It has been so cold and I am pretty sure many of you also experience dry skin. That dry and flaky skin can be embarrassing. Although you are using moisturizers and lotions, you might unknowingly doing things that could trigger or enhance the dryness of your skin.

Causes of dry skin

Soaps that contain fragrances, deodorants, alcohols and anti bacterial ingredients. 
Long hot baths.

Humid weather
Scrubbing your skin.
Improper skin care.

How to avoid dry skin
Put your skin moisturizer/lotion while your skin is damp to help seal in moisture. 
Apply moisturizer/lotion 2 or 3 times a day depending on the level of dryness that your skin has.
Avoid long hot baths. 
Do not scrub your skin. It could remove the moisture on the surface of your skin.
Use the mositurizer that suits your skin type.