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3 Ways To Pull Creativity From The Children

Children are sponges. You’ll hear this phrase a lot as a parent, that children are little sponges that soak up as much information as possible and remember almost everything they learn. As parents, we have to maximise this ability to retain knowledge as much as possible and harness as much creativity as we can from children, while they’re still happy to be creative. Image Source

How to Cope When Your Child is Diagnosed with Cancer

As a parent, watching your child become ill with anything is hard. You feel helpless and would do anything to take away their pain. So, what do you do when your child is diagnosed with what every parent fears most: cancer? Nobody is ever going to dispute it, it is going to be hard, really hard. But with support along the way, understanding the conditions and treatments, coping with the diagnosis and dealing with financial issues can get a little easier. You will never be alone; there are healthcare professionals, charities and groups out there for anything you need.

#Paknapak Baon Recipe: Uni-Pak Mackerel Sandwich + GIVEAWAY!

Your Parent Has Alzheimer's: What Happens Next?

(Photo: ) I had a look through my old posts earlier today, and I saw one that focused on why it’s important to look after your parent's health as well as your children’s. This reminded me of a health topic I think is very important and needs to be discussed. As the title suggests, I’m talking about Alzheimer's. Or, more specifically, what happens if your parent develops this disease.

The Essential List Of Healthy Ingredients You Need In Your Kitchen

We’ve all been given diet advice many times before, and that’s not what this article is. I’m not about to introduce you to some new ideas on dieting and eating healthy. Instead, I want to talk about certain healthy ingredients you should always have in your cupboards or in your fridge at home. They serve so many purposes and will always help you stay healthy! (Photo source: ) Coconut Oil When you hear the word ‘oil,' you don’t think of something very healthy. We’re led to believe oils are bad for us and should be avoided. This is partially true as a lot of oil can be calorific. However, coconut oil is fairly low-calorie, and incredibly healthy too. In provides you with the good fats you get from other oils but has many other health benefits too. It can help improve your hair health and give you lovely locks, as well as being great for your skin too. So, having some in your cupboard will come in handy for many scenarios.

Scrapbooking 101: A Craft For The Whole Family

Getting stuck into crafts together as a family is beneficial for just about everybody. Not only do you get to enjoy some quality time together, you all develop your artistic skills and end up with something beautiful that you can treasure forever. If you’ve ever thought about creating a family scrapbook, you’ve come to the right place. Scrapbooking can be immensely rewarding and help your family to keep all of the little trinkets and memories that you’ve picked up on your adventures. You can use it to display pictures, ticket stubs, sweet wrappers, pressed flowers, and just about anything else you think you might want to look back on together. Let’s talk about how your family can start creating a scrapbook: Picture

3 Reasons to Install a Smart Thermostat

If you live in a climate where you are constantly relying on your heat and AC, your thermostat can be your best friend or worst enemy. It can take years to figure out the perfect settings that will keep your home comfy without wasting energy. Smart thermostats take away some of the guesswork and have a number of benefits that you will love. Here are three reasons to install smart thermostats. Control Your Thermostat From Anywhere image via  Flickr  by Jeff Wilcox

How To Keep Healthy On A Budget

Image Source Keeping healthy in this day and age can be hard. We all lead very busy lives and have very tight budgets, which means that we often end up buying things that are easiest and cheapest to cook but actually turn out to be bad for us! Ready made meals may seem good at the time but they can be bad for your body. To the untrained eye it’s hard to find things that are good for you, but if you carry on reading you’ll not have to worry about it!

Small Changes That Can Massively Improve Your Health

Picture Source We’ll all bombarded with information on a daily basis about what we should be doing to make ourselves healthier. It’s so confusing and overwhelming, though, because a lot of the information seems to conflict with other pieces of advice. We’re told that we shouldn’t eat too much but we should eat a lot of the right things. However, people seem to disagree on what the “right things” to eat are. It all depends on the individual, at the end of the day. Here are some small changes that are universally applicable to all humans and can massively improve your health.

K-Beauty Shopping @AltheaKorea

Online shopping is one of my most fave things to do. And whenever my mind and body is fraught with stress and feel tired, online shopping becomes therapeutic, hubby says I sound rational, lol. Myself entails a retail therapy, I deserve a threat for working soo incredibly hard, good mommies need that! grins. At the top of my list that I love to get online are skincare and makeup products. I always explore for different online shops to try but the highest level of inquisitiveness goes to Althea Korea! So I did a little research and decided to fill up the shopping cart.  

