Most people understand the value of having a clean space, whether it’s office space, a store, or a home. A space that is kept clean means that everything is easier to find, it’s more pleasant to spend time in, and there’s a smaller chance of accidents and injuries. Some people employ Fox Valley Janitorial Services to keep their space clean at all times, whereas others let their space get very dirty and then spend an entire day or more binge cleaning. Many people fall into this binge cleaning habit, but there are a few reasons why it is usually the inferior option.

More Painful

Keeping a space clean by having small cleaning tasks performed every day is less work than binge cleaning. People are always claiming that ripping a bandage off all at once and getting the pain over with is better than gradually removing it, but studies have shown that this isn’t the case. People can better tolerate a little bit of pain or work over a longer amount of time better than they can tolerate a lot of pain or work all at once. When you binge clean, the result is more than likely going to be exhaustion.


When you only binge clean every few months, the cleanness of your space is only going to be temporary. Within just a few days things are going to start piling up again. Basically, this means that you spent an entire day or more of cleaning only to see the fruits of your labors for a couple of days. When you, your employees, or hired cleaners do the cleaning regularly, your space should always be clean.

Unanticipated Costs

Letting your space get very dirty before you decide to binge clean it can actually lead to unanticipated costs for you or your business. If you let a bathroom go uncleaned for long enough, you may find a mold problem that will be expensive to take care of. An unclean workplace can also lead to injuries, which your business may be liable for. By hiring Fox Valley janitorial services to regularly clean your space, you can avoid all of the downsides to binge cleaning.