The Secrets of a Tidy and Hygiene Living Space


Keeping your curtains and furniture clean, plays a huge role in setting a fresh vibe of your living space.

Soft furnishings, like your curtains and sofas need proper maintenance to keep their spark alive. You don’t want them to look drab, just a few months after you have invested in them. This is why regular maintenance is important.

Cleaning them with a good laundry detergent or vacuuming them on a regular basis can prevent your furnishings from falling dull.

Here are a few tips that will help you, in keeping your living space clean, tidy and hygienic for yourself and your family.

1.   Carpets:

Carpets attract a lot of dust. There is no hiding around the bush about it. They are extremely luxurious and add warmth to your space too. But they do hold onto dust, dirt and bacteria.

Cleaning carpets can be very tough. You can schedule a yearly expert cleaning for them. However, vacuuming them at least twice per week is important. If you spill something on it accidently, you can mix a good detergent with water and quickly clean the area.

2.   Curtains:

Curtains must be cleaned properly, every second month. You can use a curtain cleaning or upholstery cleaning tool for this purpose. Focus on the areas where the curtain attracts dust and debris.

Some curtains can be washed in the machine too. As per the manufacturer’s instructions, you can clean them in the machine too. However, always check the cleaning requirements before you start a cleanup session.

3.   Soft Upholstery:

Dust your soft upholstery every now and then. Tools with brush attachments are extremely helpful in doing so. You can also use a small vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Turn the removable cushions every week or every second week to make sure that only one side doesn’t accumulate a lot of dust.

Clean your loose coverings after 15-20 days or once per month. Use a good detergent and dip them in a cloth freshener for a while. This will result in beautifly, light scented coverings.

4.    Furniture Care:

Never place your furniture in direct sunlight. It tends to fade away quicker, looking very dull within a few months or maybe a year or two. Also use head and arm rests to prevent perspiration of the furniture.

Remove spots from your furniture right away. Use an upholestry cleaner tool or a cleaning solution to quickly fade away the spots of spills etc.


Keeping your living space clean, fresh and tidy is your responsibility. You have to focus on its maintenance. Regularly clean and dust the furnishings and upholstery to keep its outlook fresh and hygienic.

Use a soft and damp cloth for cleaning spills right away. And always invest in a furniture vacuum, to ensure regular cleaning. There is no definite secret to a clean living space; it is all about the effort that you are willing to put into your home. The better you maintain it, the cleaner your space looks and feels.

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