This pandemic did not only affect adult's lifestyle, but the kid's as well. Due to the pandemic, a lot of children experience changes in terms of nutrition, sleep, television-internet use, social activity, and a whole lot more about themselves. According to study, the children had also experienced moderate or high levels of anxiety. In this case, the children need primary healthcare to address these issues to protect and improve their mental health during this period.

Continued lock downs, health restrictions, and other protocols in the new normal can increase the level of anxiety of the kids, therefore we parents must do something to help them relax, unwind and enjoy while they stay home most of the time. Studies have proven that playing the right online or video games for 30 minutes per day can help alleviate clinical depression and anxiety.

Take a look at some of the online video games that you can let your kids play without worries.

Superhero Games

Kids love superheroes – and adults, as well. There are some studies showing that donning the identity of a superhero can help children develop moral values such as honesty, kindness, selflessness and courage. With superhero play  the kids are able to explore abstract ideas of good and bad, life and pain, all in a safe environment. Pretending to be superheroes benefit children as it gives them a sense of control over a world that can seem big and scary.

Sports Games

Sports is one activity that kids have been missing since the start of this pandemic. Most kids, even the very young ones love sports because it is their way to socialize, have fun and their way of releasing their overflowing energy. Kids simply love competition and they love winning. With this kind of online video games, kids will not miss those times of unlimited plays in the field or inside the court. An online video game such as:

Educational Games

This type of games enhances the functioning of the brain and inspires children to learn new things. It also develops their skills and builds an emotional connect to learn the subject matter. Studies show that kids who play educational video games may get a boost to their reading skills. On the other hand, Math games improves the kid’s problem-solving skills.

While playing online games has its own downsides,  it also has surprising benefits. Playing online video games can help kids be creative, build skills, and even make social connections. In our current situation wherein kids are not allowed to go out and play with friends whether inside or outside, it is important that they have something worthwhile to do while they stay at home. With the proper guidance of parents and with the proper choice of online video games, the kid’s screen time will be beneficial. To the parents and guardians, make sure your kids play online video games that are hassle-free. Those that can be quickly played through the browser, free to play, no need to install and register and does not need upgrades to make it more enjoyable. Amidst this age of mobile gaming where a lot of games needs character mods, expansions and the likes which are mostly paid, there are still games that gives better experience to gamer, young and old.