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Senior Housing Software

What is senior housing software ? Senior housing software gives a lot of benefits. It helps save time, money and effort. These days, more and more people resort to this kind of software to make life easier. A utilized service to support and help to stay competitive. It provides personalized support and exceptional costumer service to help you run through the system and they also provide training for you to easily track the progress. It simply makes it amazing how your iPod touch could be your best tool to a more organized and standard records. Senior housing software here makes it paperless and and gives accurate delivery in real time. They also have a team of professionals to provide best quality care that you deserve. This is a total software solution for your needs.

Malunggay/Moringa Oleifera Leaves Benefits

Back when I was a kid, I hate leafy vegetables. I hardly eat vegetables. It makes me wanna throw up whenever I try to eat any. My parents gave up and stopped forcing me eat the greens and just waited til the day to come that I learn to loved it. I often hear people talking, not eating veggies caused my skinny and pale body. My body is said to be lacking of nutrients from green vegetables.

Guitar Effect Pedals

  To modify the tone, pitch, or sound of an electric guitar, you need to have a secret weapon device called guitar effect pedal. Adds effect that change the way it sounds into a more captivating sound. Guitar effect pedals are also used in Electric keyboards and synthesizers.

Burlap Table Runners

  Any setting appears a lot lovelier if you add some flavor to it. Same thing goes when you add burlap table runner on a plain table setting.  "Burlap table runners mostly serve a decorative purpose." Below are some settings or events you can use burlap table runners.

GRATiAE Beautifying Nail Kit Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.   Nail products never failed to perk up my spirit because I love prettifying my nails and taking care of it. Unfortunately,  I don't have the privilege to hit the nail salon on a regular basis because its hard to balance my time.    So, I don't mind investing on nail and hand products that could make my hands look presentable with or without paint on. However at some point, I am pretty particular about the products that I usually use on my brittle nails.It should be gentle and safe.

My Carpentry Skill

When my hubby was still working overseas, I realized that mommies should also have a little carpentry knowledge. You cannot get help 24/7 when your faucet leaked, furniture or doors locks were broken. In some event, a need to get immediate response is necessary. One situation was when my cabinet's door needed a fix.

Health: Oxycodone Addiction

What is Oxycodone? Oxycodone - Medication.Opioid. Pain killer. A person suffering from pain takes oxycodone to find relief. However, a person taking oxycodone has a tendency to abuse it and suffer from addiction.  How addiction occurs:

My Beauty Products Shopping Made Easy

As most of you have noticed, I am adding a lot of beauty related posts on both of my blogs. That is actually part of one of my goals this year, to get more serious about my skin care and beauty regimen .  Everyday is a crazy day with endless mommy duties and freelance jobs to finish. In other words, I am busier than a bee. So when it comes to shopping for my personal stuff like makeups and beauty products, I most likely resort to trusted online shops.

Absynthe Hair Goddess

  Hair is our crowning glory so we should give it proper care and attention. I take care my hair as much as I do on my skin, I use hair masks and oil to help keep in the moisture after the treatment it gone through. My hair's condition also changes depending on the weather. I also keep trying different hair products to see which brand fits my hair's changing need. Just in time when I received this Absynthe Hair Goddess. I have new products to try for my hair. What really made me so excited to try this Absynthe Hair Goddess shampoo and conditioner are the great reviews I have read about it.

BEGINNERS GUIDE: Tips on Buying Electric Guitar

  Electric Guitar is one of the most common musical instrument people love to learn about. It is one of the most loved hobby until they get old. Your interest for guitars always start when you see someone who is great in doing it. Then you will just find yourself one day seeking all the help you could just to learn how to play. However, a good guitarist needs to have a great guitar. For newbies who plans to buy one, here are few basic guides on buying an electric guitar.

Personal Reflection of a Mom

Children learn and grow their character and values from many places, one of which is their parental examples. How do you think your parental example will be reflected in your children? What will they feel/think/remember most about you?

Health: The Power of Apricot Kernels

  I was browsing through internet and bumped into this forum that discussed benefits of apricot kernels. Apricot Kernels are very nutritious. Aside from that, it's oil is also good for dry and irritated skin as well as aging skin. I also learned that this apricot kernels has become a weapon of those people who have been diagnosed with cancer. It contains high level of B17 helps fight malignant tumors.

Godiva Goodies

  I should have published this post last month but it took me just now to put it up. This is just a post about a prize I received last Christmas. It was during Godiva's Christmas Giveaway. I never thought I was going to be lucky enough to won.  