New School, New Rules: Helping Your Child Transition

Changing schools can be frightening for any child. They might be changing because they're transitioning between school levels, such as from elementary to middle school, or it could be because of moving home. Some children might start a new school because they have been expelled from their old one, or perhaps because the new one is a better environment. Whatever the reason for the change, it can be daunting to be surrounded by new people in a new place. Fortunately, there are ways you can help your child to adjust so that everything doesn't seem as frightening. Try these techniques to help make them happier. Prepare Your Child You can start by helping your child get ready for their new school . One of the things that can help is to arrange a visit so they can see what it's like. If they're moving into a new school with classmates, they might have already attended an open day or a visit. However, if they're starting a new school alone, a trip to see the school

Giving Back: How To Care For Your Parents As They Age Families come in different shapes and sizes; every single one is unique. But, the basics of a family unit come with a parent and a child. When you’re the child, you’re often cared for by you parents, and they do so selfishly. Then, when you become a parent, you do the same for your children. However, at this point, you may also notice that your parents are aging.

Creating Memories With Adventurous Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for something different for your child’s birthday? Perhaps the routine of the cake, candles, singing ‘happy birthday’ is beginning to wear a little thin. Children are full of energy, especially when they know it’s their birthday. They get to finally be a little selfish and gorge out on food and run around playing with friends. They’re the center of attention, and it’s their special day to use however they wish. Your gift could be to take them out on an adventure this time, and see what kind of fun activities they can get up to. Going out into the world, rather than staying in, makes it feel like a proper event, and they notice their parents going the extra mile. You can create some of their most loved and favorite memories if you take them to outdoor activities on their special day. Source - Mallory Simon

4 Ways Love Encourages You to Be a Better Person

Most people think of love as romantic, passionate, and often erotic, but love varies and comes in many different forms. And you don’t have to be an expert in neuroscience training to understand that love’s chemicals make you feel good. Love comes in bonds, such as the bond between a mother and child, or the bond between siblings, friends, pets, and other loved ones. And each of these types of loves can encourage you to be a better person—here’s how:

5 Ways to Turn Your Basement Into a Comfortable Space

In many homes, the basement or cellar is a place for storage, water heaters, and laundry. That’s because basements are often dark and dreary. The musty smell is enough to send family members running back upstairs. The dank environment turns unfinished basements into wasted square footage. It’s possible to fix these issues and make the basement a welcoming oasis. Here are five ways to turn your basement into a comfortable living space the whole family can enjoy. Let the Light Shine In One of the biggest turn offs about basements is how dark they can be. Windows should be clean of debris to let in the sunlight. Make sure storage items don't block the windows and natural light. Keep stacks of boxes and other storage items low and away from the windows.  Use ceiling fixtures to complement the natural light in the room. Bear in mind that hanging light fixtures can lower the ceiling height. Recessed lighting can keep clearance high and provide plenty of light. Brighten up the walls a

A Lesson In Dedication: Boosting Kiddy Commitment

There comes a time for most kids when they have to learn a little bit about commitment. Unfortunately, schools can’t teach this important attribute to your kids, though, as they simply don’t have the resources. Without it, your child could struggle to live a normal and healthy life, with difficulties in work and relationships. As a parent, it’s your duty to make sure your child has skills like this. So, to help you out, this post will be going through one of the best tools to give your child to make them committed; a pet. A dog, cat, or another small mammal will take a lot of looking after, giving your child a great outlet to learn about commitment. ( Image Source )

Acquire The Skills Of Getting Out Of Locked Situations; Literally

Now and then, little everyday problems can really get on your nerves. From getting stuck behind really slow drivers to having to deal with rude customers at work, these things can become a real hassle to deal with. But what happens when on top of those annoying fails, you discover that you lost your house key?  Or lock yourself out from your bathroom with no spare key to help you out? Well, according to this infographic made by Lock Pick World, there are regular things you can use to get you out of that pickle. With the use of some basic items like plastic bottles, soda cans, or even standard writing pens, you can solve your “lock out” problems in no time. Check it out and maybe you can learn a thing or two.

Protect Your Body with Forti-D

Did you know that 7 out of 10 Filipinos lack Vitamin D? You or any of your family could be one of them. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to chronic diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and even cancer. Our health should be a primary concern, and taking enough Vitamins should be given proper attention.  Some signs of Vitamin D deficiency: Tiredness/fatigue Muscle and joint weakness or pain. But you may still be deficient even if you don’t feel these. ·          Vitamin D-Deficiency happens because: 1.        It’s hard to get enough Vitamin D from the sun (indoor lifestyle, clothing, skin color, aging, and use of umbrellas or sunscreen limit Vitamin D absorption) 2.        It’s difficult to obtain from food (RDA of Vitamin D is equivalent to 40 eggs / 8 glasses of milk / 800g of salmon / 2 cans of tuna flakes every day). A breastfeeding mom needs all the vitamins she can get for both of her and her baby's health. Vitamin D Supplementation for breastf