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What Age is it Appropriate for Your Kids to Develop a Skin Care Routine?

The largest organ in the human body is skin. As with other organs, such as the lungs, heart, and liver, it has a vital task to do: protecting all that is inside from getting out, and stop any invaders (dirt, germs) from getting in. Nevertheless, with all the busy schedules in life, it can be easy for our skin to dehydrate or sunburn when not properly cared for with the right skincare products. This can include products that include moisturizer, SPF, or vitamin C and E serum . This is why a healthy skin care routine should begin while your child is still a baby. Reasons for developing a skin care routine include:

7 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Style this Fall

With each new season comes new fashion trends and the inevitable craving to overhaul your entire wardrobe. However – not all of us can afford to completely throw out last autumn’s jumpers and boots to be replaced with shiny new ones.  We’re here to share a few tips and tricks on how to update your style using key pieces you already own and switching up some things you can change without breaking the bank. Read on to find out how! 

6 Tips To Cycle Your Way to Weight Loss

photo credit: GJ Lopez, cyclist Cycling is the one workout that you don't get tired of. If you're up for getting rid of a few kg's and want to keep it that way, all you need is a bike to ride your way to weight loss. Why cycling? Simply put, its not just exercise, you can easily do intervals, can be done both indoors and outdoors and lastly, its gentle on the joints. Here are 6 practical tips to choose cycling as your sole exercise to lose weight.

Signs You are Ready to Date Again

If you are single and looking to involve yourself in a relationship, what holds you back? Most especially with the holiday coming, getting into a new relationship can be a good idea. But if you had previous heartbreak, and not sure if you are ready yet, this post can help you. Accept the fact when it comes in a relationship that there are risks involved. The challenge is built in because that's how we grow as human beings. There is no escaping pain in relationships even you are both in love, and you feel like everything is perfect.

Salon Owners Guide to Purchasing Quality Pedicure Chairs

Whether you’re in the process of opening a new salon or revamping your establishment, investing in quality equipment can contribute to the overall success of your business. When shopping for new equipment you should give extra consideration to the type of pedicure chairs that you purchase. After all, manicures and pedicures account for the large chunk of the business that your salon generates. Therefore, you’ll want to thoroughly research the different types of pedicure chairs on the market to determine which brand is the best fit for your salon.

Are You Ready Enough?

With hurricanes passing through the US more frequently and the number of wildfires seemingly increasing each year, you might have asked yourself a fundamental question: “are you ready?” Chances are you are not. Planning for the unexpected is not something that most people love to do or even would consider doing. Here is a range of unforeseen events and a starter for 10 to get your thinking about getting prepared.

How Do You Know If A Pet Is Right For Your Family?

Image Source For a lot of people, a family isn't complete if it's missing one important element: a family pet. Bringing a pet into your home can be one of the best things for your family. After all, pets offer love and companionship, they help kids learn responsibility, and they can keep you all active with their near constant levels of energy. Of course, it's important to remember that not every pet is going to perfect for every kind of home or every kind of family. In the same way that all families are different, so are all pets. With that in mind, here are some things to consider when deciding if a pet is right for your family.

Should You Do Your Own Pest Control?

Is DIY Pest Control A Good Idea? Having pests as house mates is no fun. Whether termites are eating away at your woodwork, flies are spreading disease or mice are gnawing through electricity cables, you need to seek an answer to the problem as soon as possible. The problem is not going to go away if you take no action. You may decide that calling a professional exterminator is the best idea. However, you may prefer to try some DIY pest control first. There are some common methods that you can use to try and deal with the issue yourself. 

What to Do When You’re Expecting

There are a few things in life that can’t compare to the monumental day when you learned you are about to take the journey of motherhood. It is a news that will evoke many and varied emotions, from joy and excitement to anticipation and worry. Being a mom is not an easy feat, and a new mother will always have that nagging fear and anxiety of the changes that are to come. Of course, you will read, prepare, and brace yourself for the new addition in your lives.

5 Tips For Getting The Kids Through A House Move

For an adult, moving house is a big deal. There is a lot of organising, packing, house hunting, school hunting, area hunting - it’s a lot of hunting but without any guns! Moving from house to house is a normal thing for an adult, because we make a conscious choice to improve our situation, and if moving to a new property is the way to go, it’s what we do. Children, on the other hand, don’t get the choice.

