Kalysta Hairtherapy Line for Hairfall and Hair Restoration

Our crowning glory deserves a great treatment because it plays a big factor not only on our overall physical appearance but also on our health reflects on our hair condition. 

I feel like my lifestyle has trigger hair loss. I purposely lose some weight and deprived myself on sleep because of my crazy schedule. I have also taken my hair for granted and continued to use hair colors and other hair products with chemicals while not giving my hair the TLC that it needs.

I thought hair fall was still normal until I started noticing more and more strands are falling out as days goes by. My hair fall becomes bothering lately that I collected a handful of hair everyday from my hair brush, on the floor, and every time I shower. 

I started looking for different products that can help to at least minimize hair fall as I am scared my hair becomes too thin. After I used up a few of hair products for hair fall, none of them worked. 

I think jumping from one brand to another for the hope of finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my hair fall did not made any difference and to my dismay, it had caused me to experience dandruff and hair dryness recently. I was a bit desperate at some point that I even stopped using any hair products to give my scalp and roots a rest from all the chemicals on shampoo and conditioners that I have tried.

Just last week, I was introduced to Love Kalysta Hair Therapy line. This is the first time I heard of the product and found out that it was a newly launched local business with products that are made of all natural ingredients. 


"A three-step hair and scalp care line which uses the powerful combination of natural oils, proven to restore hair's bounce and shine while stimulating hair follicles to grow healthy hair." - Love, Kalysta Official 

One set of Kalysta Hairtherapy includes Restore and Replenish Shampoo, Restore and Replenish Leave-On Conditioner, Restore and Replenish Hair and Scalp Care Serum. I am thrilled to use products that has natural ingredients as I know they are mild and safe to use. 

Today marks the 4th day I use the Kalysta Hairtherapy Line and I am ready to give my thoughts and share my experience!



Box - The set comes in a white glossy box with the brand logo. The aesthetic of the box is timeless and classy with a very minimalist design. I find the box very eye-catching and honestly looks premium with the touch of gold. 

Shampoo and Conditioner - The shampoo and conditioner comes in a 100ml plastic pump bottle. They did a great job on using a recycled PET plastic which is sustainable because it is 100% recyclable. The bottle has water-proof labels that indicates the product descriptions, ingredients, directions to use, manufacturer, and License to Operate number. Pumping out the product is easy peasy. The size of the bottle is very handy and leak-proof which also makes it travel-friendly. I like that they picked a transparent bottle that way you can easily see the how much of the product you have. 

Serum - The serum comes in a 20ml small transparent dropper bottle. The bottle has water-proof labels that indicates the product descriptions, ingredients, directions to use, manufacturer, and License to Operate number. The small bottle is very handy, easy to use, and travel-friendly. 


ShampooFirst thing you will notice is the green tea scent of this shampoo as it contains Melaleuca alternifolia that also acts as antibacterialThis shampoo contains citric acid which is known as anti-oxidants and provides anti-aging effects which results to healthy scalp and less frizzy hair. 

The consistency of the product is more liquidy compared to most of the shampoos I have tried. I needed 3-4 pumps of the product to cover my entire hair. It has medium lather but it does a great job of cleaning. It feels good on my scalp.

After bathe, my hair feels squeaky clean and the shampoo leaves a very mild scent on my hair which is good because I really do not like too much fragrant scent on my hair.

ConditionerThe conditioner contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract that is one of the primary components to lessen hair breakage and hair loss. 

I cannot remember using a non-rinse conditioner in the past so using this is kind of new to me. At first, it feels awkward that I will not rinse my hair after adding conditioner on it and I thought it will make myself sticky, which has not.

I just pump a small amount of conditioner on my palm and I gently apply it from my hair root to tips. My hair did not feel oily or greasy. My scalp did not itch and there was no allergic reaction.

Serum - This serum contains castor seed oil that promotes hair growth. It also contains helianthus annuus seed oil which comes from compressing the seeds of sunflower that is used to reduced dry hair. 

I put one drop of this serum on my finger and gently massage on on my scalp. By massaging the serum on the scalp, it helps penetrates the serum more. This serum is not sticky and does not give any allergic reaction. 


I did not really have high expectations but after 4 days, there is a noticeably less and less hair falling out on bathroom floor. Everyday, I used to get a lot of hair strands on my pillow, on my hair brush, and on my office floor where I stay for longer hours. 

As you can see from the before and after photo, the dryness was obviously minimized and it has become more manageable. I use the three products daily and it gives a significant improvement to my hair. This set helps restore shine and my hair obviously looks less frizzy. The level of dryness lessens everyday as I continue to use the products. I can say that this is an excellent product for someone who has a dry hair like mine. The ingredients work well together because it does not dry out my scalp and most importantly helps lessen hair fall. The shampoo and conditioner makes the perfect combination to keep my dry hair feel fuller and healthier. I am very satisfied and impressed at the same time of the outcome. 

For the affordable price of Php 380 per set, it gives a very outstanding performance on taking care of my crowning glory. I feel like it has given my hair life again. I highly recommend this product because of my very positive experience. 

I can say, this Kalysta Hairtherapy Line is the best I have tried for hair fall so far! I will continue using it as I see visible results in a short period of using it. Complete treatment that you need for any hair type for a great deal of Php 380/set.

Where to buy?

Love, Kalysta 




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