Fiametta's Spa Naturale Face and Body Bar Review + Giveaway

Summer ain't over yet! Most people think of endless ways just to bear the summer heat. What is funny today, I realized how the humid makes people come up with silly thoughts, lol.

Picture this scenario:

Hubby was sitting infront of electric fan while washing his face with a cube of ice.
Me: I hope it's possible to stay inside the fridge.
Son: Ma, is there a ritual in calling rain and wind?
Youngest: on the basin yelling 'mimming mimming!' (swimming,swimming)

My golly, could you relate? When heat sometimes gets to your nerve that you think every possible (or outrageous) ways on how to survive the summer. Tying our best to beat the heat, we make sure we are properly hydrated by taking in more water and we don't stay under the sun if it is not necessary. And when taking shower, we use a bathe soap that not only gives skin benefits but also gives clean and refreshing feeling like Spa Naturale Face and Body Bar from Fiametta.

Spa Naturale Face and Body Bar has three variants
Minty White in Peppermint & Bengkoang,  Guava Diva in Guava & Eucalyptus, Oh-mazing Oats in Oats.

Minty White in Peppermint (antiseptic properties, stimulates the mind) and bengkoang(lightens the skin, provides firmness).  I like that it has multiple skin benefits aside from keeping you cool and refreshed after bathe. The menthol in the soap will really give your skin a tingly, cool feeling. It is very seldom that I see bengkoang  (singkamas) as a soap ingredient and according to a main source which is Google (grin), I have known that Bengkoang is a widely popular whitening ingredient in Indonesia. 

Guava Diva in Guava(antibacterial, cures and prevents acne, detoxifies) and Eucalyptus(refreshes and calms).The guava has good antioxidants and detoxifiers. It has a good value of vitamin C which is excellent for skin healing. I gave one of this soap to my father-in-law who had developed itchiness and skin allergy. He is amaze that this soap helps out to reduce the itchiness and prevents the allergy from coming back. While the eucalyptus ingredient of this soap leaves skin feel more refreshing. Just like with the variant Minty White in Peppermint, this Guava Diva in Guava also gives that cool feeling as you lather that provides great shower experience!

Oh-mazing Oats in Oats(exfoliates dry dead skin, skin-softening) and Honey(antibacterial, keep skin hydrated). This is my most favorite soap among the 3 variants. The name Oh-mazing speaks for itself. It really has an amazing effect on your skin. It helps exfoliate dry dead skin without the overdrying factor. As you can see in the photo, the soap has oats. It keeps my skin hydrated and it contains Hydrolyzed Milk Protein. With its  multi-purpose formulation, you are pretty much assured that your skin is well taken care of. 

It has natural ingredients.
Refreshing and cool.
Relaxation feeling every after use.
Doesn't melt fast.
Natural and relaxing scent.
Big in size and can last for three weeks.
Has batch and expiry date printed on packaging.
Ingredients and instructions printed at the back of the box. 
Gentle and gives a refreshing clean feeling.
Good packaging.
Affordable. Retails aPhp75, 90g.

Variants Guava Diva and Minty White can be slightly drying on skin. Make sure to put lotion after shower.
Limited Availability.

Products with multi-function appeals to me best, many benefits in one product. Most specially if it has natural ingredients. I also like that it comes in three variants. We never experienced any irritation with this soap. I also highly recommend Guava diva variant if you have skin problems because it effectively clear skin allergies. Aside from the skin benefits it is also very affordable which makes it a perfect family soap.

Where to buy?

Fiametta's Online Store

For more updates about Fiametta Products, you can find them on:
I know most of you also like to try these soaps so I am giving away three sets of Fiametta's Spa Naturale Face and Body Bar. Each set contains three variants. There will be three winners and each will receive one set of body bar.

This giveaway will run for 25 days the winners will be picked by rafflecopter. Participants need to do all the mandatory tasks, failure to comply with the rules will disqualify entries. 

And the winners are:

Disclosure: FIAMETTA has provided the author with the products reviewed above. The author received no compensation and all thoughts and opinions provided are strictly her own.

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