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Memory Crafters – DIY Party Workshop (Paper Cutting)

  Calling all DIY lovers out there! I know most moms love DIY, well then here is another workshop you don't want to miss. Join Memory Crafters for another crafts and arts workshop focusing on Paper Cutting.  This will be on May 17, 2014 at Cravings, 5/L Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City. It will be from 2-5PM. Fee includes snacks and materials.

Movie Stars Cafe: The Best Family Restaurant

Me and my kids hardly get a chance to go out with my everdearest mom. She was away for few weeks and were all glad that she's back home. When I was invited to dine-in at Movie Stars Cafe, I thought this could be a perfect chance to bond with her so I grabbed the chance and took the kids with us. Movie Stars Cafe is located along Sea Side Blvd. in Mall of Asia. It is a movie-themed restaurant perfect for the whole family. 

My First Purchase from Lazada: Agfa Precisa 1430 for My Son

And because my son made it again to the honors, I asked him what he prefers to receive as a gift from me and his Papa.  We better ask him because he really tell what he likes. That way, its sure that he will get to enjoy whatever it is that we gave him.  'DIGITAL CAMERA!,' he exclaimed with full of conviction. My husb and laughed off, 'Are you serious?' He turned to me, 'Why in all sudden he chose  to receive a digicam over android tablet or gaming console?'

Lagundex for Coughs and Colds + Giveaway! -closed-

As parents we always want the best for our kids and we do everything just to make sure they are in their best condition. However, there are still instances that we don't have any control of.  Whenever any of my sons got sick, I worry a lot. I am like a spinning top looking for the bestest way to make them feel better. 

Low Budget Meals: Sinigang na Sardinas

We thought of experimenting on low budget meals. So for breakfast, I thought of preparing a budget-friendly Sinigang na Sardinas. I have seen this recipe from a youtube video few months back and just today when I thought of trying to prepare it myself. A meal below Php100.00

DIY: Clutter Organizer Using Recycled Boxes

With three boys, our house can never be clutter-free for more than an hour. I am pretty sure most moms could relate on that. I was cleaning our messy room yesterday and had collected a lot of litter, dried-out nail polishes, scrap and useless boxes. It pop up in mind why not make those pieces useful again. And since I have been meaning to do DIY projects with my son, I took a crack. Recycling is one of the best way to reduce garbage and clutter at home. 

Choosing Wedding Rings

Many couples are set to tie a knot in June. So as early as April, everything from the receptions, gowns, suits and invitations should be properly planned. It's better to make early reservations to save you from hassles. 

My All-Natural Skin Whitener Bathe Essentials

Road testing a product to find out if you are both compatible or not really takes time. It disappoints me if it didnt worked after so many weeks of using while I am so pleased when I am able to find products that really work for me. One of the skin care brands which I really love is Godiva.  Yes,  I am always a fan of Natural skincare products.  I love Godiva n ot only because of it's natural ingredients but also it is proven effective with continued use.

Must-Have Summer Foundation: CoverGirl Whipped Creme Foundation Review

I was so impressed with my goto foundation, CoverGirl Natureluxe  ( read review here ) that I decided to try another Covergirl foundation. Since it's summer, I like a foundation that is perfect on a humid weather. Something that won't melt down right away and it should have a matte finish. This time, I toss coin for CoverGirl Whipped Creme Foundation.  Mall price: Around Php500.00

Congratulations Son!

I don't know how I neglected to publish this post. I guess that is how busy I am lately. I have been bombarded with a lot of activities that I failed to notice a lot of things. Nonetheless, I am forever a proud parent to my sons. Both of them growing up like how me and husband wanted them to become. They never fail to give us something to smile about every moment each day.

Holy Week 2014

Here in my hubby's hometown, Catholics have a yearly ritual which is part of their devotion to their Creator during Holy Week. It is also yearly that I get to witness their Holy Week devotion. 

My Zalora Shopping Experience

This is actually my second time shopping at Zalora. And again, it was a smooth transaction. I feel so lucky enough to have acquired a FREE voucher from ZaloraPh after a collaboration here in my blog which I used to spend shopping. Ofcourse since I love shoes, I spent it all on footwear items. Forgive me I chose not to resist the urge. *guilty smile* 

3M and GoodHousekeeping DIY Event @SM Megamall

Last Sunday afternoon, I got the chance to attend the ' Get Hooked on D.I.Y ' event held in SM Megamall Building A. I feel grateful to be one of the  mommy bloggers who received an invite for the said event. 3M Philippines in partnership with Good Housekeeping Philippines, have invited space and design experts to educate participants with solutions to tackle current home space and design dilemmas. It is really the most exciting home improvement gathering for moms like me and even to those who are so concerned about home improvement and DIY topics. 

