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Finding a Place for Cool Art in Your Life

Nothing shows the natural creativity and beauty of the human spirit like a bit of cool art. Even the greatest artists of history had to start small. It is an incredible display of personal progress to go from scribbling outside the lines to putting together impressive and engaging thought provoking pieces of artwork.

How Do You Know If Your Roof Needs Repairing?

Roofing is very important in protecting your home from damages and dangers from the outside world. Without a proper roof that is in good repair, you can save your home from suffering from rain, dirt, wind, and any other adverse outdoor conditions.

My New Eyewear from Four Eyes

Just few more days before this month ends or this year ends rather. I am excited for the new year. This month has been so meaningful to me. God has poured a lot of blessings on me this month of December.  I feel very thankful and blessed.  And I would like to make a post about one of the best blessings I received this month...this parcel. 

Get Paid Using Your Twitter

Another way to earn residual income is by joining Sponsored Tweets.  If you are my twitter follower, you will be able to see those sponsored tweets I am talking about. :) I remember it was three of four months ago when I registered in Sponsored Tweets. However, it is just this month when I received an email for an opportunity.

1st Sample Room Haul

Sample Room, Try Before You Buy. I love the idea of trying the products for free before buying them. You can get to decide if you are going to buy the product or not because you have the chance to try if the product works for you. I remember it was month of April when  I signed up as a member in Sample Room. And after signing up, I received the 100 points they give to new members so we will have points to consume in getting the products that we like to try.

Say Aloha to Your Living Space

Finding a self-storage place is the first thing on the list of most people who have to move to a smaller place. When you are moving to Hawaii, unless you are super rich, you are going to need to find a place like Ali'i Stor-Mor, so that you can keep all of the stuff that you would otherwise have to leave behind or get rid of due to a lack of living space.

The History Behind Your Jewelry

Jewelry has been around for about as long as people have; mollusks appearing to have been punctured in order to be strung have been found in South Africa dating back to the Stone Age. Other items such as bones, animal teeth, stone, wood, and shell were used for this early jewelry. It is speculated that the jewelry may first have been used as fasteners for clothing, but became more of an ornamentation as time went on.

Get Paid for Your Opinion

Hi everyone! I know I haven't updated my money online segment since I have became too busy. Sometimes I find it hard to decide what to post first because I have a long list of backlogs that are still in need of some pics and editing.  Some of you who hangout in craiglist might have already encountered this website which I have known for three or four months now.

Pampering My Face

Who doesn't love to pamper her face? Pampering our face doesn't have to be costly. Well, this busy momma just found a new way on how to treat my skin without going to spend a lot of time and penny. Since my time won't allow me to go to beauty salons for skincare treatments, I resort to using skincare products that doesn't irritate my skin.

Additional Income this Holiday Season

Yeah,I know it's raining tips on my blogs for the coming holidays. Hihi,. well, does it shows how excited I am for the holiday season? I have been working all day and all night to prepare my wallet  on the coming expenses until this year ends. I am actually thinking of ways on how to have additional income for the holiday season which I can also share with my readers. Well, today I would like to share ways on how to make use of the season to earn money even you are just at home.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Spend Less

Are you done with your gift shopping yet? Me, I have already completed halfway of my list. Still have a lot needed to buy. I did a shopping last time I received my salary and will continue the other half on the next pay day, that is more convenient for me to easily make ends meet despite of the holiday expenses.

Guide How Not to Overspend This Holiday Season

Christmas is in the air and people are starting to get busy shopping and preparing for the season. I really find shopping on holidays really full of adventure. You could either hit the motherlode or leave empty handed. Most especially when you go to shopping with no SHOPPING PLAN. Although you have the budget, try not to overspend. Here are ways on how you can spend less by Shopping wisely. 

Choosing Gift for Husband Tips

Hohoho! Christmas is in the air. Are you already done shopping for the coming holidays? For girls,  picking gift for guys is quite hard and confusing. Their taste is kinda unpredictable at times. You want to give him something he will be so happy about. That is why I have made a quick guide on how you can pick a nice present for your husband/boyfriend or a special guy friend.

Keep It Clean: Home Maintenance Programs

It can be a lot of work to maintain a home. Whether it is a matter of when you last had your air filters changed, last replaced your garbage disposal, or last had your chimney cleared out, it can be hard to keep track of all that needs to be done. Fortunately, there are home maintenance programs out there that can help you with all of this. They can help you come up with a home cleaning and maintenance schedule, arranged and personalized however you please. Following are some ideas to help you do this.

DIY Beauty: Honey and Egg Mask