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#BeautyPost: Maxipeel Exfoliant Cream #Review

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I have been trying out different acne products because as all of my regular readers know, this stressed momma has been suffering from acne problem for the past 7 months.

I never like popping zits because it may developed into scars afterwards. However, sometimes they pop themselves which leave pimple marks which is also my current problem.

Today, I would like to update you about my current skin condition and what products I currently use.
I thought to try Maxipeel exfoliant solutions but I kind of hesitant because of my negative experience of the product. The very first time I tried Maxipeel Exfoliant Solution in #3 was 13 years ago and I really love how it made my skin clear and beautiful. After a year, I thought to gave it a shot once again and shoot! My face was a total mess right after! From then on, I told myself never to use Maxipeel again.

Until just two months ago, I bumped into the Maxipeel Exfoliant Cream at my local grocery store and I thought to give it a try. I guess it is more gentle than the solution since it is in cream form. So I just grabbed a sachet and see how it will work on my skin. For me, my acne case was severe so I tried to use the #3 Advanced.

Product: Maxipeel Exfoliant Cream 3 Advanced
Price: Php21.75 / sachet (10g)
What it claims: Anti-Acne, Smoothening, Lightening.

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Using Maxipeel Exfoliant Cream on the first week:
On the first week of using the product, I was impressed. It dries up my pimples really fast. I thought this product will become drying on my skin but its actually not. There is no visible peeling but when I apply it, there is tingling sensation which makes me think it is really working through my skin.

I have been using the product for 6 weeks now and I see visible results.

  • It is effective in clearing up my skin from acne. My problem areas are my right cheek and chin. This exfoliant cream instantly dries up my pimples and really prevent it from coming back which really amazed me. With the previous anti-acne products I used, after a zit dried up another one will appear.
  • The lightening and smoothening effect is significant as I use it. I use it once a day. Although the redness at some parts of my face were still there, it is good that the product that made my skin lighter.
  • It is not effective in clearing up my blackheads. I thought this product will also help lessen the blackheads on my nose area but it actually didn't. 

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As you can see on the photo, the acne slowly fades away and all thats left are the pimple marks and blemishes. Since I really have an acne prone skin, there are still pimples coming out in different areas of my face but a lot lesser than before. It only means, it helps to fight the pimples from coming back. It is also noticeable that my face become less oily. I will continue on using this product and lets see if I will achieve that 100% pimple free face, is that even possible? Keeping my fingers crossed. Another thing, one of my major concern are the blemishes. Although a good coverage foundation can cover it up, I wanted to completely get rid of it.

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I am so overwhelmed with the result after using this product for six weeks, I will continue on using it because this makes my face lighter and prevents the pimples from coming back.

Have you already tried Maxipeel Exfoliant Cream? Pls share your experience at the comment box below.

Learn more about Maxipeel:
Facebook Page

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I bought one or more of the products mentioned above with my own money. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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  1. Haven't tried this. I'm a bit of reluctant to try new face care products. I feel you when it comes to acne. Everyday I apply ice on my face and it works wonders! Redness disappears and the bumps becomes smaller and smaller overtime. I also use a spot treatment afterwards.
    JeniG of Kalikotpepot

  2. Its my 4th day of using the #3 cream, i also use the facial wash (day and night), and sunblock cream, but i noticed my pimples becomes reddish and swollen not unlike before im using the product, i wonder if it really one of the phases of healing it. I dont know if i still gnna continue on using it.

  3. Hi sis.. we have same condition.. im also suffering from adult acne ..its been 6 mons .. and my problem area is my right cheek very similar to yours.. ���� i dont know what to do! really frustrating .. im not into foundations but because of my skin condition im forced to wear makeup.. i will try this product hopefully it will work for me .. ������ same tlga tyo gnyn din ung right cheek ko mdming hypermigmentations

  4. Ask.ko lang po pede po.b sa lactating mother ang exfoliant cream ng maxi peel

  5. I've been using maxi peel exfoliant cream #3 for a month now and so far, I still have a LOT of pimples all over my face (more than before) that my mom wanted me to stop using it but I'm not litening to her and thought that maybe it's part of the process. There are good results as well like some of my pimples doesn't grow real BIG although there were still some that are actually huge (maybe because of me commuting and sleeping late at night almost everyday - oh and stress from school works).

  6. Hi,pwede ba to sa teens around 15?? nagsusuffer kase yung anak ko sa acne nya sa cheeks din


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