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DIY Hair Coloring: Kolours Dual Conditioning Hair Color in Shanghai Mahogany

One great way to start 2016 is treat yourself a new hair color! It has been more than a year since I last dyed my hair. The current state of my hair is dry and the split ends are showing so bad so coloring it may reduce the visibility of my hair problem. I went and got myself this Kolours Dual Conditioning Hair Color in Shanghai Mahogany. I never think twice in this brand since I have already tried it and the color was preserved for a long time.

Carbocisteine Solmux: A Quick Solution to Kid's Cough

One of my biggest fears is when my kids catch cough and cold. I wish there is a way to pass it from them to me for the sake of them to feel better. God knows I am very careful in everything I serve just to prevent them from getting sick yet there are really things a mom have no control over. So if anything happens, I keep myself ready and give proper attention soonest I notice any health problem just before it gets worse.

Start with Beginner Flute

If you or any in your family or friends circle has expresses interest to playing flute, then let them be guided. Flute is considered one of the best instruments to ever be played. Also, flute seems to be the easiest music instrument to play. First off, beginners have to understand the things to be considered in choosing which flute to buy. This is to make sure you are on the right track to learning the basic and thoroughly develop your music in the long run.

Product Review: Victoria's Secret Hello Darling Body Butter

  I am head over heels in love with Victoria's Secret mists and lotions, they are my holy grail! Well, who wouldn't love the floral-ish sweet scents? And now, after trying out VS lotions and mists, I am down to trying Victoria's Secret Deep-softening body butter. I always love anything soothing and moisturizing at the same time and that is what this product claims.

4 Most Recommended Picture Editors for Bloggers

As bloggers, we need to take good photos of products and events we blog about. But for a mom blogger like me who has little knowledge on how to take great photos, I resort to photo editors which can help better my blog photos. I am no good when it comes to photo editing so I need user-friendly photo editors to help me out. Here's a list of helpful photo editors I personally use perfect for bloggers.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Energy Company

If you’re like most homeowners, then your power bill drains a significant portion of your budget. This is one reason why so many areas have chosen to deregulate energy markets – to encourage competition, lower prices and improve service. Alberta was one of the first provinces to do this, and its success has inspired other areas—and countries—to follow suit. Thanks to energy deregulation, there are plenty of ways for consumers to reduce their monthly bills.

#DIY: Wall Christmas Tree Decor Using Washi Tapes

Just made a wall Christmas Tree, one best way to pull off holiday theme to your room. A wall Christmas Tree decoration is very easy, and with just few steps, it can be easily done. Quick and simple, all you need to do is get washi tapes of different designs, much better if you have tapes in festive colors. You can make your wall Christmas Tree bigger, depending on what fits most to your wall.

6 Money-Saving Tips for Budget-Savvy Moms

If you're like most mothers, then saving money is a top priority. Whether you want to set aside savings for your child's college fund or take a much-deserved vacation, a little extra revenue can go a long way toward reaching your financial goals. Fortunately, there are several simple tips you can follow to minimize expenses and pad your pockets:

Heads up! Gary V on Novuhair: putting energy into prevention

Nothing describes Gary Valenciano quite like his moniker “Mr. Pure Energy,” He is the very image of youthful vibrance, whether onstage or not. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he values the way he looks the same way that he values the core of who he is: a prayerful, faithful husband, dependable father, and an outstanding entertainer. ​Part of what makes Gary stay young looking is his head of hair. What many people don’t know is that, like all other men his age, Gary once worried about hair thinning and hair loss. That’s why, at the first signs of the problem, Gary sought to find ways to prevent it from becoming worse. ​“I first noticed the hair loss in the shower, after I toweled my hair dry. Then one day, my team of hairstylists noticed that my hair was thinning, too. That’s when they told me to look for the product that Fanny Serrano was using, a product called NOVUHAIR,” remarked Gary on his journey to regaining control over his hair loss.

Successful Budgeting 101: How to Start?

For an individual to meet long-term goals, starting to be mindful on all the expenses made every single day is a requirement. Needless to say, a smart approach is the best tool to be able to save for future goals. Here is a simple help on how you basically start off.

Myra Facial Wash Product Review #Unilab #VitaminE #Skincare #Myra

Washing the face every morning and at night before hitting the sack are very important habits to a healthier and smoother skin. By washing the face, it removes the dirt and excess oil that cause pimples and oily skin. In washing my face, I prefer facial wash for regular use over bar soaps because I find it more gentle on skin. Now that my skin is at its very sensitive phase. I break out easily that is why I am very on guard with face products I use.

The Most Popular Online Degree Courses

For many working adults who are looking to further their education, attending college and going to classes is not a viable option. It’s important that mature students continue to work and earn a living whilst they complete their educational program simultaneously – an option which isn’t often possible with traditional classes and programs at a physical educational institution. This is why many working adults have turned to the internet in order to achieve their education goals. Online learning is increasing rapidly in popularity, thanks to the flexibility and individualization that it offers. We’ve put together a list of the most popular degree courses which are studied online.

DIY Mini Santa Hat Clip-On

Happy December 1st everyone! We are starting the countdown today, 24 days before Christmas. Since it is nearly Christmas, I thought why not do a holiday themed DIY! I got many ideas in mind and I hope I will be able to find time to do 'em this week and next week. I'd like to start on the cutest thing I thought to add on a Christmas outfit. The DIY project today is very simple and easy. Here is how to make a Mini Santa hat Clip On which you or your kids can use as hair accessory during Christmas parties.