I Got Paid by Sponsored Reviews!

17 months ago, I remember myself searching Google on ways how to earn online as a blogger. Ofcourse, the search shows up thousands of ways and websites to help me find what I was needing. I was struggling that time to discover which is legit and not. I ended up signing up new accounts for each websites not knowing some of them were just pretending to help but the truth is they will just make a profit out of you. That's how I started learning which led me to create a strategy how to recognize the real ones from fakes.

One of the legit websites I have encountered is Sponsored Review. I signed up but unfortunately, they did not accept my blog. Because my blog that time rarely gets visits and I don't even have my own domain name yet.
I came back to the site after 6 months and registered my blog that has a new purchased domain. Unfortunately, no opportunities came my way. I started to think Sponsored Review is not real. So I just leave it like that and just forget it.
Until last month, I have received an email telling me an offer from an advertiser is waiting for my approval. I almost jumped in so much joy that finally after a year, I have received a task from this site. I received the payment after a week or so and the good news is the first offer was followed by another. How I wish this is just the beginning, I am looking forward for more assignments from them :D. It's already ber month and I need more income for December.

Below is my proof of payment.

To my fellow bloggers, go and try Sponsored Review and start earning! Register here!

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