Our Valentines Day had become very special because me, hubby and our kids just spent the whole day together bonding in Zoocobia Fun Zoo located in Clark, Pampanga. Zoocobia is one of the best place to bring your family for an ultimate bonding experience because aside from the animal encounters, there are also a lot of activities you can do together. You will also get to enjoy the fresh air and pretty nature scenery. We had a countless fun and did a lot of first time together!

Zoocobia is just an hour or less travel from Capas, my hubby's hometown where we stay. But if you have to commute, you just take a jeep from Mabalacat, Pampanga going to Marcos Village. Then, from Marcos Village you have to ride a tricycle going to Zoocobia (Php50.00).

At the entrance, friendly staff will accommodate you. She even initiated to take a photo for us.

The kids were so excited to explore inside so we proceeded right away! Below are the photos we took inside the Zoocobia Fun Zoo.

Here are few of our photos with some of the animals in Zoocobia.
Camel is the largest animal they have and there are different kinds of birds as well. Horse, monkeys, ostrich, bear cat, alamid, rabbit, sheep, goats, turkey, etc. The photo op with the cute pony while your kids on its back is P20.00. While the photo op with the python is P50.00. You can feed the monkeys and sheeps for only P20.00.

...and few more interesting things we saw.

Below are photos of few activities you can take advantage to try inside Zoocobia.

Zlide is my toddler's favorite area. I have lost count of how many times he was there. :D

 Zoocride or Gravity ride is one of my most fave part. At first, I was scared and contemplating in doing it but when I was driving all the way down, the experience was priceless. It's fun and won't hesitate to try again!

Since we never had the chance to try Zip Line because it poured, we just tried Zing, which is also pretty popular and every guests wouldn't wanna miss out!
 There is a museum where you will see some animals skeletons. My youngest was scared but his Kuya enjoyed checking things out.
The Garden Maze added some excitement to our tour. It was my first time to solve a maze that big!

 There are also scheduled shows that visitors would probably love because some animals are part of the casting. The day we visited, it was also Love is in the Air event.

It was a fun filled day for the family not only because we get to enjoy the valentines together but also because we did a lot of first time together! We ended the day with some affordable snacks that we bought from the restaurant inside Zoocobia. This is indeed one of the perfect place to visit not only for kids but for all ages. :D

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