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Finding Personal Space in Your Personal Space

Owning a home is a truly magical experience. You are in control of the design and functionality; you get to turn it into your own little space in the World. There are endless projects to spruce up your living quarters but one thing remains when you’re living with others: sometimes you need personal space. Living with a spouse, and/or with children, relatives, and the like, further solidifies the feeling of a home but there are times when you need to be on your own whether it’s to do work or to simply take a mental break from the others. Since you are all living in the same space it can be hard to disconnect once you’ve settled on a design and the function of the rooms. There are ways to add personal space to your personal space, though. Haul

One of the happy mails I received this month is a package from Notino.  Just last month, I introduced this beauty online shop called Beautyspin. Just this month, Beautyspin has changed its name to Notino. Notino offers wide range of beauty products and authentic perfumes. I opt to pick a celebrity signatured perfume which I haven't tried before, a skincare product, and a face powder. So, I ended up with these three products in my cart: Truth or Dare by Madonna Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Garnier Wrinkle Corrector The delivery is fast, no hassle happened during payment until delivery.  Go check out and find awesome beauty products to try!

5 Ways Accents Can Change the Look of a Living Room

The living room is the epicenter of most homes. It’s where you congregate with family, entertain guests and relax after a long day of work. It’s a room where you want to feel comfortable but also show off your personal style. Even though living rooms tend to be large spaces, often all it takes is one or two small changes to make a noticeable difference. Here are five ways accents can completely change the look of a living room.

Holiday Gift Ideas for WAHMS

Well if you have a work at home mom family member or friends and you are still on the hunt of that perfect present for the holiday season, I got a list of gift ideas you might consider. These gift ideas are perfect for Christmas season or even on birthdays and or other occasions.

Top 5 Tips for Making Your Living Room a Little Less Blah

Believe it or not, though many designers go to school to create the magic they bring to your home, they don’t honestly have magic that they bring to the table. In reality, we all have that creative streak somewhere deep within us; we just need to pull it out and brush if off to get a little creative decorating of our own done. If the rooms in your home are looking more than a little blah these days, you don’t have to wait until you can afford a decorator to take care of sprucing it up for you. Read on below for a few of the top tips for making your home a little less dull this year

Shipping Cart Ph Review

It was mid this year when I found out about Shipping Cart ph. Shipping cart ph is a  fast, reliable, and cost-effective shipping service to get goods you want from the U.S. to your Philippines address. All you need to do is sign up for a new account and provide all the necessary information. They will provide you with a US address. Use your Shipping Cart address as your delivery address when you checkout from any U.S. online store.

What's Inside My Bliss Planner 2017!

I can already tell as early as now that my 2017 is gonna be a very busy year. I am 36 weeks pregnant and I am due this month. My days are too busy being a freelancer, mommy and wife. I won't ever complain, I am happy that my existence to the world is filled with rewarding positions.

Ways to Assist your Child in Excelling in Sports

Assist your Child in Excelling in Sports Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibilities. There are sure to be things that you will want to help your child do, and one of these may involve being active. The benefits of getting your child involved in sports are numerous and can assist in allowing your kid to get in a daily amount of exercise. In fact, studies show that nine out of ten kids think sports help teach good things. However, it may require some work on your part to help your child make a strong commitment to doing so. By being aware of things you can do as the parent that will enable your child to excel in sports, this can be ideal for you both going forward.

Hassle-Free Christmas Shopping Tips

Everyone is excited for the holidays. It is one of the busiest time of the year for everyone. One of the most challenging part is the Christmas Shopping. Christmas shopping is overwhelming but of course smart shopping is always a must. 

Wear Celebrity Dresses @Xdressy

When it comes to fashion, mostly celebrity worn pieces are those most in demand in the market since celebrities are known as trend setters. From casual clothes to the red carpet dresses, celebrity fashion has a huge influence to public. As an ordinary person, most of us take inspiration from the Hollywood stars with their fashion influence. You feel as great wearing the same dress. Sadly, not all these stylish and fashionable piece is an easy find! 

