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How to Determine Expired Foundation

There are makeup users who are not aware on the expiration of makeup foundations they use. Once a foundation has expired, do yourself a favor. Toss it away regardless the brand and price before it cost your whole face. Continuously using it will only cause harm than beauty to your skin. Also, the efficiency of active ingredients become compromised over time. Your skin may react and cause you skin lesions, rashes, blisters, acne or even redness and swelling.

My DIY Planner Changes and Updates

#PlannerSeries #everymomspageplannerseries Remember I have posted my DIY Planner on a Budget and showed how I set it up? Well, sad to say the lay out of my weekly did not quite work for me. Notes are all over the place and appears kind of messy. I tried my best but the layout did not suits my needs. I am still trying to figure out how to keep it neat looking while keeping it functional. Or else, I need a switch to other layout until I find planner peace. I also decided to change some parts of my DIY planner which I will show in this post.

DIY: Sequined Button Paper Clips

I have been obsessing in DIY projects lately especially planner related ones. I just love customized cute things, and I love doing it myself because it is fun and relaxing. I recently posted some DIY paper clips I made with the buttons I cut out from old clothes. I also use some cute shaped sequins as a decoration. I posted the photo in my Instagram and Facebook account. Here is how I made them. You will need glue gun, paper clips, buttons and the sequins.

DIY: Nail Polished Keys #ColorCoding #LifeHacks

Here is a cute and totally cool hack on how not to confuse your keys. This works perfectly when you have more than two sets of key for your home so you get to easier identify which among the keys you need to use. Color coding idea saves you time and effort finding the correct key, thumbs up! I have seen these more than a couple of times in Pinterest. Aside that its functional, it also looks fun to create so I thought to do it as well.

High Quality Hair Weft Extension #Mofain

Hair extensions are being worn not only by celebrities but also by anyone who also wants to wear their respective hair in different styles from what they naturally have. Often times, short-haired girls want to style their crowning glory to look more fab, so weft extension is the perfect solution! If you search online, there are many online stores selling pretty and visually attractive hair extensions at cheap prices yet there are only few that sells products with great quality. You don't want to spend much money on weft extensions and end up disappointed because it sheds or goes frizzy after straightening it.

How to Maintain A Clean Home

There are days when it feels like there is never ending house chores in a day. When there are a lot to clean up and yet you cannot seem to do it all in a day. Then the chores add up and the next thing you know, you wake up in a messy home. Eventually, your days become stressful because of your surroundings. It’s quite challenging to maintain a clean home most especially if there are kids around or both parents work. Still, there is always a best way to handle it. Even how much of chores need to be done, don't ever make it feel hopeless, you just need to find a technique and great things will follow.

5 Confidence Boosting Products for Women That Are Worth Their Price Tag

You may have heard about the confidence gap this summer. The New York Times, along with other publications, reported on new research that once again showed women often undervalue their strengths and had lower levels of confidence compared to their male counterparts. This new study was focused on female leadership in the workplace, but confidence concerns bleed into all areas of our life. And how comfortable a woman feels in her skin has a dramatic effect on confidence. Blame it on evolution, but researchers have found that when we feel less attractive it can lower our perception of where we sit on the social ladder in all life situations.

DIY: 2016 Planner On A Budget

#PlannerSeries #Planner2016 #PlannerPh I love to jot down notes and stuff ever since elementary days and had been using spiral notebooks. But when I started working ten years ago, I switched to planners, those generic ones available in National Books Store until last year.  I need a planner to keep my life organized, track things down, combine all my note taking and planning into one system.  Its quite hard not having a planner because I blog, work full time as Virtual Assistant and I'm a full-time mom so a planner is really handy to schedule all my tasks and effectively perform them all.  Sometimes I tend to forget deadlines, important payments, etc because my brain clog at times for I perform endless tasks a day. If that happens, I just look at my planner to get back to track. This year, I never plan to buy new planner, instead I thought to just create one. I am saving up for a lot of things so I crossed out buying a new planner to my list. My hubby offered to buy me o

6 Products Every Mom Needs in Her Makeup Bag

Everyday can be the busiest day for a mom but you need to still look good even how rhapsodic or fussy your day can get. When you look good, you feel great about yourself. And like a domino effect, your positive mood will reflect in everything you do. I asked ten moms on what are the six must-haves in their make-up bags and I came up a list of top 6 products based from their answers.

Organization 101: How to Keep Small Items Organized

How do you keep small items in your home? Specially if it is something you don't get to use on everyday basis and its too small to keep on your drawers. I always avoid small items like pins and clips clutter anywhere in the house so it wont end up missing the next time I need it. Also, having these small items lying around  is never good when you have kids or pets are around. 

DIY: Ribbon Paper Clips

Just one cute idea on how to bring your character to your office space or just to spice up your office or school supplies. I made a DIY Ribbon Paper Clips which can be used as planner accessory or bookmarks. I have actually seen this kind of paper clips being sold in etsy and ebay, but why buy when you can just do it yourself, ayt?! That way, you can customize it the way you like to make it more personalized, if that even makes sense. :)

52 Week Money Challenge: Savings Plan of A Tight Budget Mom

Happy January to all! How was the start of your year? I hope you all had a blast! The holidays got my wallet almost half empty, lol. Ofcourse its totally fine since my family really had a joyful and memorable Christmas and New Year celebrations.  As always, I start off my year with goals in terms of Financial, Relationship, Spiritual, and Career. Talking about Financial Goals, I have already seen a bunch of 52-week Money Challenge blog posts even from last year, so for this year I decided to join the bandwagon. This is one best way to save money throughout the year. This is also part of my New Year's Resolution for my family so I have money to buy them clothes for Christmas at the end of the year. Or I can add the money saved for our holiday celebrations.