Sunday Routine Ideas

There is always something that makes the kids so excited about Sunday. Aside from the reason that Sunday is the day their mind and body take a rest from a week of school, it is also a day when they could spend the whole day with family. As parents, do you set a Sunday Routine when you and the kids could bond and do things together? It is the perfect day for all of you to loosen up after a crazy week. 

BEAUTY POST: CoverGirl NatureLuxe The Lightest Foundation Ever

I am bit a stray in wearing foundations lately ever since myself was indulged in BB Creams. For my vanity to doesn't look too messy, I set aside and put in a separate organizer the products that I seldom use like foundations except for this COVER Girl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation. I use this in alternate with my BB Creams. This is also my go to foundation. I remember, I bought this foundation way back 2012 but just started using at the middle part of last year. The main reason I bought it was the endorser is Taylor Swift. Actually, me and my younger sis like her so much. If you are not a fan of heavy foundations, this could be perfect for you. Oops. Enough of the talking, lets proceed to the product review. Product: CoverGirl Natureluxe Liquid Silk Foundation "Luxury touched by Nature."

Translator Jobs Online SCAM

Starting a career at home where you need to provide your own resources and look for a job all over the internet that you could do on a flexible time is never easy. That is why once we got a client, we do everything to fulfill the job with a lot of effort and dedication for the hope that they will hire us again for another project or extend our contracts.

Calcium in a Chewy Chocolate Form

Chocolate formed food supplement, that is CalChews Calcium Soft Chews + Vitamins D & K Food Supplement.  Who else here is having a bit hard time in swallowing capsule or tablet like me? I honestly having a hard time in swallowing capsule or tablet. For some reason, it makes me feel nauseous. Because of that, it sometimes makes me feel lazy taking food supplements. 

10 Reasons Me and Hubby Never Celebrate FEB.14

It's the time of the year again, the day most lovers have been waiting for... the Hearts day. Me and hubby don't actually celebrate valentines days. But we do greet each other. Many have been asking why we never celebrate on Feb.14 that is why I listed 10 main reasons behind it. The past Valentines Days, we just spent the day at home, cook something we both love to eat then watch movies together while enjoying a snack til we both knocked out. At times, the movie is on but we ended up talking about a lot of things like reminiscing the past. We go back to those days when we were both young during our first year together. Isn't it sweet for marriage couples when they laugh about themselves and talk about how they have developed love until to that very moment.

Proper Care for Your Eyes

There are many things that you do on a daily basis to keep your body healthy and strong. There is so much emphasis on it in the media and from your doctor’s office. But what about your eyes? Your eyes are such valuable organs that play a significant role in a full and satisfying life. Without your eyes, your life would be very different than what you know it to be today.

Mouthwash Completes Toothbrushing Routine

I love to eat  fish and have snacks in between meals. That is why it is always important to me to effectively clean my mouth after every meal. I don't want to develop gum disease or suffer from tooth decay. Moreover, I always wanna maintain a fresh breath all day long because it adds up confidence. I actually have tooth brushing technique to further clean my teeth and prevent tooth decay and plaque. 

Health: Slowly Eliminating Fatty Foods

  Hypercholesterolemia can also be hereditary. In my hubby's case, it runs on their family. You might think I am freaking out, oh no. I know there is a high possibility that it may pass on him. However, it's just that I also wanna take charge and shift my family's health to healthy. Health Conscious me?? Some of my friends might laugh at me because they know me as the lady who never controls whatever I take. Whatever is on the slate, doesn't matter if its healthy or not as long as it's clean, I could definitely manage to consume it. It's just lately when I became particular with the amount of calories, cholesterol and fats we take. I have noticed, we were not careful with what we eat.

Shiseido: My Fave Morning Moisturizer

One of my most favorite skin care products is this Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer. This moisturizer is included in my morning skin care routine since it is obviously made for daytime because it has SPF15. I received this last year but it was just last month when I started using it.

Choking Toddler

  My son was choked last night while we were having dinner. He is turning 2 on July and his tooth were almost complete so his pedia already allowed us to give him any foods that he could chew. The last thing I remember, he was chewing a sandwich which his older brother gave him. I knew he is good at eating sandwiches since I always prepare him sandwich for snack and sometimes for breakfast. I just saw him wide eyed while his mouth opened and was making choking sounds.