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Lighting The Outside Of The Home

The outside of your home can be a vulnerable place, especially at night if there are no lights. One of the things that you can do is install outdoor lighting. These can help deter intruders while giving the area a different look than simply having a security light on a tall post at the street. Motion lights are ideal for homes that are set back off the road. The lights will come on when there is something that gets in the line of the light.

#DIY: Desk Organizer (Book/Notebooks Holder)

Don't throw used carton box because you can still make use of it. I just like to recycle stuff before thinking of throwing them in trash bins. The positive effect of recycling is you get to be creative plus you did something to help environment. Okay enough said, were all grown ups thus we already knew it. So this is just a simple DIY project of how to turn your used carton box into a desk organizer!

Magnetic Bracelet

What is Magnet Therapy? Magnet therapy involves putting on a magnet to skin as a way to treat conditions like body pain, nerve pain, back pain, Dysmenorrhea, headache, arthritis and even migraine. It is believed that wearing magnets helps improve blood flow. I remember the time when magnetic bracelets became so popular. In the event you feel painful inflammation of a tendon or arthritis in a joint, the magnetic bracelets are also best therapy to go for. Great alternative for pain reliever medicines, not to mention that it is way cheaper.

Thanks Everyday Me Ph!

EverydayMe is an online platform created by Procter & Gamble. You just have to create an account to their website to get complete access to all the website features like posting reviews and rating their products. Earlier today, I planned to visit our local post office to check if my package from abroad already arrived. Sadly, the post office haven't received anything for me yet from overseas but I have a local package that has been sitting there for three weeks now.

Valentines Family Date @Zoocobia

Our Valentines Day had become very special because me, hubby and our kids just spent the whole day together bonding in Zoocobia Fun Zoo located in Clark, Pampanga. Zoocobia is one of the best place to bring your family for an ultimate bonding experience because aside from the animal encounters, there are also a lot of activities you can do together. You will also get to enjoy the fresh air and pretty nature scenery. We had a countless fun and did a lot of first time together!

Personal Collection Launches Men's Care Line, ALFA-1

Personal collection, one of the biggest direct selling companies in the Philippines makers of such popular consumer products Tuff TBC Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Soft & mmmmm.... Concentrated Fbric conditioner, ALERT Toothpaste and White Dove Baby Care, introduces its first men's care product line - ALFA-1 Advanced Men's Care. Personal Collection has been a household name in Filipio Homes for 12 years now and continues to develop and manufacture high quality products for Home Care, Personal Care, Fragrances, Health Care, Apparel and Baby Care categories which are distributed through the company's nationwide Branch network.

#DIY: Personalized Tumbler for Valentines

My son was thinking what to give his teacher for Valentines Day as a way of being thankful and grateful. She never asked for gifts but she deserves it :) So, I thought to just make a personalized tumbler. Of course, I helped him out in making this one.

Kid's Craft: Valentines Day Cards

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and one of the fun and easiest project for kids to do is Valentines card. Here is one of the Valentines card my kids made yesterday. I am not sure who the recipient of this card is gonna be but this looks so cute to receive. I like to see my kids doing art projects because this is how I see the creativity each of them conveys. This time, my toddler was not able to join his elder brother because he is not feeling well.

Executive Optical Disposable Contact Lens #productreview

As a multi tasking mom, juggling my hours between kids, work and errands, I feel that wearing contact lens than prescription eyeglasses is much comfortable and a lot convenient. I have an eyesight problem which I acquired when I was a kid because of too much reading under low lights and too much tv.  When buying clear contact lenses, I always opt for disposable lenses. Simply because I find it more affordable and easy to maintain. I once bought an extended wear contact lense and was able to use it only for a short period of time because it ripped off while I was cleaning it. So, for practicality purposes, I stick to disposable ones.

Tita Vickie's Homemade Sandwich Spread

Another backlog which I wanted to share with you although I feel it is kinda late because it is supposed to be up last Christmas. One of the yummy treats I received last December is this delicious sandwich spread from Tita Vickie. Tuna Spread and Cheese Pimiento.

MOGU MOGU, A Juice Drink with A Twist

This is one of my kiddos fave juice drink at the moment. My son who is in his 3rd grade loves to eat nata de coco which is also present at this juice drink. To be honest, this is the first ever bottled juice drink I know that you get to chew nata de coco while enjoying your juice.  Mogu-mogu is a product of Thailand. I like the adorable smiley face at the cap of the bottle, hahah it looks cute!