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My Holy Grail: Zenutrients #BodyScrub #organic

I am so excited to share one of my holy grail lately, the Zenutrients Body Scrub. To be honest, I am not a fan of scrubs before. I just use facial scrub once a month but never did I use any body scrub for like ages (8 looong years, yeah). I stopped using body scrubs because I felt like I can't see anything special about bodyscrubs that I have used and none really gave any small change or improvement on my skin at all. Not until I have received Zenutrients Body Scrub. I was hesitant to try it because as I have said, I have negative impressions in body scrubs. The first use was definitely addicting. Why? Keep reading!

#DIY: Recycle and Get Organized

Part of my Organization Project is Recycle and Reuse. Recycle, one creative way to turn a garbage into something usable. Very economical, helps reduce garbage.  So for today's project, I thought to turn some piece of garbage into something useful.  You know the SPAM's can? I thought to turn the can into something useful than to throw and add to the trashes in my trash bin. We can always do something useful to cans like this. Just like what I did! 

The Good Box Ph: Your #Healthy Meal Program

I have been leaning towards eating healthy. Ever since I have started my love in organic, I have become aware of what are safe for my family's health. Just last week, I have been selected to try The GoodBoxPh's healthy, nutritious food in the meal plan. What is The GoodBoxPh?

WAHM's Diary: Downsides of a WAHM

It has been more than a year when I made a final decision to leave my career as a call center agent in a major BPO company and started to work as a homebased freelancer. The excitement of being a WAHM has always been overflowing because I can get to experience the luxury of working at home at a flexible time and in my most convenience without taking kids for granted or anything at home. Until today, I feel so blessed to have a stable job with a very  reliable employer whom I actually see myself still working for on the coming years ahead. I really love my job. However, alongside the satisfaction,  always comes a negative bell. There are also downsides which I would like to share with you.

Pee Pocket Review

I am lucky enough to have discovered and received this new product called The  Pee Pocket . I am pretty sure, its new to you as well. I never thought that there is such product to help girls who are on those situations when you need to pass water and you are in unexpected places or situation. 

#BeautyPost: Red Apple Lipstick Review #glutenfree

Lately, I am so into lippies! I have noticed, I already have a growing collection. But when my friends and some family members arrive, being the generous person that I am, expect that the number will drop down a four or five. Hahah they kind of enjoy raiding my cosmetic stuff. I am lucky enough that Red Apple Lipstick sent two of their lipsticks in full sizes and one sample size. I have heard great reviews and read a lot of good things about Red Apple products and this is the best time to give them a try!

Wardrobe Must-Haves for On the Go Moms

It was last year when I did a massive organizing of my wardrobe. yeah massive that I learned to let go stuff that has been there for like when I was still single. *grins* It was a mess before and not organized until I found a lot of pinterest ideas on how to keep it organized. So as I was organizing earlier this month, I realized that I have a lot of clothes that I have not used for the past 12 months. What I did, I decided to toss away some unused clothes and just leave those I know I will be using for the next 12 months, believe me it's a big relief. I also came up real quick for a list of wardrobe that most mom on the go like me needs to have in their wardrobe. Keep on reading!

K5 Learning Assessment Review

   Last month, I published a post that my son is going to take the K5 learning program . My son was so excited that he started to try the program right away.  Since it requires him to use the computer, I allow him to use my desktop two hours everyday. While taking the lessons, he is very serious in reading and at answering each  questions at the end of each lessons. I have noticed, he likes the spelling so much. 

FERN-C Everyday #Vitamin

I have been too busy eversince school started. Work at home mom like me can never run out of task. Primarily, keeping things on track at home from taking care of the kids including their foods, cleaning and ofcourse the bills. We don't hire nanny, it is just me and my hubby to take care our home and kids along with our work. Hiring a nanny can never be practical at this moment since we are in the process of saving and we are scared to fall out of budget. Even its exhausting and energy consuming everyday, we need to manage. 

#BeautyPost: Belo AcnePro #ProductReview

Remember my last Sample Room haul post? Here is the link, CLICK HERE . I received samples of Belo Acne Pro skin toner and Belo Acne Pro pimple gel. My face's current condition is quite serious. One side of my face had developed acne and take note, this is the worst case I 've ever had. I believed Belo Acne Pro products could help the breakouts from getting worst and atleast lessen my problem. I used it for 20 days and here is a quick review.