Tomorrow, a Teachers' Day celebration will be held at my son's school. As usual, students and teachers are all excited. This is once in a year celebration, a special way for thanking and remembering all of hard works your teachers have made in your life.

Over the years, it had become my son's custom to prepare gifts every teachers' day. It is one way of showing appreciation to the person who patiently and passionately teaches him all that he needs to learn yearly. He is taught that giving gifts is not necessarily to impress, its a way of showing appreciation to important people in our lives.

Teachers appreciate anything you give, its always the thoughts that count. However, 
it is best to give something a teacher will be able to use on a daily basis like pens and markers. These are easily available in any bookstore. You can do a DIY wrapper or just get a small paper bag and randomly shoot all the items in it. Adding a plain paper wrapper as a design is just perfect.