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Be #Stress-Free with #FeelGoodLactium

Physical mommy activities at home added by pressure at work results to stress. That's just one of few that I normally experience on a daily basis, and there are actually more that also sums up to stress as well. At times, I stop and listen to music or watch movies online to reduce the stress but that is just for some sort of short hours then the stress strikes back again. And when my head hits pillow, I constantly think about how I will manage to survive another jam-packed day soonest I woke up.

Zenutrients Body Butter #review

I have already posted how I love my Body Scrub from the brand Zenutrients . Now, its time for me to reveal another product I am raving from this brand. I have been loving for months is this Zenutrients Body Butter. Zenutrients Body Butter doesn't have so much difference with their body scrub because believe it or not both products give same exact result to my skin. Product:  Zenutrients Soothing Green Tea Body Butter Price:  Php234 for 100g / Php390 for 300g What it claims: Nature's antioxidant soothe and moisturizes dry skin .

Deal with Stress the Cheapest Way

Whenever you are surrounded by a flurry of activity, don't let things avalanche around you. Don't stress yourself,  just SMILE and go with the flow. You don't allow things ruin your day because it won't get you anywhere, you know what I mean? Just focus on important matters or if things are taking toll, you need to distress. For most people, commonly for girls, shopping is the best remedy. But what if you don't have the money? Here are some ways on how you can deal with stress:

Korg Pitchblack

Musicians always find ways on how to improve their music. Some creates strategies on how to make their music stands out like adding tuner to their music system. Korg pitchblack is one of the best equipment in determining if you are playing your string on tune. It has a bright display which is very easy to read and the LED are properly lit which allows precise visual tuning. The size is convenient, well built and construction is very durable. RELATED POSTS: #MusicPost: All About Conga Drum Guitar Effect Pedals Tips on Buying Electric Guitar

Getting the Best Electronic Piano

Electric piano is one of the most common musical instruments people would love to learn. I have actually tried to learn playing some basic music using the electric piano I have bought 5 years ago. Playing piano actually makes you forget time because for me it somehow calms my spirit and relieves stress. Two years ago, I gave the electronic piano as a gift to my niece since she'd been wanting to have one. For me, it is nice to see her interested in playing music and when it eventually develop overtime, then that's a beautiful talent. I know it is too early to tell but we were all excited to. Piano players she watch online inspires her so much.  Right now, she could play almost all the songs she has on her manuals and she plays fantastic. So this coming holiday, my sis and I are planning to get another digital piano but this time of great quality. We have been looking around since last week. And yesterday, we already found the best electronic piano for her. I can only imag

#BeautyPost: Maxipeel Exfoliant Cream #Review

I have been trying out different acne products because as all of my regular readers know, this stressed momma has been suffering from acne problem for the past 7 months. I never like popping zits because it may developed into scars afterwards. However, sometimes they pop themselves which leave pimple marks which is also my current problem. Today, I would like to update you about my current skin condition and what products I currently use.

My Most Fave Pasta Dish: Creamy Carbonara #Recipe

I am a certified pasta lover. It doesn't mean I know everything about pasta like an expert does. What I meant is I love to eat pasta dishes of any kind to a point that you can serve me pasta dishes everyday of my life and you will never hear me complain. Sometimes, I'd love to think I have an Italian blood running through my veins hahah. But that's just a wishful thinking. grins . One of my most fave is Carbonara. Here I am today sharing to all of my readers my Carbonara recipe.

My First Ever #Blogapalooza Experience

It was a fun-filled event yesterday at Blogapalooza 2014 held in SM Aura. It was my first time to attend the Blogapalooza and I never expected it to turned out as one great event. I still consider myself as a newbie in blogging although I have been blogging for almost two years now. I still have a lot to learn and experience. And this kind of event is kinda new to me because I can count on my fingers how many event I have attended.

#DIY: Glittered Jar

Another DIY Project that I did last month was this glittered jar. Obviously, I have lots of late posts and this is one of the bunch. Moving on, as I have revealed in my recent blog post , I am currently working on my home office and this is one of the few ideas that came in mind. I thought I need something to put my makeup brushes into or maybe my pens. So, I came up with this glittered jar and the idea is from Pinterest. You can easily do this glittered jar because all the materials we need are as simple as the instruction.

I Got Paid by Sponsored Reviews!

17 months ago, I remember myself searching Google on ways how to earn online as a blogger. Ofcourse, the search shows up thousands of ways and websites to help me find what I was needing. I was struggling that time to discover   which is legit and not. I ended up signing up new accounts for each websites not knowing some of them were just pretending to help but the truth is they will just make a profit out of you. That's how I started learning which led me to create a strategy how to recognize the real ones from fakes.

LED Lights for Your Car

In proper car maintenance, it is also important to make sure your lights are properly functioning for safety reasons. This includes head lights, tail/bumper lights and interior lights. Most car owners prefer LED for practicality since LED lights have longer life than filament bulbs. Also, they are energy-efficient that even the engine is off, the lights remain on. Not all cars come with LED lights when bought. However, you can easily replace the originally installed lights with LED. There is a proper LED lights for each part of the car. If you will check   xtralights video gallery , you can get ideas on all the different styles, sizes and colors that are ideal for your car.