NOVUHAIR HEAD BAGS AGORA AWARD President and CEO Wins in the Individual Category of the 37th Agora Awards #pressrelease

Quezon City, Philippines – Nutramedica, Inc. President and CEO Sheila Mae Velilla bagged the Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship – Medium Scale at the recently concluded 37th Agora Awards.  Nutramedica is a homegrown 100% wholly-owned Filipino enterprise that manufactures and distributes Novuhair, an acclaimed line of products that addresses hair loss. 

Bye to Baldness, Hair Replacement System is the Best Solution

It can be hereditary, malnutrition, major medical surgery, iron deficiency, stress or child birth which causes hair loss. For men and women, hair loss can bring huge impact to daily lives. It can result to low level of self confidence and there are a lot of things you can no longer enjoy.

Essential Tips Every Mummy Blogger Needs

Credit Lots of new mums are now turning to blogging. It’s a great hobby that will help you to keep all your friends and relatives up to date with all of the goings on in your new family. Not only that, though, but you could also earn a bit of extra cash from your blog as well!

Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

As the bride's maid of honor, it is one of the primary tasks to help shop for dresses. And of course, there are key factors in your decision to choose the best bridesmaid dress perfect for the occasion! Here lets emphasize on how you can look your best wearing the perfect bridesmaid dress.

Hair Loss After Pregnancy: Is it Normal?

Your body went through a lot of changes while you were pregnant, and now that you have given birth, you may notice that other things have changed too. One of the changes that women experience during and after pregnancy has to do with their hair. But is hair loss after pregnancy normal? Keep reading to learn more so you can get the answers you need. 

Tips for Taking Care of Your Aging Parents

Your parents likely took care of you growing up, so it's natural to want to be the one to take care of them when they need the additional help. Taking care of an aging parent can be emotionally and physically demanding and can also be quite time-consuming. Being the one to take care of them can also be a very rewarding experience. If you're on the fence about giving up some of your time to aid your aging parents, first you're going to need to understand what a caregiver actually does.

Accessorizing Your Bridal Attire with Diamonds

One of the most exciting parts for brides to be is picking out that perfect bridal gown to wear. But as much time is put into the selection of the gown, should also be put into accessories. Accessories will help to tie the look together, set the tone, and add dazzle. Of course one of the most universal accessories to pair with your bridal attire is diamonds.  Places such as excel in offering a wide selection of diamonds in different settings, sizes, and shapes. You'll be able to customize your look and create something  truly luxurious and elegant. Here we'll take a look at the common accessories you can use to pair with your bridal attire. 

4 Must-Know Tips When Purchasing Blooms Online

There is no other convenient way to buy flowers than online. Whether you plan to purchase a bouquet of blooms for a major event or your special someone, placing your order online will still be the easiest and most advantageous way to buy one. By doing so, you will be able to save time and prevent any hassles of going to a physical shop. Since there are tons of online flower shops these days, finding a reliable florist can be a challenge. All you have to do is to verify the website first and seek recommendations from your family or friends. More so, be sure that the floral provider you are going to deal with is trustworthy enough by asking some relevant questions.

The Importance of Dental Care During Pregnancy

Caring for children’s teeth begins during pregnancy Did you know that caring for your children’s teeth begins before they are even born? Learn more about the importance of oral care during pregnancy. Alpharetta, GA – There are so many things to think about and check off during your pregnancy. Did you know that caring for your unborn baby’s teeth should be one of them? “It may sound strange, but during your pregnancy, you can set the stage for the health of your child’s teeth,” says pediatric dentist Dr. Nanna Ariaban. “Throughout the nine months of your pregnancy is it more important than ever to ensure a good dental hygiene routine and to keep regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist. To make sure your mouth is healthy, schedule the first checkup once you learn you are pregnant, and another one for six months into the pregnancy.”

Lazada launches 11.11 with More than 1M Deals! #PressRelease

Top brands and amazing deals for your Christmas shopping The biggest online shopping event in Southeast Asia kicks off on November 11, 2016 with the participation of more than 12,500 local and international brands and 6,000 merchants. This month-long shopping event is Lazada’s fifth Online Revolution since its launch in 2012.   This year’s theme is ‘Brands for All,’ putting customers’ favorite brands in the spotlight. Customers can expect jaw-dropping, well-curated offers, and exclusive launches of branded items.

