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Protect Your Child's Skin from Wound Infection #Fucidin #NoToStaphy

As parent, I only want a high level of protection for my kids. I watch what they eat and everything they do. However, in spite of doing my best to make sure my kids are safe and well-attended, kids are still kids. They play, explore and do unexpected things and at times, hurt themselves. And when they get wounds, there is a break in the skin surface and of course we worry a lot about infections.

How to Care for Bleached Hair

There are plenty of reasons to bleach your hair, but no matter what your reason is, one thing is for certain: you absolutely have to take careful steps to properly care for your hair and ensure its health, shine, and softness. After all, bleaching is a harsh process, so if you want your hair to always look its best, continue reading for a few helpful hair care tips .

Picking the Best Ball Gown by Color

The rule of thumb is wear if it fits you. Choosing which color to wear can be subjective since with the correct attitude, one can make them work. However, by knowing the colors of your clothes according to your skin tone, you get to look more presentable and appealing. Also, checking your skin tone for colors that suit it to decrease shopping time online or needing to waste time wondering if a certain color suits you or what. Choosing which color of ball gown for yourself is easy. You just need to determine your skin's undertone, and if it's warm or cool. Also, your main skin tone can also determine which color families look best. Today in this post, I picked up different colors of dress and indicate which skin tone best fits each.

DIY Hair Accessory Box

As I was doing some cleaning around the house, I happened to see this empty box lying around. This was the box of a package sent to me a few days back. Used boxes like this welcome the chance to be quite creative.  In a minute, I thought it would be a good idea to do another DIY organizer out of this box. And because the lil girl’s growing hair accessory collection is in need of more room, it will be fun to do a DIY hair accessory organizer out of it. Miyaka insisted to do it so I let her choose colors and designs to use.

POND'S Flawless White Whitening Soft Gel #PRODUCTREVIEW

It is always part of my skin care night routine to use facial creams. I feel it is a must not to skip applying facial cream before bed time. Although I have a favorite brand of facial cream to use, I am still open to try other brands since I would like to discover other options. Lately, I got the chance to try POND’S Flawless White Whitening Soft Gel.  

Want to Know the Secrets to Looking Younger for Longer?

Picture by Wikipedia As soon as those first wrinkles or gray hairs appear we start to panic! The ageing process is something that will happen to all of us eventually. However, there are many ways to make sure you slow it down. This doesn’t mean you have to resort to surgery to keep ageing at bay - here are some easy steps you can follow to keep you looking younger for longer. Eat well and get the right nutrients Making sure you are eating a healthy diet and getting all the nutrients your body needs is really important for keeping it healthy as you get older. If we are what we eat, then we want to ditch the fatty foods and stick to fresh fruit and veg. Drinking plenty of water and enjoying a balanced diet are pivotal to ensuring your insides stay clean. Try this list of healthy foods you should be eating for more information.

Beach Wedding Dress Ideas

Congratulations you’re engaged, now you are planning for a beach wedding! For most couples who love nature and water, nothing can be more romantic than exchanging vows in a cool ocean breeze. Beach is one of the most intimate and romantic setting to celebrate a wedding ceremony. Imagine your toes in the white sand, standing under a nice blue sky and the breeze gently blowing your face. You’ll get great outdoor photos with the ocean as a beautiful backdrop. Besides, you can even have your honeymoon right there, too!

New Way of Wearing New Hairstyle

Women these days are becoming very creative when it comes to styling their hair. Thus, it requires to spend money and exert effort. And since there are so many hairstyles to try, wearing wigs has become an alternative until wearing wig has become a fashion statement not only for celebrities but to normal people as well.

Budget-Friendly Halloween Party Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and what to excite about are Halloween parties! We always look forward to Halloween parties yearly, specially the kids. I know how freaky it is to some but it is totally awesome! My family has been enjoying Halloween themed parties for years. Halloween parties indulge creativeness, that you need to come up to a persona that reflects a remarkable character. Of course picking up costume, supplies and stuff to put together can never be more fun! Last year, I came as a fairy in a Halloween party.  This time, I would like to be in a different character. However, I don't like drastic outfits, I prefer something simple to put together yet unique and creative.

A Simple Teachers' Day Gift Idea

Tomorrow, a Teachers' Day celebration will be held at my son's school. As usual, students and teachers are all excited. This is once in a year celebration, a special way for thanking and remembering all of hard works your teachers have made in your life.

Getting the Best Value for Money as a Mother

Being a mother is never an easy thing. There is so much you need to worry about every day. And one of the major concerns is going to be money. Whether you’re married, in a relationship, or a single parent money is always a problem. Everything costs these days, and things seem to be getting more expensive. That’s why it’s important to focus on getting the best value for money as a mother. You will have to provide for your children, and kids are not cheap ! Don’t worry, I’ve come up with a few suggestions that I feel will help you get the best value for money as a mother.