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Finding a Place for Cool Art in Your Life

Nothing shows the natural creativity and beauty of the human spirit like a bit of cool art. Even the greatest artists of history had to start small. It is an incredible display of personal progress to go from scribbling outside the lines to putting together impressive and engaging thought provoking pieces of artwork.

How Do You Know If Your Roof Needs Repairing?

Roofing is very important in protecting your home from damages and dangers from the outside world. Without a proper roof that is in good repair, you can save your home from suffering from rain, dirt, wind, and any other adverse outdoor conditions.

My New Eyewear from Four Eyes

Just few more days before this month ends or this year ends rather. I am excited for the new year. This month has been so meaningful to me. God has poured a lot of blessings on me this month of December.  I feel very thankful and blessed.  And I would like to make a post about one of the best blessings I received this month...this parcel. 

Get Paid Using Your Twitter

Another way to earn residual income is by joining Sponsored Tweets.  If you are my twitter follower, you will be able to see those sponsored tweets I am talking about. :) I remember it was three of four months ago when I registered in Sponsored Tweets. However, it is just this month when I received an email for an opportunity.

1st Sample Room Haul

Sample Room, Try Before You Buy. I love the idea of trying the products for free before buying them. You can get to decide if you are going to buy the product or not because you have the chance to try if the product works for you. I remember it was month of April when  I signed up as a member in Sample Room. And after signing up, I received the 100 points they give to new members so we will have points to consume in getting the products that we like to try.

Say Aloha to Your Living Space

Finding a self-storage place is the first thing on the list of most people who have to move to a smaller place. When you are moving to Hawaii, unless you are super rich, you are going to need to find a place like Ali'i Stor-Mor, so that you can keep all of the stuff that you would otherwise have to leave behind or get rid of due to a lack of living space.

The History Behind Your Jewelry

Jewelry has been around for about as long as people have; mollusks appearing to have been punctured in order to be strung have been found in South Africa dating back to the Stone Age. Other items such as bones, animal teeth, stone, wood, and shell were used for this early jewelry. It is speculated that the jewelry may first have been used as fasteners for clothing, but became more of an ornamentation as time went on.

Get Paid for Your Opinion

Hi everyone! I know I haven't updated my money online segment since I have became too busy. Sometimes I find it hard to decide what to post first because I have a long list of backlogs that are still in need of some pics and editing.  Some of you who hangout in craiglist might have already encountered this website which I have known for three or four months now.

Pampering My Face

Who doesn't love to pamper her face? Pampering our face doesn't have to be costly. Well, this busy momma just found a new way on how to treat my skin without going to spend a lot of time and penny. Since my time won't allow me to go to beauty salons for skincare treatments, I resort to using skincare products that doesn't irritate my skin.

Additional Income this Holiday Season

Yeah,I know it's raining tips on my blogs for the coming holidays. Hihi,. well, does it shows how excited I am for the holiday season? I have been working all day and all night to prepare my wallet  on the coming expenses until this year ends. I am actually thinking of ways on how to have additional income for the holiday season which I can also share with my readers. Well, today I would like to share ways on how to make use of the season to earn money even you are just at home.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Spend Less

Are you done with your gift shopping yet? Me, I have already completed halfway of my list. Still have a lot needed to buy. I did a shopping last time I received my salary and will continue the other half on the next pay day, that is more convenient for me to easily make ends meet despite of the holiday expenses.

Guide How Not to Overspend This Holiday Season

Christmas is in the air and people are starting to get busy shopping and preparing for the season. I really find shopping on holidays really full of adventure. You could either hit the motherlode or leave empty handed. Most especially when you go to shopping with no SHOPPING PLAN. Although you have the budget, try not to overspend. Here are ways on how you can spend less by Shopping wisely. 

Choosing Gift for Husband Tips

Hohoho! Christmas is in the air. Are you already done shopping for the coming holidays? For girls,  picking gift for guys is quite hard and confusing. Their taste is kinda unpredictable at times. You want to give him something he will be so happy about. That is why I have made a quick guide on how you can pick a nice present for your husband/boyfriend or a special guy friend.