Going on a Fun Family Vacation to Sabang, Palawan

It's always fun to travel with your loved ones. Traveling together in the Philippines with your family is one best method to release stress of work and school. This is the best time to relax, connect and make good memories with your family. Deciding upon a place to go when you have the chance to travel can often be overwhelming. But a place where there are fun activities and interesting sights for the whole family to enjoy should be among the primary considerations when planning your vacation. You can easily find good family-friendly hotels through online booking sites such as Traveloka Philippines , and they occasionally have promos, too, saving you money that you can spend on activities.  Photo by Aleah Taboclaon   

6 Signs Your Baby is Seriously Ill

Babies and young children get sick more often than older kids and adults because their underdeveloped immune system can't fight off infection. As a result, you can't afford to waste time if you think your baby has more than a minor viral infection. Babies can get dehydrated very quickly and go downhill fast, so watch out for these six signs your baby needs urgent care in San Jose - and act fast if you spot any of them.

Ready for a New Mattress? How to Tell When It’s Time to Buy

Buying a new mattress isn’t exactly like buying a t-shirt or new pair of jeans. In fact, getting a new mattress can be a major purchase that’s on-par with a used car for many people. That’s why making sure you get the right thing is so important. Unfortunately, many people put off getting a new mattress because of the cost associated. While mattresses can definitely be expensive, your sleep plays a major role in the quality of your day-to-day life. Without adequate sleep, your work and personal life will suffer.

Finally, A Baby Girl!

Up until now, I still can't contain the happiness after we found out (2 weeks ago) that the new addition in our family is a healthy baby girl! I was floating in happiness and excitement that I don't know how to start. My two boys shares the same level of excitement with me, they just can't wait to see baby Sidney Rein to come out. I am due next month, December 28 but my OB is pretty sure she will come out before Christmas Day.

What to Look For This Holiday Season: Teenage Gift Ideas

The leaves are changing; snow is about to fall and everyone’s favorite holiday is inching closer. For some, this is not a big deal but for others, it is a time to fret and agonize over what to get everyone for Christmas. Finding the perfect gift can be a hassle especially for those that have teenagers. They can be some of the pickiest people on the planet and it is sometimes extremely difficult to find the perfect gift for them. As long as you pay close attention to details in your life you will not have as much trouble as you think you will.

5 Tips for Pedestrian Safety on Halloween

  The risk of a pedestrian fatality on Halloween increases by four times, according to AAA Michigan. This statistic makes Halloween one of the deadliest nights of the year for child pedestrians. But if those on foot and behind the wheel follow some essential rules for pedestrian safety on Halloween, car accidents involving pedestrians are completely avoidable.

Why Your Child Should See an Orthodontist by Age 7

Parents often wonder if their child really needs to see an orthodontist by the age of 7. To ensure the best results, the answer is yes. San Diego, CA – The American Association of Orthodontist recommends that children see an orthodontist for the first time at the age of seven. Many parents may think this is young, but it is actually the best time to set your child up for success.

Is Running a Car Affordable for a Young Driver?

Most kids are super keen to learn to drive as soon as they are old enough to take lessons. Passing the theory test is the first stage in the process, which is difficult, but not impossible if they have a go at a few mock tests on first. Once your teenager has passed his or her theory test, they can apply for the practical driving test and – hopefully – score a pass.

Plasmacluster Ion Technology Proven to Decrease Risk of Tuberculosis Infection

Press Release   Manila, Philippines—Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that mostly affects the lung area. Its person-to-person spread can be attributed to whenever an infected person coughs, sneezes, spits, or even talks, and subsequently transfers microscopic saliva droplets to the air where they can be inhaled by anyone nearby.

Plant Foods: Great Sources of Calcium, Protein and Fat

You’ve probably got two major health concerns on your mind: getting enough protein and calcium while cutting down on harmful fat. With cleverly placed advertising touting this food or that food, it’s hard to sort through all the noise to obtain the right information. However, your best bet is to seek plant-based sources for both, and at the same time you’ll increase the good fats in your diet while reducing or eliminating the less healthy versions.

