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Nights Around the Table: Why You Should Eat Dinner as a Family

Do you sit down to dinner with your kids? Or are you more likely to have two separate meals - one for the kids and one for the adults? Perhaps you eat dinner as a family, but you're guilty of doing it in front of the TV a bit more than you should. Eating dinner as a family could have a whole host of benefits, assuming you're using the time to talk. If you start doing it when your kids are little, you can carry the good habits into their later childhood and teenage years . Although there could be some resistance from your teenager! Here are some important reasons to eat together. Learn Good Table Manners Many parents complain that they are unable to take their children out to eat. If they do go to a restaurant, it needs to be a family friendly one where they can run around or sit at the table with a game or coloring book. But how often do you ask your children to sit patiently at the table at home, concentrating on eating and talking? While a restaurant has more distract

Love At First Stitch: Make Your First Dress In A Weekend

Until the first World War, women wouldn’t have considered purchasing clothes for themselves or their families. It was very much a matter of doing it yourself. But gradually, by the 1920s it had become common practice to buy affordable ready-to-wear clothes that were not tailored exactly to the individual body measurements. Somehow, it is a pity that the industry of clothing had taken over the art of creating your own fashion and sewing dresses that fit exactly on your body. When the Depression of 1929 hit the USA, the idea of making it yourself had become an indication of wealth. The families who were forced to sew their clothes were regarded as poor. It was only with the revival of home sewing a few years ago that making your own clothes came back favorably in trend. It’s not only about making ends meet, but it is a different way of expressing your style and your creativity. It’s hard to believe that it’s taken people almost a century to fall back in love with the antique sewing cr

3 Fitness Classes To Reinvigorate Your Exercise Regime

No matter how dedicated you are to your personal fitness, we all have moments when it all becomes a little bit… well… samey . In some ways, that’s comforting - you go through the same routine, knowing which bits you’re going to find tough and which are going to be more of a cruise, and it’s all fairly standard. You’re reaping the benefits of maintaining your health and you’re at least in a routine of what you do and when - that’s a state many people don’t manage to get to. Nevertheless, it’s still kinda samey, and that’s kinda boring . Fitness doesn’t have to be boring. Sure, it’s a necessary thing; how many of us would continue our exercise regimes if science suddenly decided we didn’t need to for optimal health? But just because we feel compelled to do it doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable; it just means you need to add a little more flavor to your usual workout regime to help keep you motivated . By far the best way of achieving this is by adding a few classes to your u

How To Get Back On The Treadmill After Becoming A Mom

Picture Source Whether you’ve just had your first baby or your fifth, congratulations. Of course, if you were always the active health and fitness nut before you became a mother (or in between each child) then you’re probably itching to get back on the treadmill and work towards being a macho, toned, and healthy mom again. That’s a good mentality to have because a healthy mother who looks after herself is also mentally stronger and better able to look after her children.

5 Lesser Known Safe Driving Habits Your Teenager Should Follow

One of the scariest moments in a parent’s life is watching a child get behind the wheel of a car. The statistics are sobering. The CDC lists motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of death for American teenagers. Driver inexperience is repeatedly cited as the causative factor in fatal crashes. Every parent stresses common safe driving habits to their teenagers – belt up, don’t drink and drive, stay within the speed limit, and no texting while driving. Here are 5 lesser known safe driving habits your teenager should follow:

What To Pack In Your Holiday First Aid Bag?

Summer holiday is the time for the family to get back together and enjoy a vacation in a sunny location, without worrying about work deadlines or the alarm clock waking you up in the morning. As times of relaxation go, the summer holiday is one of the favorite family times. It’s the perfect mix of togetherness and entertainment for everyone. But there’s one thing that a family holiday needs, and it’s proper packing. Let’s not talk about the kind of clothes and shoes that you should take with you here. Today, we want to focus on an important travel bag that you should prepare for your summer vacation: The first aid bag. What do you need to pack in it to get your family ready for the summer? First aid

8 Proven Tips that Will Help You Quit Smoking in 2017

Smoking is one of the greatest addictions of modern time. It doesn’t make it better that this vice usually goes with other vices making it really hard to quit. One of the most common approaches to tackle this issue is going to a support group. Another option is to do something else that presumes institutional help and loss of privacy.

Saving Money on Family Medical Expenses

Pixabay Everyone knows how much it can cost to pay for hospital treatment, doctor care, and prescription drugs in the US. For that reason, many people don’t look after their health properly. Those who are working a job that doesn’t provide good wages are never going to afford that $100,000 operation. Sure, they can get insurance to drive the costs down, but they’re still going to be left without a dime in the bank. That is a real issue for many people living in this country, and it’s something that needs to change. The expert advice published here should help families reduce the cost of staying healthy.

