Attipas PH: Best Shoes for Your Walking Babies

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Uniquely adorable. Light. Comfy. Fashionable. Durable. That is how I describe Attipas PH shoes. If you will visit their Facebook Page, you will see the different designs of toddler's shoes that will make you admire the uniqueness of how it's specially designed that are sure to add cuteness to your little ones. This unique design is specially made to help your babies on their first steps.

My two year old son received this super cute footwear from Attipas PH. I am so glad that size perfectly fits my son. It is sized 28. When my hubby saw it, is it a sock or a shoe??? This footwear really confused him, I answered, "both!"

Attipas Lollipo Green
I like that this is very lightweight that my son will not have hard time in wearing it. Sometimes when he is wearing his leather and rubber sole shoes, he doesn't feel comfortable and ended up putting his shoes off. 

The upper part is entirely fabric but from both sides all the way to the sole is made up of soft silicon. It has an on-slip, breathable, very flexible and super lightweight sole. 

He could wear his Attipas shoes all day long without hurting his feet. He feels comfortable running around and walking here and there. It is pretty obvious that he enjoys his new pair of shoes! 

I highly recommend Attipas shoes most especially for your babies first steps. If I have known this beforehand, I would have bought this when my son was just learning to walk. My babies feet can move naturally because of the soft sole and fabric material. Also, it is not slippery because of it's non-slip sole.

Visit Attipas Ph Facebook Page and learn more about their latest updates, sales and promos.

 CLICK HERE: Attipas Ph Facebook Page

Disclosure: Attipas PH has provided the author with Attipas shoes. The author received no compensation and all thoughts and opinions provided are strictly her own.


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  1. Seen it on the malls :> will try for my baby... unique ang paa walang magkasya na sapatos for him

  2. What's important for our babies is that the shoes are comfy and not slippery. This brand looks like it fits the bill. :-)

  3. The shoes look comfy and nice! I'll recommend this brand to my friends who have toddler children.

  4. looks comfortable indeed! it would allow your toddler to be active and adventurous :)

  5. ahahaha, it IS confusing! :) But they're so cute, perhaps my 3-year old may still take to them. :)

  6. (Not sure if my comment went through) I'm so relieved to know that the shoes can fit a 2-year old's feet. I was worried that they would be too small for my toddler. Your toddler looks so comfy wearing his pair!

  7. Looks nice for the little feet. We have not tried that brand.

  8. the designs are really cute talaga. I am excited for my baby's attipas shoes too. :-D

  9. Wow! I got one of those as a gift to my niece. Oo nga they are nice and looked comfy.

  10. Great stuff! I can't wait to try attipas too!! Sana lang tama ang size na kinuha ko! =)

  11. At first, I did not like the design of this shoes because it looks like the shoes of McDonald, but I believe that comfort is more important than the design. I am glad that your son is enjoying his new shoes.

  12. Aww, cute shoes! It's nice that it teaches little ones to walk properly too.

  13. Attipas looks really comfy! I love the colro too

  14. My son loves his pair! I love how it does not easily fall off, and there are no velcro straps or laces to worry about. Looks like your son is enjoying his pair too!

  15. Aww I don't know which is cuter, your son or the shoes!

  16. I wish they would make bigger sizes, I'm excited to receive my pair too. Seen them in SM but the sizes were too small for my daughter. I think these are good play shoes. :)

  17. Nice! I saw this sa mall and I'm excited to try them for my 2-year-old. I've tried a similar brand (Skidders) and my daughter uses those as play shoes. This looks like a good brand to try din.

  18. sana I saw this dati pa.. ngayon no plans na to have another baby eh


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