Younger Looking Skin? Pond's Age Miracle Cream #Review

Pond's is one of the most popular skincare product I know effective in making skin beautiful. Aside from its effectiveness, the price is very reasonable and easily available in nearest groceries and drugstores.

Get Well Arsenal in this Rainy Season: Zenutrients Balm

Colds and flu is very common during rainy season, so I always make sure I am equipped with the best get well products we need.  We can usually feel when cold is about to take place, it starts in your head. Even we don't want it, the cold weather triggers cough, colds and sinusitis. In times like this, I always make sure I am ready.  In my family, once I notice sudden change in voice that may lead to throat infection,sneezing or a mild cough, I already take steps to prevent from getting worse. I have all the things I need in my home so we can feel better right away. I give doctor-prescribed meds, calamansi and lemon juice, and Zenutrients Balm.

The Ultimate Guide To Staying Motivated In Fitness

When it comes to staying motivated in fitness, most people tend to struggle. Things go smoothly for a week, or a few weeks. In some cases, they even go smoothly for a few months. Then something happens and we go off the rails. We’ve all been there! Maybe you don’t think you’re getting results quick enough. Maybe you’ve been on that holiday you were focused on, and now you don’t have much of a reason to continue working out and eating right. Don’t panic. Here’s the ultimate guide to staying motivated in fitness:

Staying Safe During a Home Invasion

While the idea of a stranger entering a house to burglarize or cause deliberate harm to its inhabitants is terrifying, there are some steps that can be taken to ensure that every family member escapes the situation unharmed. Alarm systems, non-violent defensive measures and other methods may be useful to families or individuals who come home or awaken to someone unlawfully entering their house. 

Diet Tips That Can Really Boost Your Health And Fitness

These days, most people are keen on following a healthy diet. We all know the multiple benefits of doing so, including better fitness and overall health. However, some people’s diet may not be as healthy as they may think it is. Not sure if you are giving your body all the good stuff it needs? Here are some amazing diet tips that can really boost your health and fitness. Picture: Pexels

The Top Ways to Add Wheatgrass to Your Diet

Wheatgrass is a plant which has long been used as part of diets in order to improve health and well being. Wheatgrass has a range of nutritional benefits, and is a very rich source of a range of vitamins including Vitamin A, C, E and K. Along with that, wheatgrass is also very high in a range of other essential nutrients such as amino acids, magnesium, calcium, copper, and zinc. Consuming wheatgrass regularly can have a range of positive effects on your health, including better maintenance of blood pressure and weight, improved skin condition, more energy, and better hair and nails to name just a few. Wheatgrass is also hugely effective for riding the body of toxins and infections, which can help you feel healthier overall and improve your immune system. But, how do you include wheatgrass in your diet? We've listed some of the best ways.

Cusina Natural Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid #ProductReview

Using all-natural products gives me peace of mind. Knowing that the product has no harsh chemicals and non-toxic, I am 100% at ease because I only want what's safe for my family. 

Save Money with a Binary Options Brokers Bonus

Would you like to learn the way how to trade in binary possibilities, or are you looking to realize how binary possibilities trading work? Then you've definitely landed on the right page. Binary options are probably among the simplest and fastest-to-learn kinds of trading. Binary options assets may be used the exact same way like Forex Trading. However, there are certain facts that you need to know about the former and its difference from the latter.

Does Orthodontic Treatment Hurt?

An experienced orthodontist explains discomfort associated with braces Many patients wonder if orthodontic treatment will hurt - a La Habra/Chino Hills orthodontist answers that question.

Pay It Easy on Installment

There are few things more frustrating than wanting to buy something that is much needed and not having enough money to purchase it. Sometimes it is because you desperately need something to replace an item that has broken or simply become worn out. Other times, it is because you have been wanting something for a very long time and it is time that you congratulate yourself for a major accomplishment or for a job well done by making that purchase. Fortunately, you can have what you want without spending all of your money and you can get it by using pay monthly credit catalogues . 

