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5 Reasons to Switch to Handmade Soaps

  We have often heard about the presence of chemicals in processed mass-made soaps that may cause damaging effects in the long term. Such harmful effects on the body include flare allergies, disruption hormones, etc. With the serious effects of such soaps, we need to be careful about what we put on the skin. On the contrary, there are many benefits of handmade soaps that are crafted with only high-quality, natural ingredients such as essential oils. Even though you don't eat the products, they are still absorbed into the body through the skin. Here are some reasons why handmade soaps are better than commercially produced soaps. Skip the Chemicals Many of the soaps that we use are loaded with chemicals that we don't even know the names of. After use, most soaps leave your skin dry and irritated. With prolonged use, it can even lead to severe ailments such as cancer. When the outer layer of your skin is damaged, the body's primary defense mechanism is affected. So

Understanding the Main Food Groups

It is important to understand how the main food groups work and why some are better for us than others. When you become a mother, it is more important than ever to understand what a healthy, balanced diet consists of as you are now feeding your children as well as yourself. Here, we run through the main pros and cons of each food group to help you to better understand them.

Top 7 reasons to start freight farming in 2019

Civilization is based on systems and revolutions and survival. And in some way, all these go back to agriculture. A disaster is quit felt when people are rendered powerless to feeding themselves. However, these cases are going down by the day thanks to freight farms . Everyone should actually get into farming and it is quite unfortunate that most people realize this too late and they end up farming at 80. However, I will give you a couple of reason as to why you should start this kind of farming.

Mulch And Healthy Gardening In 2019

If your New Year’s Resolution is to create a healthier garden, mulching is definitely going to need to be high up on your list of priorities. Read on to discover more. Whilst mulch can be effective in terms of  your garden’s aesthetics , the main purpose and benefit of it is to aid your plant’s growing conditions. This is because it deters the growth of weeds and helps to conserve water. Not only this, but mulch is used in order to protect the soil from the effects of differing weather conditions and the occurrence of erosion. Essentially, it aims to provide the soil and thus the roots of the plants the optimum environment for growth. There are lots of different types of mulch. In essence, the term defines an organic structure that is utilised to cover the soil, and as mentioned it helps to achieve the best atmosphere for plant growth. However, not all organic structures are defined as mulch. For instance, gravel

Naturale Bliss, My Organic Staples

As most of you know, I have been loving organic products. I have been constantly trying different organic skincare products from different online shops for two years now/ I regret to say that some organic products don't work on me, but majority works totally fine based on their claims. 

Moringa-O2 Herbal Soap #ProductReview

As most of my readers know, I am a big fan of organic and nature made product. One of the main reason is because it doesn't contain harmful ingredients. In short, it is safe to use even for sensitive skin. My skin loves anything organic, because it promotes healthier skin. I have used up a lot of products from different brands. All of them did not result to negative skin reaction.

Jarful of Goodness Soothing Lavender & Vanilla Dead Sea Salt Scrub #ProductReview

I love body scrubs, infact I have tried a lot from different brands already. I like how my skin feels moisturized and clean after exfoliating. It is essential to exfoliate our skin atleast once a week to remove dead skin. I remember, I did a product review on some of them. This time, I tried an all-natural salt scrub from Jarful of Goodness.

Get Well Arsenal in this Rainy Season: Zenutrients Balm

Colds and flu is very common during rainy season, so I always make sure I am equipped with the best get well products we need.  We can usually feel when cold is about to take place, it starts in your head. Even we don't want it, the cold weather triggers cough, colds and sinusitis. In times like this, I always make sure I am ready.  In my family, once I notice sudden change in voice that may lead to throat infection,sneezing or a mild cough, I already take steps to prevent from getting worse. I have all the things I need in my home so we can feel better right away. I give doctor-prescribed meds, calamansi and lemon juice, and Zenutrients Balm.

Say Bye to Stretch Marks! #BioOil #ProductReview

My two previous pregnancies are two of those too precious and priceless experiences in my entire life. Those moments I will never regret even it caused me sagging skin and stretch marks in some parts of my body. Those stretch marks likewise substantiate my love and how much I am willing to endure for my children. I don’t know about others, but it really makes me feel appreciated to know that there are brands who know what moms like me have gone through and develop a product which helps improve appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and even dehydrated skin.

Aloe Derma Natural, Aloe-mazing Multi-tasker Aloe Vera Gel

I was surprised to receive a parcel from Aloe Derma, early this year after participating in their survey. Imagine a wide smile when I opened the parcel and saw this Aloe Pure Aloe Vera Gel which is 99% organic. To be perfectly honest, I really find joy in trying different organic products and sharing my experience, thoughts and honest opinion to everyone.  Let me get it straight first, not all organic products I tried worked on me, on the other hand, nothing caused me allergic reactions.  Okay, back to my review, so I checked the box of this Aloe Pure Aloe Vera Gel and I got absolutely amazed to the multiple uses of this product.