10 Tips To Help Your Children Sleep Through When you’re a mama, you always know that you’re going to have to take on an awful lot. Because not only do you have yourself to sort out now, you also have this little love bug vying for your attention. And so, you often put a lot of your own needs aside to put your first child first. And then your second, and then you’re entire brood. Or, just the one, if that’s where you stop. But, suddenly, this little bundle of joy is all you care about. So you don’t mind that you sleep less or that you look like fetching or that you feel like death from time to time. Well, maybe you do, but you let it slide. Because every mama just wants their children to be happy, and life definitely changes to accommodate that.

What You Can do with a Broken Car

(Disclaimer: This article includes sponsored link) No one likes having a broken car. It causes you stress as you drive it, wondering when it will become completely unusable. Or maybe it’s already at that point, and it’s just sitting in your driveway taking up space. Whatever the case, it’s just another thing that you must try to fit into your already hectic life as a mother. To that end, if you’re dealing with a broken car, here are a few things you can do about it.

How to Choose an Optometrist

Everyone knows that it is important to pay attention to your physical health, including your diet and exercise habits. However, no amount of taking care of yourself can be substituted for getting professional medical care on a regular basis. This means regularly seeing a primary care doctor as well as other experts, such as a dentist, at least once a year. If you've ever had problems with vision, have a history of visual impairments in your family, or have any condition that makes regular eye exams a necessity, such as diabetes, it's essential that you find an optometrist that can help you. 

Is It Time To Bring In A Professional?

Image From Pexels There's nothing like the satisfaction of a great DIY job well done. After all, being handy enough to fix problems in your home is one of the best skills that a person can have. However, one of the most common problems that a lot of people run into is the fact that they get overly ambitious and start to assume that they can deal with any problem at all. The truth is that there are plenty of tasks when it comes to fixing up your home that are simply too big for one person to deal with, especially when you don't have any kind of professional training. With that in mind, here are some times where it might be best to call in the pros.

How Should You Talk to Your Kids About Your Divorce?

A lifetime marriage or partnership is a lofty goal for many people who enter commitment status. Even if the relationship grows and reaches marital potential, there’s still so much to consider and plan. One thing every smart couple needs is a contingency plan in the event of divorce. Certainly, no one enters a legitimate marriage based on mutual respect and love with the intention of splitting at any time. But statistics show that almost half of all marriages still end in divorce. No family deserves to experience divorce, as much as possible, couples should try to work out or seek professional help when needed before it is too late. When the marriage just involves you and your partner, matters can be relatively painless. But when kids are involved, it’s a whole different ball game. Fortunately, a professional help is available to help regain your marriage  and save your relationship.  But if both of you decided to call quits after all the efforts, talking to your kids about divor

3 Upgrades That Your Home Will Love

More than anything, we are looking for ways to make our homes more comfortable and liveable. While small home upgrades can put a smile on anyone’s face, we’re usually putting aside money for the bigger ones. Image by: Pexels Getting that new bathtub, upgrading to a more luxurious air conditioning system, and finally getting that heated driveway tends to be on most people’s wishlist. Yet, there are a few home upgrades that may seem big even though they won’t really break the bank - you just need to know what you’re looking for and where to look. Here is a handful of the best home upgrades so that you can look a bit more forward to Christmas this year. #1 Smart homes Let’s start with the most desirable one first. To most people, a smart home is the pinnacle of luxury at home; connect it with your coffee machine to wake up to the smell of a freshly brewed cup, make it communicate with your bathroom so that it can tap you a bath when you’re still driving home in the rain, and being a

How to Avoid Home Emergencies in the Cold Weather

If you are a homeowner, you might already know that when the cold weather comes, you will have to take extra precautions to prevent home emergencies that can cost you your holiday money put aside for Christmas presents. Below you will find a few ways you can prevent costly repairs and nasty surprises in your home, so you can sit back and relax, knowing that you have done everything in your power. 

6 Things You Should Know About IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

In today’s day and age, in vitro fertilization (IVF) has grown to be a household term. Since the first “test tube baby” was conceived in 1978, IVF has produced more than   3 million offspring . While about 10 percent of women in the U.S. from age 15 to 44 find it difficult to get or stay pregnant, only 5% of them consider IVF. After all, it is a complex and expensive procedure that needs proper deliberation before taking. To give you an idea, here are some of the most important facts about IVF that you need to ponder on:

Amazing Wedding Gift Suggestions

photo source It is always nice to be invited to a wedding. Witnessing two people declare their love to each other and their intentions to spend the rest of their lives together is a truly special occasion. Weddings also provide the perfect opportunity to buy a brand new outfit and make an effort for the memorable day. However, one thing you will have to buy which may prove to be troublesome is a wedding gift for the happy couple.