Handbag Online Shopping

Have you heard about I am pretty sure those who loves online shopping are familiar with already. However, for the benefit of others, is an online shopping website which caters to Philippine residents in finding the best product in the most affordable price. This E-commerce website features wide range of household, electronic, beauty, and fashion items. Everything you need is here, they even sell home essentials, cleaning supplies, musical instruments, large and small appliances and a lot more. It commits to its promise of providing convenient, affordable prices and secured transaction.

Tips on How to Organize Household Chores

Sometimes it feels like a never ending house chores, most especially if there are kids around. Doing daily household chores is tiring, but having it all done relieves you of more stressful circumstances. Household chores never end however you don't need to do everything every day. Here are ways to help you on how to handle your daily household chores.

How to Take Care of Your Health While Pregnant

During pregnancy, you need to be very watchful in regards to health. Because whatever you take will affect the developing baby inside you. When you are pregnant, sometimes you feel a little weaker because you cannot function the same way before since you need to be careful in everything you do to avoid miscarriage. Don't get us wrong, nothing is to be scared of when it comes to pregnancy. You just need to be aware how to take proper care of your body and health. Here are couple of ways you can do to make sure you are doing the right thing during pregnancy.

Ready To Be A Mother? 4 Important Things To Figure Out Before You Take The Next Step!

Image link If you believe that you are ready, or will soon be ready, to be a mother, you are sure to be filled with all sorts of emotions! However, even as that joy, excitement and anticipation whirs around you? You must find space for some important questions. Some of them might be boring, and others might be difficult to answer. But being able to answer each of the following four questions confidently is key to truly being ready for motherhood.

Don't Break the Bank: Renovations on a Budget

When most people think about renovating their home, the first they probably imagine is a dwindling savings account. Home repairs and renovations can be expensive when you pay out of pocket, but on the flip side of the coin, they can improve the value of your home. Choosing the right renovations and being smart about how you complete a project are both important. Keep reading to learn more about how you can get the renovations you want without breaking the bank and maxing out your credit cards in the process.

My Kids Are Back to Nutri10 Plus

I am bringing my kids back to Nutri10 Plus. Earlier this year, I thought to try different food supplements for my two boys which we tried for several months. This switch has resulted to weaker body system for both of them.

Working with Triangle Direct Media

This blog site has been around for more than three years, and I am so proud of that! For the last three years, I have been working with many different brands and companies already. However,  just like other bloggers, I also had my fair share of bad experiences when it comes to blogging.

5 Useful Tips to Help your Baby Nap

When you first become a parent, you are so excited for your baby that for one moment you forget how much responsibility you have on your shoulders. As baby begins to become older, you start to face new issues and problems every day. Along the other issues you have with your baby, one of the most annoying ones is when he/she can't sleep or wakes up often during the night, which makes it a total nightmare, especially when you need to sleep and rest.

Get More Involved With Your Kids School Activities With These Fun Ideas

Kids can be so active at times. Most good schools hold dozens of different extracurricular clubs. Science club, soccer club, theater club and baseball are some of the most popular. Many are held during the lunch break, but most are attended after class hours in the late afternoon. If you’re not busy working, why not try to get more involved in some of them? Most schools welcome volunteers, especially parents. You may be able to spend more quality time with your kids, and even bolster your resume. Here are just some of the fun ways you can get more involved with the school:

Fun Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Weekend

Weekend is the relax and bonding time of the family. But when it is raining, we cannot be anywhere but at home. Home is always the safest place when the road is wet. Some may find the day boring but with this list, you can kill the boredom and have an enjoyable yet productive weekend. 

Power Gel Ariel in Sunrise Fresh Review

Power Gel Ariel in Sunrise Fresh was on sale for 50% last week and a frugal mom could not pass that chance up. If I am not mistaken, the Power Gel variant is introduced in the market earlier this year. 

Save on Movie Tickets with Groupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. It has always been a very busy week with hubby and me working and the kids busy in different activities. Work is getting more and more demanding every week. That is why it has always been a goal to have a fun filled weekend, just to shake off the stress and spend quality time with the kids. And sometimes, the only way to unwind after a long week is a family date on a weekend.