Cynos Body and Thairapy #Argan Oil #ProductReview #Organic

When Argan Oil has become popular last year, I belong to those who really eager to try the wonders of it. It took a while for me to score a bottle of argan oil since it is a bit pricey. Why I need it? Having a very dry skin and hair during extreme weather, an argan oil is reckoned to help me get through those times. The part of my body which the paucity of moisture is in highest demand are my feet. First time in my existence that average callus has formed in my feet  together with intense dryness that resulted to cracked heels. I must admit, it has made a slight fall off my self-confidence that I got shy of going to footspa and even wearing flip-flops because it shows off my feet.

Ever Bilena Citronella Lotion #Review

I was  not aware that my favorite local cosmetic brand, Ever Bilena also offers skin care products like lotion until I stumbled upon a brochure of Ever Bilena products from an SA. It's nice to see that they also have the Citronella lotion, so I bought one right away. If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am scared of mosquito bites. I have reviewed few mosquito repellent lotions in the past. This lotion comes very handy wherever we are since I am fond of applying lotion for skin protection. This lotion is very affordable, you can get a 100ml full lotion product for only P60. Still a steal for a budget conscious mom like me. 

Maracuja Oil from @natureessentialsph Product Review

I always look towards discovering new organic products because they are safe and don't harm my skin. Today, I would like to a review about my latest organic product discovery which I am not sure if you have already heard about. Nature Essentials sent me one of their best selling products, Maracuja Oil to try. My face is very dry at the moment and I need a product to help moisturize my skin and makes my skin looks healthy. I was hoping this product will help.

Human Nature Safe Protect for Kids Mineral Sunscreen

Sunscreen protection is something I make sure me and my family wear every time we go out in the sun. Even it's not sunny outside, I guess it has become my routine. And when it comes to sunblock protection especially for my kids, I only use Human Nature Safe Protect for Kids Mineral Sunscreen. What made me try this sunblock protection is it is 100% natural. So I know it is 100% safe and that is what moms would love to use for their kids.

Natural Slimming: The Urban Remedy Way

DISCLAIMER: This is a review program with Mums the Word Network and Urban Remedy. All opinions are my own  Have you already heard about Urban Remedy Slimming Tea? I have received  herbal slimming tea  from them just last week to review. Since I know most of my readers are also aware that I love to post about organic products, here is another health related product post that will most likely capture your interest. Urban Remedy is a big health + wellness brand with several product lines (juice cleanse, organic food kits, ready to eat meals, teas) and stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. Urban Remedy Slimming Tea can work hand in hand to help support your weight loss. The effect, it will help suppress appetite, improve digestion and boost energy. How it works: Before breakfast, herbal tea is brewed and enjoyed 30 minutes. 

Hampton Farms #Gluten-Free Peanut Butter

Our family loves eating breads and buns everyday. Sometimes I bore my kids to my own made sandwich spread, now that's a confession made *sigh* . So we are always open to explore for new and delicious alternatives! As I was typing this blog post, one of my family's new fave to fill in their buns is this super yummy peanut butter.

Dr. Beleno Balm from @Bioessence #review

One of the booths that I had a chance to hopped in during the Blogapalooza event was the booth of BioEssence. I registered and the very accommodating staff gave me a gift certificate for a free massage which I was not able to use because I got too busy eversince that I no longer had free day to take advantage of that awesome pampering treat. I kind of feel sorry about myself, actually.

Journey Using #Organic Products: #BananaSoap Review

As most of my readers know, I have been trying different organic products for a year now and I would love sharing to my readers all my humble opinion and personal experiences. One of the organic soaps I have consumed the past months is this Mir & Ryvi Banana Soap . It is a spot lightening beauty bar made of organic ingredients. This was the first time I tried using banana soap so I was so curious and excited to see the effects on my skin.

Make Healthy Choices: Ampalaya Plus Tea and Capsule

We all know that ampalaya has a lot of health benefits. Ampalaya fruit and leaves are great sources of beta carotene, calcium, Vitamin B, phosphorus, and iron. It is also widely used as herbal medicine for liver problems.

Zenutrients Body Butter #review

I have already posted how I love my Body Scrub from the brand Zenutrients . Now, its time for me to reveal another product I am raving from this brand. I have been loving for months is this Zenutrients Body Butter. Zenutrients Body Butter doesn't have so much difference with their body scrub because believe it or not both products give same exact result to my skin. Product:  Zenutrients Soothing Green Tea Body Butter Price:  Php234 for 100g / Php390 for 300g What it claims: Nature's antioxidant soothe and moisturizes dry skin .