Tips to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

With the cost of electricity going up every day, every person is looking for ways to reduce his energy consumption. On top of reducing your electricity bill, you should also be looking to minimize your electricity usage as it is bad for the environment. Reducing your carbon footprint is the ultimate step you can take to save the environment and save some money.

It is estimated that in 2018, Australia produced nearly 50,000 (GWh) of renewable energy which accounted for almost 22% of the total amount of electricity produced. While we can’t always depend on the energy market to change in a day, here are a few things that we can do to preserve the planet.

Use Less Electricity
A lot of energy efficient appliances are being introduced in the market that use less energy than others. By installing such smart appliances, you can ensure that you consume less energy and save some money in the process. It is also a good habit to unplug your electrical appliances when they are not in use. Australia has just passed a new law that requires all new fridges to meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards. You must also make sure that all your appliances are “CFC free” so that they don’t produce any harmful waste.

Switch to Renewable Energy
As we have discussed before, 78% of electricity produced in Australia is by extracting and burning fossil fuels. It releases carbon dioxide in the environment and causes air pollution. Renewable sources of producing energy like wind, water and solar burn no fuel and produce no waste. They are the most efficient way to keep electricity costs to a minimum and cause zero pollution. Electricity monster is an electricity comparison site where you can look for a power company with the best rates, which also offers their customers green energy.

Optimize Your Home’s Heating and Cooling
A home’s internal heating and cooling systems add to a huge sum of money in the monthly bill. By insulating your roof, you can optimize your home for winters and summers and in turn consume less energy to deal with outside weather. You might have to invest some money upfront, but it pays for itself overtime by saving you a lot of money in your monthly bill.

Reduce Peak Time Usage
To help reduce energy waste, a lot of electricity providers are encouraging their customers to use electricity during off-peak hours. During these hours, your electricity provider will give you the benefit of reduced electricity rates and rebates. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, you can install smart meters in your homes and program them to control your power usage.

Use Energy Efficient Windows
Windows contribute to a significant source of energy waste which adds money in your bill. To minimize energy loss through windows, you can use double-pane windows which significantly reduce your heating expenses. Likewise, in warmer regions, a lot of heat passes into the house through the windows. In addition to sealing up all the cracks in your house, e-coating on windows can greatly reduce air conditioning expenses.

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