For all of us, 2020 was a bad dream where everything was stuck to one room and if you try to expand your horizon, you will be hugging this infectious disease. This virus turned out to be growing at a fast pace and ruined all the plans of the previous year. Not only this, but this virus becomes a nightmare for the people who love to travel or who are earning through travelling.

Now with the arrival of 2021, things have changed a bit but not completely. Currently, you can travel but you need to maintain basic hygiene and carry a few things with you that will help you in controlling the spread of Corona Virus. The key steps that you need to follow are social distancing, washing out your hands frequently, proper sanitize, and wearing a mask. Now, this condition is termed as “New Normal”, where people are forced to follow these steps to fight against the virus.

Though it’s better if you avoid any sort of travelling at this time, there are even times when it becomes necessary to travel - this travel is not necessarily international but visiting supermarkets, meeting your family and friends, visiting clinics for a normal checkup, and many other reasons that require travelling. During this situation, there are few precautions that you need to follow to secure protection of yourself and others.

Here are a few necessary items that you must carry in your bag while travelling during COVID-19.

Hand Sanitizers
There is a high probability that you won’t find a washroom to wash your hands during travelling. You touch and get in contact with many things like doors, seats, things in supermarkets, etc. So it is beneficial to keep hand sanitizer with you so that you can keep your hand germ-free even if you are unable to wash it. Make sure that if you enter a supermarket and touch things, products, card machines, doors, use the sanitizer instantly before you could touch your face or eyes. As it is impossible to avoid touching any surface while travelling, therefore alcohol-based hand sanitizer will assist you in killing bacteria and viruses.

Face Masks
This is the most important item that you need to carry with you - a face mask. Earlier we have noticed that there were only clinical masks that used to be available but now in 2021, you have plenty of options as per your requirement. It has even become a fashion statement now and you get matching masks as per your dress. Now that’s what we call new normal - the varieties are, colourful cloth masks, printed masks, best clear face mask, use and throw masks, reusable masks, and many more. Masks is now a mandatory and some might not believe but it helps you from getting infected as it creates a strong barrier that protects your mouth and nose from any sort of viral virus and bacteria. Always keep an extra one in your bag, just for extra precaution.

Disinfectant wipes
This is useful to have everywhere you go. You can use this bleach-based cleanser to wipe the surfaces. For example, if you are travelling on a flight, you may get in contact with the arm-rest, seat, and tray table, so with these wipes, you can clean them and easily disinfect the area around you. It is even recommended to clean the often touched area in your car like steering wheels, seat belts, dashboard, etc. The best part is that they are easily available in the market.

Hand Gloves
Hand gloves can protect your hands from germs and they are optional but if you can carry them with you then it is also as beneficial as masks. When you come in contact with various surfaces, then your hand gloves play the role of shield and protect you from bacteria.

Note: Make sure you take out the gloves without touching the outer side of them.

Packed Food
As you will be travelling to various places thus it won’t be possible to check the quality of food outside. So, it’s better to carry your home-cooked food or snacks to fend of any sort of contamination issues. Along with food do not forget to carry your own bottle of water.

Bottled Water
Water is a very important item to carry, as you can stay hours without food but not without water. To avoid unnecessary trouble and health issues, it's better to carry your own bottled water as you are carrying your home-cooked food. When you are keeping your bottle, then take a reusable one, so that you can refill it later and make sure you refill it from a hygienic store.

Extra clothes and spare towels
In case there is a requirement to stay in a hotel or t someone’s place then make sure that you have your own towel and clothes to change daily. This will maintain the hygienic aspect and you will be able to keep yourself clean with the use of your own items.

First-aid kit
Normally first aid kits have some basic medicines but when you are travelling during COVID-19 then you should keep a thermometer and an oximeter to keep an eye on your health. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 is shortness of breath, fever, cough, and sore throat. Hence, if you felt any such symptoms, check your temperature. Also, DO maintain a distance from others who are travelling with you for everyone's safety.

Final Words
So now after a complete understanding of what you should follow and add to your travel bag, you are ready to travel. But before planning any trip, make sure that you checked that you have all the necessary and required items with you. Ensure that you strictly follow the precautionary measures and help others in controlling the spread of this infectious virus. The above-mentioned items are not just any random stuff but they are the weapons to fight Corona Virus and control the spread.