Keep It Clean: Home Maintenance Programs

It can be a lot of work to maintain a home. Whether it is a matter of when you last had your air filters changed, last replaced your garbage disposal, or last had your chimney cleared out, it can be hard to keep track of all that needs to be done. Fortunately, there are home maintenance programs out there that can help you with all of this. They can help you come up with a home cleaning and maintenance schedule, arranged and personalized however you please. Following are some ideas to help you do this.

DIY Beauty: Honey and Egg Mask


Ways on How to Remove Fish Bone From Throat

A tiny piece of fish bone trapped on throat can cause discomfort or pain because it normally feels like it is cutting from the inside. It is always best to have a ready remedy to remove the clog and ease your throat. 

The Luxury of Laundry at Home

Do you remember your college years when you had to save up your quarters and all of your dirty clothes and then when you had nothing left to wear, you’d finally haul everything down the street to the local laundry mat? Man, those were the days. You’d spend hours there washing, drying, and folding your clothes, doing homework between loads.

October Residual Income

I am so sorry for not updating you about my residual income last month. As what I always say, I am on  a busy mode most of the time lately. Many of my readers are waiting for this post so here is the breakdown of my residual income for the month of October. This is not to brag of how much I earn, this is just to also give ideas on which websites pay for real.

Prizes I Got from Lhyziebongon.Com

I am more than thankful that the month of October gave me so much blessings. As what I have said in my previous posts,  Central Luzon were affected by the past typhoon that made me invisible for more than two weeks online because of the power outage. That was the longest power outage I have ever experienced my whole life and it was one of the biggest hassles ever. Most especially if you have little kids, you now how their little minds wanted to explore. My eldest son almost got our house burnt. But that is a long story to tell, haha,. Well this post should actually talk about the great things happened, not the opposites.

Your Kid's Food at School

How to Make Sure Your Child Eats Healthy at School? As parents, we always wanted to make sure that our child eats healthy and nutritious foods. But what if they are in a place that we cannot see them? For example, in school. You might wonder how to monitor the foods they eat even when we are not around. 

Improve Cooking Organization with Kitchen Cabinets

The way your kitchen functions can influence your entire life. While it is easy to forget how much you rely on food during these times of plenty, the fact remains that food is life. This is why the space in which you prepare your food is so important. Everyone wants to enjoy making food.

How to Avoid Earn Online SCAM

An overview of earning from home . There are endless ways on how you can create money even you are just at home,. It doesn't matter if you are married or single. Male or female. With kids or Without. Maybe some are just hesitant because they don't wanna end up being fooled or scammed. And those scammers are people who are also into the same desire, to earn. However, they do it the negative way. 

November Giveaway *CLOSED*

I am so overwhelmed up until now to see the big number of participants on my just ended October Beauty Giveaway. And because of that, I thought of having another giveaway for this month of November. I like sharing things that I love. So, since I love Human Heart Nature's products, that is gonna be my prize for this giveaway!

Featured Shop: Zuri Baby Couture

It is sometimes hard to find a good shop that sells something that perfectly appease your taste and the fitting is also one major concern. Especially when it comes to shopping babies clothes. A friend asked a help to find her a shop on where to find nice clothes and accessories that she can give a gift to her inaanak (godchild). Upon searching facebook and the web, I bumped to this online shop where they sell different cute accessories, sandals and clothes for babies. I honestly regret that I did not find about their shop in an earlier time, I could have bought pieces for my youngest. Well anyways, here I would like to show you some cute finds that they sell. 

How to Buy a Sleep Eye Mask Online

You may use a sleep eye mask to block unwanted light and sleep better, whether that is at home or while traveling. If your old one is nearing the end of its lifespan, or you want to become a first-time user, spend ample time on finding the right design for your comfort level. Not all masks are alike. You need to find the one that will do exactly what is necessary to improve your sleep. Research several models on the Internet, because that is where you will find the biggest selection. Did you find what you were looking for? Then it is time to order. Here are 4 simple tips on what is important when shopping online.

