3 Tips on How To Ask The Universe For A Sign


Humans seek validation by nature. Whether it's validation from a partner, friends, or family members, we want to know where we stand.

Some people seek validation from the universe because they are in doubt about something, and they would like some clarity on the matter. However, this gives off vibes of mistrust and doubt.

If you want to ask the universe for a sign that your wish is on its way and not to confirm that the universe is actually working (this is the wrong reason to ask for a sign), these three ideas and tips will help.


I'm sure this has happened to you before. You grab your phone, and the time reads 12:12. Or you click on a YouTube video, and the number of views is 222222. These frequently appearing numbers are often nicknamed angel numbers because they are believed to be signs from the divine realm.

Angel numbers carry important messages for anyone who sees them. For example, 444 signifies angelic presence, harmony, and love, 666 deals with imbalance or materialism, and angel number 1212 is more of a universal key to manifesting your desires.

These numbers appear randomly at the moment we are supposed to see them. However, what we want is to ask for a sign in the form of a number of our own choosing, not what we are meant to see.

For example, if your favorite number is 1234 or 1177, ask the universe to show you this number as a sign that your wishes are coming true. And then let it go. Don't try to look for the numbers or think about them. Sooner or later, they will start to appear and surprise you, even in the most unusual places. You can even ask for a specific color number, for example, 1111 in yellow or green color.


Animals are one way the universe communicates with us. When you meet a fox on the road or a butterfly flies by, you won't give it much of your attention. But when you see these animals often or even feel like they're drawn to you, you know there's something deeper behind it.

Ask the universe for the presence of one of the spirit animals and watch them magically begin to appear in your life. These are the most common spirit animals:

  • butterflies
  • foxes
  • deer
  • dove
  • frog

The butterfly, in particular, is a symbol of transformation and is one of the most spiritual signs. As with numbers, you can ask for a butterfly of any color, for example, a yellow butterfly or a green frog.


Dreams are the gateway to our subconscious. We cannot control them, nor can we choose what dream we will have the next night. When we dream, our brain is like a receiver, picking up signals from the universe while absorbing everything that has happened or seen that day.

If you want to ask the universe for a sign that your wish is on its way, choose dreams. You will be surprised how quickly you will receive the sign! Someone may dream of winning the lottery, while others will see themselves in a dream on a beach in the Caribbean or sitting in a new car. Whatever your wish, the universe always finds a way to give you a sign through dreams. It will always be a soothing or exciting dream that you won't want to wake up from.

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The universe has your back

No matter how difficult life can be, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how dark things may seem, there is always a source of light that can illuminate the way ahead. The universe has your back as long as you are prepared to embrace everything it has to offer you. Ask for a sign and be open to receiving.

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