Birthday Month Wishlist Featuring

You guys know how I love online shopping, not only because I can get to take advantage of the convenience but also because of the great deals I couldn't missed and of course I always have all the time to carefully decide my purchases. Just recently, I discovered a website called Beauty Spin . Beauty Spin is your go-to online shop if you are into wide range of beauty products.

DIY: Simple Cork Board Idea

My working area has always been a work in progress. I am always open for improvement so I am trying my best to come up with something that can atleast kinda add a bit of my personality to it every now and then

#DIY: Simple Happy Birthday Banner

Today, I will be doing another DIY project. My son will be having his 4th Birthday Celebration so I thought to just DIY a simple Happy Birthday banner. I use Microsoft Excel to create drafts for my letters since Excel has easier options to adjust size of the letter box and even the letter itself

Organic Products and More: My Online Shopping Experience at BeautyMNL

These days, online shopping has become more and more popular that different people from all walks of life patronize the convenience it conveys in their daily lives. I have been at online shopping for many years already but I only have few trusted online shopping sites. I always check the legitimacy and feedbacks of the previous shoppers before I go ahead and place orders.

Jollibee's Kiddie Chef Workshop #ILoveYouSabado

Both my kids got invite for Jollibee's Kiddie Chef Workshop last Saturday. They were so excited most especially my grade schooler since he did not made it last year. While my 3 yo has always been adrenalized to the thought of meeting the Jollibee mascot. We, parents can relate to the eagerness to see mascots because we were kids once!

Five Tasty Veggie Juice Recipes

When it comes to nutritional juices, a lot of people focus on fruits rather than vegetables. It makes sense, in a way, mostly because we’re used to drinking fruit juices (orange juice, apple juice, strawberry juice, or any other combination), as well as the fact that they’re mostly sweet.

Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner #Review #Palmolivemagaansofthair

Just last week, Sample Room sent me this Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Palmolive Naturals conditioner. I remember myself using Palmolive Shampoo in pink way back in highschool and I remember how I was loving it because of the fruity smell which lingers in my hair all day long! While the Palmolive Naturals Conditioner is new to me because I don't even remember I see one in groceries. 

#‎LetInTheGoodness‬ #‎GetReal‬ with @arla_ph

During the Blogapalooza event, one of the brands I first heard of. Arla offers Cheese Slice, Cheesy Spread, and All Natural Milk to make your breakfast and snacks more enjoyable. They are generous that I was given a bottle of Arla to bring home. How sweet of them for letting me try this and share with my family.

12 Do’s & Don’ts For Being A Little Healthier

When it comes to our health, a lot of us aren’t as healthy as we would like to think. We all know how important it is to be healthy, and yet, it’s not something that we make sure to put first. The key to success, when it comes to healthy eating, is being clear on what you should and shouldn’t do. Surprisingly, it’s not just about eating the right foods, being healthier is also about planning and motivation. Photo source The good news is that despite what you might have heard, giving your lifestyle a health boost doesn’t have to mean overhauling it completely. It’s just a case of making a few small lifestyle changes. From swapping from shop bought sauces to homemade ones, to taking more time out to relax, small changes are all it takes. For all the best tweaks to become that little bit healthier, as well as a list of things not to do, keep reading.

#Dessert Recipe: Buko Pandan

One of the most requested dessert especially during summer season is Buko Pandan. What makes it in demand in my family, it is very easy to prepare and tastes deliciously good.

Make a Statement at the Beach with Waist High Swimwear

The summer is a great time to go to swimming. It's hot and we all want to cool off at the beach or poolside. Finding the right outfit for the beach can be hard for most people. For those of us with curvier body shapes, it can be even more difficult to find great swimwear. Many stores don't carry plus size swimwear because they simply don’t feel the need to cater to the plus-size demographic. This is of course ridiculous since the average waist size in the United States is a 12. This doesn't have to stop you from finding clothes made just for you if you are on the curvier side. Fashionable waist high swimwear is just a click or swipe away thanks to online retailers. You can buy any swimwear for all body types.