I Got a Beauty Loot Bag from BeautyBookPh

Two days ago, I received a package from BeautyBookPh. They are sending out FREE loot bags to everyone who signed up to their website. BeautyBookPh is a website where they feature different beauty posts including skincare and makeup tips and tutorials If you haven't signed up yet, you can do here (no longer available).  You need to confirm your membership to be able to qualify for the loot bag. Curious about what are the items I got?

Kiddie Easter Project

  I was wondering why my son asked for some egg shells. It never registered to me that he will make an Easter project. It's probably because this is the very first time he will do an activity of egg painting for the Easter.

Happy 1st Blog Anniversary + INTL. #Giveaway! *closed*

  It's been a year of sharing with you the things that inspire me and keep me going. To be honest, I never thought I will make it to a year of blogging. I was not that so serious when I started this blog. Until after few months, I learned to enjoy what I do and it has become my outlet to express things and share different topics with my readers. I can get to interact with my readers and I am glad to receive a good feedback with the high page views I receive each day. I have to admit it, my English grammar is not that good that is why I am pleased that there are people who spends time flipping pages of my blog.   It's a milestone for me and I am very excited to give you good news. I know most of blog readers love giveaways just like me! So, I am celebrating my first year Blog Anniversary with a giveaway. YeeeY!

My Regular Skin Care Routine Using Godiva Natural Skin Care

Part of my skincare routine that I never skip on doing everyday is cleanse, tone and moisturize. I always make sure to do this twice a day. To achieve a good and healthy looking skin, this routine is a must. I actually have regular products which I use for few months when I received a set of skin care products from Godiva. And s ince I have been so curious to try Godiva's facial wash, toner and facial cream, I used it straightaway! I wanna know how this products can help improve my skin's current condition. My Skin Needs Help!! My current skin condition is a bit upsetting. Summer gets my face all oily and makes annoying blisters and zits appear here, there and everywhere! Oh golly please please be good to me, summer! How can I enjoy Summer when you are making my face miserable, huhu. Its like my skin absorbs all the humid even I stay all day long inside my bedroom. I need skin care products that could help me survive the summer months.

Fiametta's Bella Dolce Matte Lipsticks Review

A girl's makeup is never complete without any lip product on. I remember, I was in 4th year high school when I started using lipstick. I was too conscious about my upper lip, which is noticeably darker and only lipsticks can cover it up. That is how my love for lipsticks commenced. Just in time that I am looking to try new brands of matte lipsticks when   Fiametta sent me two of their new best selling Bella Dolce Matte Lipsticks in the shades Like Kim and Like Taylor. Yehey! 

Beauty Junkee Giveaway!

One of my favorite blogger is celebrating her 5th anniversary with a huuuge #giveaway. Ever wonder who  she is? Ms.Martha of The Beauty Junkee. I really love her blog. I make sure to be updated on her blog posts because her posts are really informative and very inspiring. I love that I always learn somethin new from each of her posts. Most especially on her beauty posts which are very helpful to a late bloomer mom like me. Great prizes await for those who will join her ULTRA SUPER MEGA GIVEAWAY. Please click Here to join. 

Mustela Products Review

  I can say that I am a meticulous mom when it comes to choosing on what kind of products to use for my kids  since their skin are quite sensitive, prone to allergies and easily reacts to any product that has harsh chemicals.  I always make sure my kids get enough care they deserve also by using products that are made especially for kids and babies' delicate skin. One of my tested, trusted and recommended brand is Mustela. Mustela products are not only for babies but also for toddlers and even for preschoolers. 

Residual/Online Income for 2013

It has been 12 months since I started my venture as a WAHM. I had a lot of ups and downs but I am glad I surpassed a year of challenge and enjoyment. CHALLENGE because working at home is never easy for a mom like me with two kids, however I still managed to cope with it for the sake of my family. Just learn to follow the flow if you cannot control it.  ENJOYMENT because I get to earn while at home. Who never enjoys being your own boss. I can get to enjoy my kids and my work all at the same time.  I remember, I started this blog to help moms like me to gather ideas on different ways o how to earn online. If you have all the resources like computer and internet connection, why not make it profitable. How does an additional income sounds?

Dream Kitchen

I love visiting different pages and websites to look for recipe ideas. I am actually trying my best to learn more recipes for my family. I am slowly learning, I have made several recipes which I will also share here on my blog soon. I need to learn more about food presentation first, lol. Internet is a big help for me  especially when the food looks tempting, it makes me drool and prepare  it as well. I am so glad that I finally realized that I needed to learn the moves in the kitchen, haha. Before, I don't even know how to slice veggies and I was quite unfamiliar with kitchen tools. Please don't think I came from a luxurious life because I did not. I just happened to exposed myself at work in a very early age that all that I wanted to do while growing up is to make ways on how to earn moolah. to help support myself on school expenses. That has made me no time to sit on the kitchen and help my mom do the cooking. Okay, is that really an excuse? lol. Please be considerate.*