Schools Out For Summer: Ideas To Keep The Kids Occupied

School will be closing for summer soon if it hasn’t already for you, and that means we have so many weeks ahead where we need to keep the kids occupied. This can be a huge task, especially for moms that are at home. You are the referee, you are the person providing the snacks and meals , as well as trying to keep the house in order and yourself sane. So I thought it was an ideal time to share with you some of the things you could do to keep your children occupied over the summer. Image source

Keep Fit Dos and Dont For New Moms

For a lot of us moms, it can be easy to put one's own health and well-being to the bottom of the pile. Of course, the little one is going to come first, and then they are very small they tend to let you frequently know that they need someone form you like change, feed or a hug. This can make it feel like you have no time to look after yourself. In fact, even the smallest thing like taking a shower can seem like an impossible feat, let alone getting your fix of regular exercise. But believe me when I say it really is possible to keep healthy when you have kids, just read on for some suggestions. Stroller Run One of the debts ways of keeping fit when you have a little one is to get out her and walk or run as much as possible. Of course, baby can't do it with you, and that is why you have to learn to do this while they are in the stroller.

Look and Feel Good with Athena

Having a very hectic schedule everyday may cause me feel hors de combat at the end of the day. Yet, I cannot find time to stop and relax when I wanted because I am a full time mom to three, with a full time homebased job, and also a part-time blogger. My duty is 24/7, I can get to sleep for only 4 hours daily. Although I am dead tired, I don't wanna look one. Hahaha I wanted to always look good and feel good. Aside from healthy foods, I also take a nutritious milk to help me keep up with my very active lifestyle. Even I am very busy, I make sure I get all the nutrition I need to be able to perform all my duties.

#QuakerOvernightBreakfastClub S'mores Oatmeal

I am a forever fan of Quaker Oats oatmeal. I love my oats with milk especially on breakfast and on a quick break when I perform my duties as a Virtual Assistant at night. My fave oats recipe is usually prepared at night, keep it chilled, and it will be ready in the morning. I like my oats soaked than cooked, because cooking takes little nutrients away from oats. So, here is one of my fave oat recipe, Club S'mores Oatmeal. 

The Resurgence of Embroidery in Todays Fashion World

Embroidery has long been present in designs seen on everything from jackets and jeans to royal gowns, bedding and cushions. Now we're seeing this ancient art form make a modern day comeback, with embroidery designs queries throwing up lots of resources, including instructional videos, step by step guides, expert tips and design ideas. Whether you're a complete beginner or a practised hand looking for free embroidery designs for your work, the internet is the place to be for modern day embroidery.

Goodbye to Scars with Clearascar

Getting rid of scar may cost an arm and a leg these days. Surgical clinics offer different scar removal procedures but still, no assurance that it can really help on your scar problem or might make it worst. It is always a best choice to look for a product in the market with If an obvious scar annoys you, better look for a product from a trusted brand. For a sure-fire positive result, I highly recommend a trusted brand that provides quality products. 

Coins.Ph: Earn by Conveniently Paying Your Bills!

Have you tried mobile wallet yet? I am pretty sure some of you have already heard of I know this is not commonly used yet, but I believe it will eventually become a popular tool for everyone. has become a very valuable platform which you is also available to download in your android phone via Google Play Store. provides person-to-person wallet transfers, bill payments, mobile top-ups, online shopping, and remittance services. Its cash delivery network covers tens of thousands of banks, pawnshops, payment outlets, and door-to-door delivery across the region. via Wikipedia How  to register: Go to website  and create a new account.

Healthy and Budget-Friendly Lunchbox Ideas for Preschoolers

Before the school started, I often wander what foods I can put in my child's lunchbox that he likes and at the same time, healthy. He only spends 2 hours in school so his lunchbox has to include light foods. I am afraid he loose appetite for our lunch when he gets home. It becomes a challenge because he is picky eater and I have limited budget. Well, there is nothing I cannot handle as a mom, I know it! I crowd sourced for ideas and tips from fellow mommies.

Lookna - The Best Place To Find Local Legit Business

Was there ever a time when you went online to search for a service provider or a particular business in your area but came up with no good results? In this day and age, people mostly rely on the internet for solutions, whether they are looking for an affordable wedding dress maker, a vintage artwork or a sports gear shop. Some even rely on the internet when looking for a handyman. We all have become dependent on search engines for answers even to our most common problem because, let’s face it, it is cost and time efficient that way.