Shopping at AllHome Summer Blowout Sale

As the saying goes, "Home is where the heart is." For so many years, I have been dreaming of owning our own house. So when me, my husband, and 3 children finally moved into our new house two years ago, it was a dream come true. Imagine having your very own space and get to decide how to improve it in any way you want aside from enjoying a great privacy. 

But the challenge never ends there, we have to make sure that we choose the right furniture, decoration, and home needs to fit our lifestyle. We have been slowly improving our house as months go by, and I am happy that everything is falling into place. 

I am happy to find the best place to shop for our home needs. AllHome is your one-stop shop for home furniture, appliances, and renovation needs. With AllHome, you also get to enjoy unbelievably low-priced items like tiles, plumbing, and building materials on your favorite brands.

Here is a glimpse of our shopping experience in AllHome Pampanga branch. I am surprised at all their marked down items as they offer discounts on selected items.


They have all kinds of furniture available in their stores from office, dining, living, cabinets, and bathroom furniture.

I love how they also set up the beds and mattress to showcase how you can design your bedrooms. They have carpets and linens in different designs and sizes that all home needs. 


The kitchenware and tableware section is one of the best spot I always look around. They have a lot of option from different brands and looking at all these items, it is such a beautiful sight to behold!


They also carry different brands of appliances such as Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and a lot more. I have noticed that they also offer installments to most of their appliances with convenient payment terms. 


Last time, I spent time looking at their decors and ceiling lights section. If you are looking for ceiling lights whether it be simple, elegant, and trendy, they have it all! I actually found some stylish yet affordable priced chandeliers, and hopefully I would be able to purchase them soon!


You might be surprised that they also have complete desktop setup, laptops, mobile, and other gadgets. 

Here is my son trying the comfort of the computer chair while admiring the desktop setup with super great quality items in lesser price.


AllHome is having their ULTIMATE SUMMER BLOWOUT which offers selected items up to 80% OFF which runs until April 17. Go to your nearest AllHome branch to take advantage of the discounts!

Here are the items me and my husband got! 

My family had a great time touring AllHome store and we had plenty of items added to our shopping list for the next visit. We were overwhelmed by the ITEMS ON SALE and we will definitely go back again.

Kudos to AllHome staff who value their customers. They are very accommodating and approachable and made our shopping experience very easy and convenient.

See, if you are looking to upgrade your home, AllHome is the best place to go!

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