless the number of items you purchased. 

How a Heating and Cooling System Turns On

If you have a heating and cooling system that needs to be serviced, you should contact your local service company to help you with your HVAC needs. If you contact a local HVAC company, you can expect them to make it out to your place to help you with your heating or cooling problem very quickly. When they show up, make sure that they are licensed to work on the type of heating system that you have, and then show them what the problem is so they can troubleshoot and fix it.

Why Binge Cleaning Is Less Effective Than Keeping Things Clean

Most people understand the value of having a clean space, whether it’s office space, a store, or a home. A space that is kept clean means that everything is easier to find, it’s more pleasant to spend time in, and there’s a smaller chance of accidents and injuries. Some people employ Fox Valley Janitorial Services to keep their space clean at all times, whereas others let their space get very dirty and then spend an entire day or more binge cleaning. Many people fall into this binge cleaning habit, but there are a few reasons why it is usually the inferior option.

My Morning and Night Skin Care Routine

includes sponsored link Having a proper skin care routine helps to improve your skin and prevent from drying out. Remember, aside from the foods we eat, it is also important to maintain a skin care routine using the right skin care products to achieve that healthy looking skin we always wanted. There are a lot of skincare products in the market these days. But all promise to give you a beautiful skin you wanted. There are  vitamin c serums , Hyaluronic Acid, horse oil, snail extract, and a lot more that has great skin benefits. Don't get too overwhelmed, you do not have to try all of them at once. Choose carefully based on your skin's current condition, do your research before you try it. Lately, I am very conscious on the products I use on my face. I used to just wash my face with my regular soap and put on my moisturizer. Since I am a mom on the go and I really need to hurry up or at least do everything in a breeze as possible, I do not pile up products to use ev

Saying Bye 2013, Wishing Another Great Year

Still cannot believe how fast the days go by. 2013 has taught me a lot of things. Reminiscing the whole year, it was a mixed of ups and downs, laughter and tears. But laughter always outweighs the latter. 2013 was not the best but one of the most memorable year that I've had.