Emergency Kit for Children

I don't assume for something bad to happen to my son. As a mom, I just wanted my son to be ready and equipped all the time aside from being at the best condition ever. It happened one time that he hurt himself when he was on his way home, he got tripped and his knees fell into a big rock which left him a big scar. On times like that, an emergency kit could make a big help. It kinds of giving me a peace of mind knowing he has emergency kit accessible which is always inside his bag all the time.

Here's what his emergency composed of:

Just basic stuffs he could use which is not 'too much' and ofcourse I have already tackled whats each item is for and how to use. Because what is the use of this emergency kit if he doesn't have even the basic knowledge of each item he has, ayt?

Just early this week, guess what happened. He hurt himself again while playing with his classmates. He used up the gauze so I am about to buy again (that is the reason it's not shown in the photos above).

Kids will always be kids. They play and hurt themselves because that's basically part of growing up. We, as parents are not always there to catch them on every fall. Nevertheless, the best that we can do is have them equipped if this kind of situation occurred again.


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