Working Home Based 

Earning in the comfort of your own home, how does it appeal to you?

I am a mom of two amazing cute boys. My eldest is 7 years old and my youngest is almost 1 year old. They are the air that I breathe, me and my husband live for them. I am exclusively breastfeeding with my youngest, he refuses bottles, made me leave no choice but to stay at home. Since I can't leave them to work, I decided to get a career working at home.

Most Moms most likely to take advantage of opportunities to work from home. Aside from the fact that it is more convenient, you can get to track everything inside your home. From the finances to the kids monitoring and also the house chores. 

Not only moms even those who got laid-off, students, disable people, and retired people get to see how working at home become very convenient.

Working at home has a wide variety of benefits including not having to commute to work daily, flexible hours and more family time. But, working at home isn't for everyone.

The greatest single reason that most moms love home based work, is to monitor their children. Other people try the option of home based jobs because it includes; a more flexible work schedule, no wasted time commuting, more work options, the ability to start a home business and potentially earn more than most traditional jobs.

If you opt a job that has set work time, it may be more challenging than you think to follow this routine, especially if you have home-based distractions. Even if you are able to stay away of a beginning mid-day nap, or avoid the continuous desire to return & forth to the cooking area, a rowdy child in the space could cause a client support contact to go bitter quick along with your job.

So far, I am enjoying my jobs at home. Yes I have multiple jobs all part time. All you need to have is a computer with a stable internet connection. It is also important to have your own station at home where you can avoid distractions and you can concentrate in your work.

I also miss chatting with coworkers and lunch outs with colleagues. But all of that social interaction is lacking when you work alone at home. Anyway, working at home never hinders you interacting with people, I guess it is already  a self decision if you block them or not.

I created this blog to share my ideas and experiences to other home based workers like me and for those who wishes to have a career at home.

I have posted my trusted sites and I am hoping it can be a big help for everyone. Should you have any questions you can email me