This is one of my kiddos fave juice drink at the moment. My son who is in his 3rd grade loves to eat nata de coco which is also present at this juice drink. To be honest, this is the first ever bottled juice drink I know that you get to chew nata de coco while enjoying your juice. 

Mogu-mogu is a product of Thailand. I like the adorable smiley face at the cap of the bottle, hahah it looks cute!

I am not sure of how many flavors they offer so far, I have tried the grapes, strawberry, orange and lychee.

This is what my kids always pick when we want to grab some quick snacks at the nearest convenience store. They find it fun to chew the nata de coco present in this juice drink. 

Go ahead and try this juice drink, you and your kids might love it too!

For more info about Mogu-Mogu, visit or
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