Biogesic: Menstrual Cramps and Headache No More

I often experience headache and menstrual cramps during my monthly period, definitely the worst days of my life when all that I do is burn myself on my bed. This what makes being a female soo hard, imagine having to experience it monthly, urgh. I used to prepare myself a heating pad and put on my lower belly which makes the pain dissipate even for few minutes. I just have to do it over and over again which sometimes not convenient anymore.

I thought to consider a possible alternative pain reliever in days I got work and no chance to feel lethargic. As an alternative, I just buy over the counter pain reliever which makes it a lot more convenient for myself. But of course, I am always cautious enough before I take certain over the counter medicines. It takes a lot of research, doctor's advice, synthesis and better understanding to make sure anything you take is safe. I ended up getting Biogesic and to my delight, it works just fine.

I have been taking Biogesic for years and it never fail to effectively relieve my headache and menstrual cramps. I just have to take one tablet and its effect lasts the whole day. Me and hubby also take this when we have fever and it helps fever goes down until we feel better.

Biogesic is a must-have in our household, the most important medicine to keep in at all times. This is one of our essential medicines we keep in purse and bags when we go out. It comes in handy in times I feel odd and can't function due to headache or body pain.

Paracetamol is safe to take at normal doses, but be careful not overdose because it can be harmful. Always keep in mind, before you take any kinds of medication, ask your doctor if its safe for your health first.

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