Beach Wedding Dress Ideas

Congratulations you’re engaged, now you are planning for a beach wedding!

For most couples who love nature and water, nothing can be more romantic than exchanging vows in a cool ocean breeze. Beach is one of the most intimate and romantic setting to celebrate a wedding ceremony. Imagine your toes in the white sand, standing under a nice blue sky and the breeze gently blowing your face. You’ll get great outdoor photos with the ocean as a beautiful backdrop. Besides, you can even have your honeymoon right there, too!

Just like church wedding, beach wedding requires a lot of detailed preparations. However, these days to make things easier for soon-to-be-married couples, there are knowledgeable wedding planners who can hire to organize and work from the setting, designs of the wedding venue, to foods. All that you are left to concern about is what wedding dress to wear.

Since the setting can be hot and windy, it is best to pick soft fabric like chiffon or charmeuse so you will feel comfortable. It is very lightweight and you are sure that your dress will not crinkle in your luggage even on long hours of trip.

To help you choose of which wedding beach dress to pick, I browsed beach wedding dress UK for some affordable yet high-quality material beach wedding dresses you may love.

More often, long dress appears to be more elegant and traditional. If you  opt for a floor length dress, watch out as you may get too close to water and get wet. If you worry that it can drag and get dirty, I suggest to get an aisle runner.

Short wedding dress is getting more and more popular lately. In fact, choosing a short beach wedding dress to wear is more ideal just to avoid your dress from collecting sands or getting wet. It feels more comfortable to wear. Also, short wedding dress are cheaper than long wedding dress. Here are some tastefully done short wedding dress I found.

Just wear what makes you feel most like a bride, whether it is a long or short dress. This is one of the most important event of your life, just collect beautiful memories, and enjoy every seconds of it!

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