How To Prepare For A Move Into A Bigger Home

Families always ebb and flow in size depending on what stage of life their family is. In the beginning, when just starting a family, the need for a home is usually about providing the basics. However, as the family gets larger and children grow a little older, the need for a larger home is not unusual. For many people that are buying their second home, they are often growing in size. As they search for a bigger home , usually they are ready to get some of the special amenities they always wanted but couldn’t find in the smaller home. You want to be able to move around in your home and not feel like it is too tight of a fit. Maybe you need a bigger lot with a fenced yard, or some acreage to build a large garage. 

Your Go to Guide to a Mom’s Trip Away

Being a parent is tough . Being a working parent can be harder. Your children need you at all times of the day to provide for them, care for them, and simply spend time with them. Juggling all the roles you need to fill as a parent can be exhausting and stressful, and if you don’t prioritize your own health and mental wellbeing, you put yourself at risk of burnout.

Struggling To Conceive? Why Not Try One Of These Methods

photo credit When a couple are ready to start a family, they need to think about the best way for them to conceive. For most couples, this is an easy choice - if they have no fertility problems and are in good health, then they just need to have sex. Even though it could take a long time to get pregnant this way - in some cases, it can take a couple at least a year to conceive the natural way - it is still the most common way for people to conceive. Unfortunately, though, this doesn’t work for everyone. If you suffer from fertility problems or are in your late thirties or older, then you might need to think about an alternative method.

Managing a Temporary New York Stay

There’s no city quite like New York. New York is one of the greatest cities in the world, as it offers so much in the way of art, entertainment and cultural attractions. All of that is why so many people come to the city on a regular basis, to visit and take in the sights, or to live and work on a temporary basis. 

Health & Beauty Tips To Stop Time Taking A Toll

Young or old, we all want to look our best, and sometimes to do this, it can feel like we are in a never-ending battle with the march of Time. You’ll be pleased to discover though, that there are are many tricks and tactics that you can employ help you stop time taking a toll on your health and appearance. A topic you can read more about in my post below.

Driveway Safety For Homeowners - Yes, You Should Consider It

Our driveways are often considered a forgettable part of our home. This seems strange, because many of us will use them every day of the week. However, if a driveway isn’t in an immediate state of disrepair, it’s often easy to forget we need to maintain it. However, of course, just like any other aspect of our property, diligent care and appreciation should be a must here. Driveway safety should be considered, not only because you interface with this area everyday, but because it’s likely one of the most frequently used and first-trodden markers of your home in the first place.

Become Financially-Savvy One Step At A Time

How well do you manage your money? Being ‘poor with money’ is a common flaw in individuals, but is something that you can fix over time. Whether you have debts to pay, want to increase your savings or simply stop wasteful spending, it’s time to change your ways. A step-by-step approach is the best way to become better with your finances, so take a look at these great ideas for becoming more financially-savvy. 

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Reliability of Consumer Health Digest

You probably heard about Consumer Health Digest as it is one of the most popular websites when it comes to general health information. Thousands of visitors come to the website every day, but in case you are still wondering about the website’s reliability, we are there to answer seven questions you might have on the topic.

Smart Financial Planning in Your 30's

The decision you will make on your 30s will affect you for the rest of your life. So as early as today, make sure you are taking the essential steps to build positive financial habits. Good financial practice helps you build great future for yourself and for your family. Today, we made a list of things you'll need to do to set a solid financial foundation.

10 Ways to be an Even Happier Mom

image: shutterstock Quite simply, being a mom is great! There are so many moments filled with absolute joy that you cherish for the rest of your life; your kids first steps, their first words, the first time they ride a bike, the first time they truly laugh with you. It’s all truly magical. But there are also moments filled with frustration and anger, and that happens to every parent. It doesn’t make you a bad mom to feel like that because it happens to everyone. One way to lessen the impact of those moments is by becoming an even happier mom. There are numerous ways to lift your mood and be more joyous, from not being afraid to ask for help to find the time for a coffee and a chat with a friend. We’ve put together this list of 10 ways to be an even happier mom today.