DIY Mini Santa Hat Clip-On

Happy December 1st everyone! We are starting the countdown today, 24 days before Christmas.

Since it is nearly Christmas, I thought why not do a holiday themed DIY! I got many ideas in mind and I hope I will be able to find time to do 'em this week and next week. I'd like to start on the cutest thing I thought to add on a Christmas outfit.

The DIY project today is very simple and easy. Here is how to make a Mini Santa hat Clip On which you or your kids can use as hair accessory during Christmas parties.

Materials needed:
a pair of scissors
red carton or colored paper
a piece of cotton ball
bobby pins
glue gun
glue stick

this photo shows how to do it step by step 
 1. Cut a circle from red carton, an art or colored paper may work as well. Use a round object in tracing to get a perfectly shaped circle.
2. Cut the circle in half, we only need a half.
3. Glue side to side to form a hat.
4. Get your cotton and glue it on the bottom part of your small hat. Also get a tiny piece of cotton you will put at the top of the hat.
5. Get your bobby pin and start to glue gun at the bottom of the hat. Make sure it holds your pin properly.

Look at that Mini Santa Hat Clip-on, how cute is that?

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