MaternityShirt Giveaway *CLOSED*

Hi everyone! I have not been updating this bog lately due to my super busy schedule and some personal matter. For all you know, I have an on going give away on my blog and as what I have said I have an up coming give away which is open internationally. And I am so excited to introduce you today my very first international give away!!! I will be having a give away of Maternity tshirts sponsored by . Good news is 15 winners will be chosen and this giveaway will run for just 15 days. Each 15 winners will get a Maternity T-Shirt each worth $20. features unique, funny pregnancy shirts that are flattering and cute. They specialize in funny and vintage apparel, printed on ultra soft tshirts. They also carry tshirts for all occasions. They have unique tshirt designs, you can check out their site/online shop for different unique designs that they offer. What is great, they sell fashionable but affordable maternity clothes you w

Remodeling the Bathroom Vanities in Your Home

Remodeling the bathroom vanities in your home can be an exciting process. Buying anything new can be fulfilling and adventurous, especially when you are able to do most of the work by yourself. Hard work and beautiful furnishings can help you feel satisfied in the home that you are in. Size Matters When deciding upon what style to choose from regarding the furnishings of your rooms, size matters, particularly within restrooms. If the room is too crowded, it leaves the people inside it feeling cluttered, disorganized, and they have a lack of space. However, if the counter and sink are too small, it makes the room echo and seem cold and empty.

Baby Teething Signs

When your baby's first tooth appeared, that only means another stage of your child's developmental milestone.    How to know if your baby is teething? My baby started teething when he was six months, This could actually start as early as 3 months and as late as 14 years old. While my second child got his first tooth at a very suitable age, I remember  My eldest celebrated his 1st birthday without a single tooth! Haha my eldest first ever tooth was on his 14th month.

Top 5 Hydrating Foods

Cucumber is 95% water Not only it helps swollen eyes and sunburn, it also contains vitamin C and caffeic acid.     Lettuce 94% water We all know that lettuce is packed with essential nutrients that benefit overall general health.It has very low calorie and plenty of vitamins. Tomato 93% water One of the best produce picks for hydration. Rich source of potassium and vitamins. One medium whole tomato contains around 22 calories, 1 gram of dietary fiber and 5 grams of carbohydrates. Eggplant 92% water Eggplant is low in calories and contains no fat. It can also lower bad cholesterol! Apple roughly 84% water  It has been linked to lowering cholesterol levels and preventing cardiovascular disease.

Five Recommendations for Maintaining a Washing Machine

With all the money you spend on a washing machine, you expect it to last. There are several things that companies such as Lamar’s Appliance Repair suggest that will help you maintain your appliance. Following are five recommendations to help keep your washing machine running well: ·          Let the machine dry out between uses. ·          Use vinegar to get rid of hard water deposits. ·          Use only the recommended amount of detergent. ·          Check your hoses once a month. ·          Make sure the machine is level.

October Beauty Giveaway *CLOSED*

MY BLOG'S FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!! This is it! I have been blogging for quite few months now and I am so pleased to meet bloggers and moms like me. And to show my appreciation to all the readers of my blog, here is my very first giveaway for all of you.  I so love Dove products most especially the body wash. These are the products I personally use for years now and I really recommend this to everyone. How I wish to have time to review on these products but I get too busy lately with my full time work and house chores, you know how it is to be a mom of two with a full time job without hiring any help. whew. But I have to say, I really enjoy being a WAHM.  Going back to my giveaway, this is for Philippines residents only. But I will have an upcoming international giveaway, so stay tuned for that. For now, only one winner will get to take all these prizes home:   PRIZES: One set of Dove Visible Care Softening (3 bot

Effective Potty Training

Potty training may one of the toughest challenge for most parents . Parents may start potty training their kids at the age of 18 months but it can also be later than age 36 months. Children are different. Some kids learn at an early age but some take time to learn. It is best not to be pressured by parents, family, friends, or other parents. It really takes a lot of patience teaching your child to learn how to pee-pee or poop without his diaper or underpants on. Make sure your child is ready before you implement the proper training for your child.

