4 Most Recommended Picture Editors for Bloggers

7:12 AM

As bloggers, we need to take good photos of products and events we blog about. But for a mom blogger like me who has little knowledge on how to take great photos, I resort to photo editors which can help better my blog photos. I am no good when it comes to photo editing so I need user-friendly photo editors to help me out. Here's a list of helpful photo editors I personally use perfect for bloggers.

This is a free user-friendly photo editor which you can access by visiting This is one of my most fave editors because it has bunch of free fonts I can use. You can edit single photo or create a collage of your snaps in different flexible layouts. Add text, effects, or overlays to your photos in a breeze. You can also design your own picture from scratch. You can choose to avail low-priced limited special fonts, and frames.

2. Picasa
This is a downloadable application which I use on my desktop when I don’t have internet access. You can download Picasa here. It has limited features but works well as quick photo editing tool. You can save the photos to your Picasa Web Album which allows you to backup your saved photos online that helps a lot especially for me who always delete photos by accident.

3.  PicsArt
Photo editing comes in handy with this editor I find in Google store. This is a downloadable application to your android phone which you can use with or without internet access. It has ready sharing buttons which allow you to share your edited photos across your social media accounts. You can edit single photo or create a collage of your snaps in different flexible layouts. Add text, effects, or overlays to your photos easily. It comes very handy because of the different features you can easily use. If you are looking for more, there are also special features available to purchase for only $2.99 that you can download for your use.

4. Canva
This is another online photo editor which allows you to take your photos to the next level of designs. You need to sign up for an account or sign in using your Facebook or Google account. Canva allows you to upload your own fonts and magically resize your designs. You can also download with a transparent background (png). You can create design and customize the dimensions. They have many FREE backgrounds, layouts, frames, photo designs, and fonts you can use for your edits.

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  1. About Picasa...the program is great, I have used since 2004 year. Many people are happy after I had recommended it. I also can recommend macphun editor (but its more expensive)
    I used an experimental feature in Picasa to remove duplicate files, and everything was gone! From 5000 gallery 50 is left in a basket.I do not know how to solve problem.

  2. ha! im not sure that all that programs in the list can be good for moms or people who dont wanna waist their time on hard photo editing
    nowadays, more popular soft for photo enhancer is like auto editor (also its less expensive)

  3. first place, as for me, is pixlr tool, only after that we can choose smth like picasa or monkey...


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