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7 Easy Ways You Can Change Your Old Look This New Year

  Are you tired of making that same ponytail for school that makes you look the same every single day? Or doing your makeup the same way that no matter how much time you spend on your face you still look the same like you did yesterday. Well, we need a change every now and then to bring that excitement back into our life. Bringing a change in your life might feel refreshing and spark that inner joy in you that would make you want to wake up every day in anticipation of what life has in store for you.   If you're bored and exhausted with your same old look, and want a little change this year, check these tips out. They can transform your appearance and make you feel a new you!   Get a Different Haircut Going for a haircut that you wouldn't usually go for can make a huge difference in your whole outlook. A new hair cutting style can totally change your face, emphasizing various parts of your facial features. With another

Use the Welcoming Atmosphere of an Herbalife Nutrition Club to Learn About Health

When people come to an Herbalife Nutrition Club, they're looking achieve a wellness goal, such as weight loss or eating a more nutritious diet, but it’s also about finding a community of people they can relate to. By working to learn about nutrition, the people who come to Herbalife can take control of their health and wellness more easily. They can also learn what they need to know about the foods they're eating, so they can make better choices for their future. If they're trying to lose weight or just want to be healthier, they're in the right place. Herbalife Nutrition Clubs Are There to Help It's not always easy to know where to turn for good information on foods and quality nutrition education. Fortunately, Herbalife is there to help people all over the country get the knowledge they need. Nutrition Clubs hand out samples of products, share educational information, and offer a place where people can get together with like-minded individuals. These clubs al

Healthy, Hassle-Free Holiday Bundles from The Goodwill Market

Tis the season to show you care by sending healthy goodies from The Goodwill Market to family and friends. The gift baskets have been carefully curated to fit different lifestyles, filled with wholesome products that focus on health and wellbeing. What’s more, they can be delivered safely and conveniently to your loved ones doorstep via orders on The Goodwill Market website. You don’t have to leave the comfort and safety of your home to send out healthy and high-quality gifts this Christmas. The Goodwill Market is an online shop owned and operated by Dygen Pharma Distribution Corporation (DPDC), a subsidiary of Dyna Drug Corporation. Its mission is to make premium brands more accessible to Filipino consumers with online orders and fuss-free delivery. “This is a very valuable e-commerce service especially as everyone stays safe inside their homes” says DPDC General Manager May Panganiban. “Our gift packages contain a wide selection of health and wellness products that are sure to add a

Wet Combing for The Eradication of Head Lice

  Head lice can be treated with manual removal (with conditioner and comb or a wet comb). Infestation of head lice (Pediculosis humanus capitis) is a common occurrence. It's diagnosed by looking at the lice. Because 50% of those afflicted with head lice don't scratch, everyone who comes into touch with one should be carefully examined for infestations. Wet combing is simple and safe to do at home, but it takes perseverance. This article explains how to get rid of head lice with a wet comb.   What are the symptoms of head lice? Growths of the Pediculus humanus capitis species are known as 'head lice.' Infestations are prevalent, especially in school-aged children, and they afflict individuals of different ages and socioeconomic classes all over the world.   How can you know if you have head lice? An infected person's lice can be noticed on their scalp or in their hair. Scratching in reaction to itch will occur in roughly half of those affected with head

Importance of Ear Piercing After Care

Ear piercings are one of the most ancient and common types of piercings. People around the globe liked to pierce their ears as beautiful likeness. Women like to pierce their ears to wear beautiful jewelry that amplifies their beauty. This piercing tradition has been going on for centuries. Areas of ear-piercing The possible areas include: Earlobe The curve of cartilage located at the top of the ear Folds just outside the ear canal It's a fact that the above mentioned areas are common and safe but one must take care of his or her ears after piercing to avoid complications. Symptoms of an infected piercing The most common symptoms of an infected piercing are as follows: ● It causes aching or throbbing pain in and around the piercing ● It causes swelling ● redness on the ears are visible ● It causes lots of itching ● The burning sensation can be felt ● Often in cases, an abnormal yellowish or whitish dischar

How To Take Care of Your Hair as You Age

  The aging process is inevitable and it does affect more than just our skin and bones. You might start finding more hair strands in the shower drain or notice that it is becoming drier each day. Indeed, your hair will not be as strong as it used to be or grow back as fast as it used to. The most you can do is take care of existing problems and take preventive measures to avoid losing more hair. The following is a simple guide on how to take care of your hair as you age. Come to terms with the aging process Exposure to the environment, toxic chemicals, and diet are significant reasons you are experiencing hair loss. However, let’s not fail to recognize that genetics and the aging process have a part to play in the way your hair ages.   Keep in mind that it is not much you can do to change your genetics and not reverse aging. Therefore, instead of wishing your hair would go back to its former glory, look at it as a way to celebrate the many years you have lived. Avoid putting tens