Residual Income for August 2013

  This is what I usually do every after a month, a post of how much is added to my account from a few legit websites I tried. So for my month of August, I think it is way better than my previous months.

Family Travel Must Haves

Traveling together, a very exciting family bonding which everyone looks forward to. As a mom, you are assigned in making sure all important things are packed and ready before your travel. Aside from the foodies, clothes, money and water, what else should be added on your list?

Repairing the Roofing When a Tree Falls on Your House

Trees are great. They suck up carbon while spouting out lovely, breathable oxygen. They shade you in summer, give you fruit to eat, and provide beauty in your landscaping. They support tree houses and benches and rope swings. But sometimes, they fall over and damage your property, and that’s when the trouble starts. If your home and roof have been damaged by a fallen tree, here are some of the things to consider as you start searching for a Dayton roofing expert to put your roof and siding back together again.

Get Paid on Survey Sites

  Here I am again to post for another way on how to earn money online. Signing up on a survey site will never make you rich but it will add income as you take the surveys day by day. Just a few minutes everyday is never a big deal if it can make you earn up to $25 in a months time, does it make any sense? Here are the top 5 Survey Sites on my list.  

Nutrilin Syrup for My Son

  A mom always wants what is best for her kids. One of the big issues that I run into with my son is choosing the right food supplement that is also compatible with him and on his current everyday activities.   When my son reached seven, I noticed some changes. He became less active ion playtime and preferred to stay at home playing PSP or computer games.  Poor appetite.  Sleepiness that makes him late to school. Less active in school, I discovered he missed a lot on notes. Slacking off.

Mommy Guide: How to Bathe a New Born

When I gave birth to my eldest, one of the main problem that I encountered was the bathing time. I used to be scared in bathing my baby and always get a help from my mom or anyone in the neighborhood who knows how to bathe a newborn. Drowning and scalding are the major risks for babies in the bath. I used to have a big fear that I may lose control of my hands and drown my child during bathing because they are very slippy when wet. I was afraid that the water might get in my baby's ears or the umbilical cord might bleed, especially if their umbilical cord stump hasn't healed yet.

WAHM Diary

I am staggered at how the time has flown. I just turned 28 last month, my eldest is 7 and my youngest turned one last July. I thank God for all the blessing we receive each day. There are so much to be so thankful about, I have a very flexible work which is our bread and butter especially at this time because hubby had a bit of trouble with his job, I have a  very supportive family and two very adorable kids.

Helpful Tips: Save Money on Grocery Shopping

Quick tips on how you can spend less on grocery shopping! Shop early in the day. You get through the store faster with your list and spend less. Use cash as much as possible. Using credit card may tempt you purchasing things that are not too much important. Compare prices. Track grocery items prices and see which one is offering competitive prices.   Have a list of the things you need to buy and stick to that. Buy in big sizes. It has bigger savings than buying small bottles or sachets of products. Buy in bulk. It lasts longer and it is way cheaper. But be sure that you’re going to use all of it before it gets bad — it isn’t cheaper to buy in bulk if you don’t use it. Avoid weekend shopping. Weekend is the time of the week when groceries are crowded and it will make you spend more time inside the grocery store. The longer you stay, the bigger chances you are going to spend more of what you need. Coupons are such a big help to save you more, so take advantage! Always look whic

Working for a Painting Company

Many people paint the interior of their own homes at one time or another. It is hard work, and homeowners generally decide after the fact that they will never do that again. However, those that paint for a living will tell homeowners that it is not that bad. Those who work for a Boston painting company have learned how to do the job well. Below are some tips that can be learned from those who paint for a living.

How to Earn as a Blogger

Blogging is one great way on how you can earn money online. Setting up a blog is easy. There are free platforms you can use such as blogger, wordpress, weebly, etc. However, it really depends on you how much money you can generate from your blogs. You must be aware of ways on how to earn from your blogs. Here is a list of websites that can help you to earn money from your blogs.